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Inclining Technology And Services Under The Same Umbrella

Healthcare sector has witnessed growth at a brisk pace in the past few decades. In India, it has become one of the largest sectors, considering its importance or employment scope. Be it a public or private organization, there is a surge in service providers in this sphere, owing to its promising services and enhancing expenditure. Considering the future scope of this sector, the increasing population will bestow it with significant business opportunities. Among numerous service providers in the respective domain, KHC Healthcare India Private Limited has been excelling in the healthcare sector by providing speciality and cutting-edge technology products to its large expanding client base all over India. The Unique Business Model of KHC Healthcare has immense cross-selling opportunities that help scale up the revenues of all foreign brands that are associated with KHC on long-term and exclusive basis in India.

In an exclusive interview with the Vice-Chairman and Managing Director of KHC Healthcare India Private Limited and the Co-Founder & President of Kan Healthcare, Mr Anuj Wahi, we are penning down some key highlights of the Company Performance.


KHC Healthcare India Private Limited is an ISO 9001:2015 certified progressive Healthcare Organization in India. It is a 15 year old, dynamic, employee sensitive, quality & customer-focused organization that is scaling heights in the relevant industry at a fast pace across India.

It was incorporated on 9th November 2005, with the innovative notion to introduce highly specialized, leading-edge, and path-breaking technologies at All India Level in private as well as government sector and cater to customers in Clinical Diagnostics, Pharmaceuticals and Life Science space in India.

The long-term and exclusive foreign associates of KHC in India are the world leaders in their own respective fields and work in close collaboration with KHC to ensure that their customers in India remain delighted with the highest quality product offering, and unmatchable comprehensive world class services offered by KHC in India.

KHC has established its reputation in the Indian market for itself as well for its foreign associates, by providing top-notch & robust marketing, pre-sales, sales, post-sales, application support & engineering support to its growing customer base at all times across the country, along with an outstanding supply chain management support to offer un-interrupted supplies to its vast &fast growing client base spread all over the country. KHC has extended its reach to all the 29 states & 7 union territories in India, a noteworthy presence across nation organization through their own National Sales Team, National Support Team, and a wide spread National Distribution Network managed by their National Sales Team, so that their products & services are available to all their existing and prospective customers all over the country.

Dealing in speciality range of products, they introduced the unique concept of Scientific Marketing and strive to keep improving the same through Value-Based Selling for maximum utilization of their outstanding range of products by growing number of clients in the country.


The Management Team at KHC Healthcare, Vinod and Anuj have set out a mandate which is executed by “Kanians” their team, to periodically conduct scientific, educative customer trainings in form of product demonstration, presentations, walking the clients through all scientific publications in leading medical journals and providing real time scientific evidence that how their products & services will benefit them to improve the outcome of their work in all spheres. KHC actively participates in National Scientific Conferences relevant to their domain, which is attended by all key opinion leaders, as part of KHC commitment to its existing and prospective clients, to add value through strong academic and science offering.

KHC also conducts customized & tailor-made product trainings and wet workshops for their existing and prospective customers, as per their requirement on periodic basis. All these efforts help customers to understand KHC product offering through this Science, Technology, and Academic medium. This value added proposition that KHC offers is well appreciated by their customers across the country. Both, Vinod & Anuj ensure that their foreign associates visit India, once every year, to meet critical existing and prospective customers at key locations in the country, as it is crucial to seek the opportunities to align their sales goals along with the strategies implemented by them.

Vinod & Anuj regularly travel in different parts of India to maintain connectivity with management teams of leading clients as well as support their teams in their field operations.


We all at KHC Healthcare understand that if we can keep our customers delighted with the usage of our speciality products to their high level of expectations and satisfaction, then we are truly well placed and our focus is inclined towards active participation in the growth and prosperity of all our customers whom we serve in Indian market. Our customers, team and foreign associates are the lifeblood of KHC. We are a highly processes and systems driven organization since inception and continue to apply thought to execute relevant innovation to keep improving the same in interest of our customers.


After attaining his Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from University of Delhi, Anuj moved to USA at the age of 21 to pursue his MBA from Dhalkemper School of Business at Gannon University in Erie, Pennsylvania in Jan 2001. He performed brief stints in sales, marketing & strategy roles with increasing responsibility at GE and B. Braun Medical in Pennsylvania. Thereafter, he worked for approximately 2 years at Aesculap Inc, a division of B.Braun Medical who sponsored his H-1B work permit visa to work for them in USA as their Product Manager for their Neuro & Spine product segments for the American market. He admits that his work experience in the USA helped him build his sales, marketing and strategy skills and hone his critical thinking and operational understanding of business giving him immense international exposure to strategy, marketing & sales by working for these 2 great organizations in USA. His work was well appreciated by the management team he was reporting into and that is well evident from a series of recommendation letters he received from them. He had to return to India, as he encountered immense pressure from his parents who wanted him back and pursue a career of his choice here in India. Anuj is a true Indian patriot at heart and soul, so, never planned to settle in the USA forever. Anuj enjoyed every bit of his 5 years of stay in USA by being in association with the extremely talented professional leaders. He was keen to spend another 5 years thereby, stepping up the corporate ladder at Aesculap Inc and thereafter return to India. But, his parents were adamant to bring him back to India, being their only son. Anuj then put a condition to his father, who was the CEO of Wipro Biomed at that time, to make good use of his leadership experience in the healthcare industry in India. Anuj was finally able to convince his father by inspiring him to do something of their own in India and turn it into a professionally managed, scalable, sustainable & reputed healthcare organization in India. This instigated the need for starting a business venture in the respective domain.

Anuj aspired to capitalize on the diverse successful experience of his father, Mr Vinod Wahi and his vast professional relationship with the management teams of numerous leading healthcare clients across India. Vinod and Anuj then started scouting for global partnerships with the world renowned organizations in their own respective fields, under long-term & exclusive distribution agreements to represent them in India. Anuj returned to India in September 2005, and that concluded in setting up KanHealthcare on November 9th 2005.


Mr Vinod Wahi, the Chairman and CEO of KHC Healthcare India Private Limited & Founder and CEO of KanHealthcare, possesses enriched experience of being involved in 2 leadership roles for 2 well reckoned world-class organizations. He served as the CEO for Wipro Biomed for 17 years and was associated with Mr Azim Premji, the Founder Chairman of Wipro Limited. As a CEO, he played a pivotal role in the surging success of Wipro Biomed by leading a large workforce in India. Mr Vinod Wahi formed 3 divisions, Diagnostics System Group, Medical System Group & Life Science Group at Wipro Biomed  & introduced in India leading foreign associates like Beckman Coulter, Bio-Rad, Becton Dickinson, Fujinon, Hewlett Packard, Agilent, Promega and others by having long-term & exclusive distribution agreements with all of them & scaled up profitable revenues for Wipro Biomed with a major focus on Beckman Coulter in India which is now part of Danaher Corporation, USA, a global USD 17 billion organization.

Prior to this, he introduced the concept of advancement in Clinical Diagnostics in India and offered his services as the Country Head, India for Boehringer Mannheim Diagnostics, a German organization for many years, again leading a large work force in India. Now, it is known as Roche, a USD 57 billion global Pharmaceuticals and Diagnostics organization.


The insightful approach of Vinod and Anuj was to invest the resources extensively towards the betterment of the business from a long-term perspective keeping all investment decisions again in the interest of their customers, team and foreign associates. Under the unique business model of KHC, the investment made from their end started showing rapid growth, far above industry average, that also resulted in building up brand of KanHealthcare as well as of its foreign associates in India. KHC owns its Corporate Office and a Dedicated Application and Service Centre at a prime location in commercial DLF Towers in New Delhi.   KHC has 7 warehouses and its 40 distributor offices located all across India to cover the entire nation, which is being supervised and managed by KHC National Sales Team who are also spread all over the country.

Promoters vision was clear to take-off under Partnership Organisation, and once KanHealthcare brand is well established in about 5 years, enter in Corporate Sector and that is how KHC Healthcare India Private Limited was incorporated to become operational by taking over entire business and employees of KanHealthcare in line with promoters thinking in 2005. KanHealthcare, Brings Technology & Services became our registered brand very well known all over the country. It is important to note that KanHealthcare, our Partnership Organization, also continues to remain active by filing its quarterly and annual returns and taxes, as per legal norms applicable to Partnership organizations in India, says Anuj.


The flourishing organization KHC has been associated with some of the world’s finest healthcare foreign brands who are world leaders in their respective fields. These organisations, with whom KHC continues to have a long-term and exclusive representation for the Indian market is anywhere between 11 years to 15 years and that itself speaks volumes of their commitment to each other and to the clients in India.  These world class organizations with whom KHC is associated are:

The Binding Site Group Limited, UK, associated on long-term & exclusive basis for India since 2005
IBL International, Germany, part of TECAN Group in Switzerland, associated on long-term & exclusive basis for India since 2006
Inova Diagnostics, USA, part of Werfen Group in Spain, associated on long-term & exclusive basis for India since 2009
Associates of Cape Cod, USA, associated on long-term & exclusive basis for India since 2007
Crosstex, USA, part of Cantel Medical Corporation in USA, associated on long-term & exclusive basis for India since 2010
Alfa Wassermann, USA, associated on long-term & exclusive basis for India since 2006
Rame-Hart, USA, associated on long-term & exclusive basis for India since 2010
Bio-Rad Antibodies, UK erstwhile AbDSerotec, UK, authorised strategic partner since 2010

Anuj firmly believes that entire team at KHC Healthcare are their most precious assets and recognises and appreciates their consistent hard and smart work spread over last 15 years for growth of their organization,  leading to their own growth as well. KHC maintains extremely low attrition at 2% since its inception 15 years back and takes good care of their team, invest in improving their skills in terms of personal coaching , professional training , including regular overseas products, application and engineering training.

Anuj says that everything is in the field, be it customers, competitors, orders, payments and  we love working with our National Sales Team in the field all over the country to contribute to their hard work and build strong professional relationship based on value addition with all our clients in India.

Anuj adds that we are inculcating in our team by leading from the front to work upon the changing market dynamics by converting the transactional relationship with our customers into lifelong transformational relationship based on commitment, passion, science and perseverance to ensure that our clients continue to prosper and grow using our products & services of our foreign associates.

Anuj acknowledges the awards & accolades bestowed to them by their foreign associates for KHC stellar sales performance has ensured sheer motivation to all Kanians to make better offering to perform exceptionally well and aim for same on yearly basis. It is a sense of accomplishment and achievement and purely based on merits.


Anuj confesses that the world is witnessing the toughest time & crisis in our lifetime as the whole mankind has been adversely affected at physical and psychological level, due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. The entire planet is suffering the aftereffects of the Coronavirus outbreak and many continuously getting infected and tragic loss of human life. It has impacted Businesses, Jobs, Financial Markets, and World Economies, everything is at stake.

Anuj is a firm believer in the power of Science, Technology & Innovation which will help the world to beat this novel virus spread across the globe. He states that nothing is permanent in life and neither is Coronavirus. Soon, the world will find a way to bail out of these challenging times.

Addressing the efforts of people in India while combating the virus with high spirits, he states, “I would like to express my sincere thanks with immense gratitude to our Frontline Healthcare workers, Doctors, Nurses, Phlebotomists and entire staff of all Hospitals, Laboratories & all healthcare professionals in India who are working 24/7 to help affected patients across the country.

Anuj greatly values and appreciates the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare in India which has apex bodies like the ICMR, NIV and Drugs Controller General of India who are tirelessly working round the clock and regularly monitoring & controlling the spread of this highly infectious virus. Our Central and State Governments are also doing a phenomenal job by working hand in hand and implementing policies and procedures to combat the crisis. With a population size and demographics of our country, our Central Government is doing a praiseworthy job.

Anuj firmly believes that India stands on a strong wicket with over 75% recovery rate, fatality rate down to less than 2% and proudly says that our Clinical Diagnostics industry in India is doing a phenomenal job and has now ramped up the testing capacity by performing at least 1 million COVID-19 diagnostics tests on a daily basis and for accuracy, authenticity and monitoring all data and records, testing is being carried out only at ICMR approved and NABL accredited Hospital Labs in Private and Government sector, Reference Laboratories and Stand Alone Pathology Laboratories. He is sure that with this great Government & Private partnership, the testing capacity will continue to increase.

Anuj cites that our Indian Pharmaceutical industry is at the forefront to combat this virus by ramping up production for COVID-19 drugs, for treatment of symptoms of this virus and also Indian Pharmaceutical companies and Vaccine Manufacturers are in different phases of Clinical Trials for the COVID-19 vaccine that he believes will be launched  sometime in 2021.

I salute to our Indian Army, All Forces , Police Personnel and all those who are working round the clock for the safety of our nation across the country amid these challenging times, but, together as a nation and united with the world, we will soon get rid of these tough times. I am sure that our Indian economy will bounce back once the vaccines are launched & the herd immunity concept comes in play, as that will show the exit door to this novel Coronavirus. Until then, we all need to continue to build our resilience in order to survive during these unprecedented times and strive to become experts of this new business environment, continues the exemplary business leader.


KHC encountered major challenges in terms of Supply Chain Management & sluggish demand of their Diagnostics product portfolio post lockdown on March 23rd and the same trend also continued in Quarter 1 for them in India. Our Sales Team, Support Team, Warehouse Team as well as our Distributors performed praiseworthy job during this time and continue the same to ensure that none of KHC clients suffer at any point of time. Our Support Team facilitated each business operation by networking with all courier companies that were operational in April and May to get things moving. Our Sales Team went to the extent of supporting the clients by picking up shipments from the airports & courier offices all across the country in person and delivering those all by themselves to their adored client base by gearing up with COVID protection gear provided by KHC to its entire team in India. Health and safety of our team continues to be our top most priority. As our products & services offered by KHC are included under essential commodities, we kept the business operations functional amid nationwide lockdown under cautious and controlled manner complying with the law of the land. But while conducting these operations, the team kept pace with the precautionary measures to prevent the spread of COVID- 19, says Anuj.

Anuj says  while their Diagnostics business is witnessing a temporary slowdown, because, public at large still has fear visiting hospitals and laboratories amid these crisis that they might get infected with COVID-19,

he sees traction in their Pharmaceuticals & Life Science business.  Even if we are able to do what we did last financial year in terms of sales revenues, that itself will be a big achievement.

He proudly says that some of these companies who are working on COVID-19 Drugs and COVID-19 Vaccines are active clients of KHC like Bharat Biotech, Zydus Cadila, Biological E, Dr Reddy Labs, CIPLA, Aurobindo Pharma, Pfizer, Biocon, Lupin and many more all over the country. Anuj mentions that India is rightly known as Pharmacy and Vaccine capital of the world, in terms of scale and ramping up the production of Pharma Drugs and Vaccines for fulfilling the needs of our own country and also smooth supplies to cater the world market.

He mentions that in their Diagnostics business, they serve to reference clients in India like Dr Lal PathLabs, Metropolis Healthcare, SRL Diagnostics, Dr AvinashPhadke Lab, Dr Dangs Lab, Anand Diagnostics Laboratory, SupratechMicropath Laboratory, Strand Life Sciences, UnipathSpeciality Laboratory, Dr Tribedi& Roy, Vimta Labs, PathKind, Core Diagnostics, S Serum Analysis Centre, many more and also Clinical Diagnostic Laboratories in leading Hospitals like AIIMS, SGPGI, PGI, CMC Vellore & Ludhiana, DMCH, Tata Memorial Cancer Hospital, Tata Medical Centre, AMRI Hospital, Kokilaben Hospital, HN Reliance Foundation Hospital,  PD Hinduja Hospital, Care Hospital, Apollo Group of Hospitals, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, MAX Healthcare, BLK and many more all over the country.

KHC has an active client base of over 2500 clients who use their products in Clinical Diagnostics, Pharmaceuticals and Life Science segment across the country.

Addressing this scenario, Anuj states, “Even during the prevailing crisis, we have inducted another innovation of Visual Field Working, under which our team has been in constant touch with all their clients, as they have been doing at ground level, to scale productivity and call effectiveness. As a result of all the measures, our business has started scaling to a reasonable level to stay committed to our respective role in our Organisation. We are now fully operational since onset of September month as the economy continues to open up and our office operations and field operations are live under strict precautions to avoid spread of COVID-19. Anuj adds, we have seen economic crisis in the past as well and says he is sure that this will also pass, and mankind and businesses will thrive again with new vibrant energy.


Anuj explains that Customer Focus is the nucleus of all our activities at KHC Healthcare, so our customers and their delight will remain our foremost priority and we are passionate to continue running the extra miles to keep our existing customers growing and prospering with our comprehensive world class services. We are also working on improved customer mining by adding more products in our existing customers and also continue adding new clients for all our foreign associates with major cross-selling opportunities our unique business model offers across the country.

He signs off by saying that despite the immediate challenges posed by COVID-19 and economic slowdown which he feels will pass soon, I have no doubt that KHC and we all Kanians will emerge stronger and become more valuable partner for our customers in India and our foreign associates globally. Our revised strategic and operational plan which is in momentum with these major disruptions, is aimed to drive improvement across all spheres in our quest to retain our leadership position for all our foreign associates.

-Anuj Wahi


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