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QA Testing Laboratories: Delivering accurate and reliable results by offering a complete solution in the field testing

QA Testing Laboratories: Delivering accurate and reliable results by offering a complete solution in the field testing

For a better understanding of the quality and composition of any chemical substance and material that are involved in the product formation, industrial process and manufacturing, etc, Chemical Testing and Analysis play a significant role. Exemplary industry knowledge along with the relevant expertise are crucial for performing lucrative chemical testing. Several business ventures are entering this domain by recognizing the thriving business opportunities. Amongst such players, QA Testing Laboratories has emerged out as a leading service provider in this domain. It offers critical analysis information as per the requirement of the adored customer
base. The scientists and technicians associated with the organisation render the significant laboratory support for the better conduction of the business operations in the relevant arena.

An overlay of the Company
Being equipped with latest & advanced testing Equipment & Facilities, QA Testing Laboratories
is involved in Analysis/Testing of Coal, Food, Water, Environment and Building Material. The exemplary Company offers Accurate, Cost-Effective Analysis in accordance with Indian and International Standards in Coal, Food, Water, Environment and Building Material. Their exclusive Analysis Techniques are based on specific analytical methods that are designed to measure the physical and chemical properties of Coal, Food, Water, Environment and Building Material.

The Managing Director of the Company states, “QA testing Laboratories is Government Approved Company and Accredited with Various National and International Bodies such as National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL), Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand (JAS-ANZ).”

Aiming to be the most trusted partner for quality assurance in the testing domain, their vision and mission are inclined towards offering reliable and accurate results. The adroit team offers reliable and accurate results with the help of innovative solutions via affordable analytical testing. Addressing this scenario, the Managing Director conveys, “We are following Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) within the Organization to Ensure Integrity and Confidentiality of Customers, we are also Implementing Integrated Management System (ISO
9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2017 & ISO/IEC 17025:2017) to maintain a Standardized Process for Internal Quality Assurance.”

The diverse clientele of the Company includes the clients from several domains such as food industries, constructions, manufacturing units, power plants, steel, paper, and cement industries.

Struggle story
The Managing Director, Ratnesh Rai states that struggle is part of life and a parcel of every success story. Success shall not be concluded as a destination, rather it should be considered as a journey. He started this business venture with the vision to offer reliable services in the field of testing. At the time of the inception of the organization, the team comprised of only three members but now today the number has raised to 30, continuously striving to improve and develop the quality of the products by testing activities. He firmly believes the notion that struggle is personal but success is public, and one must never be afraid of delving into the risks in life.

About the Key Official
The Managing Director of QA Testing Laboratories Pvt Ltd, Ratnesh Rai is a Bachelor in Technology and a Masters in Business Administration. With the 5 years of work experience in diverse fields of inception, testing and analysis such as Coal, Food, Water, Environment and Building Material, he decided to incorporate QA Testing Laboratories. The mission onset of this business venture was to enhance and improve the quality of the products by testing that, in turn, will reduce its hazardous impact on the environment.

The dynamic business elite is Qualified Lead Auditor for ISO 9001 quality management system (QMS) , ISO 14001 Environmental management systems (EMS) & ISO 45001 occupational health and safety (OH&S) management system.

Mr Ratnesh has infused a mind-set to provide extraordinary solutions to the clients in the ecosystem of the organization. Their sheer purpose is to render objective analytical data on the quality of a product. The Organisation ensures the integrity and confidentiality of the clients by following Laboratory Information Management System(LIMS).

Keeping pace with the market trends
Technology continues to progress and make advancements with the growing time. Several business ventures fall apart as the owners cling to the conventional methods of business conduction. It is quite exhausting to keep up with constantly wavering market trends within the respective industry. But, it is crucial to keep on par with the competitors by seeking innovative and creative solutions for the client base. The team ensures to put significant focus on the Research & amp; Development arena, by being in collaboration with the group of some scientists.
They well-acknowledge the significance of R&D in the growth of testing agencies that plays a crucial role in the identification and improvement of the quality standards of a product. They firmly believe that testing helps in a complete analysis of the quality of the product that can gauge the performance of the products effectively.

A glance at the future outlooks
The future endeavours of the company are inclined to pursue the long-term goals as they foresee a bright and blazing future ahead. They constantly strive to keep forging ahead by synchronizing with the latest technological advancements. They aspire to keep themselves ahead of the curve by offering out of the box services to their clients and ensure growth with a strong foothold. They are planning to commence more ventures in this domain by establishing more laboratories at different location of tier 2 and tier 3 cities in India, that will conclude to
make a significant contribution to the testing culture of the products to enhance the quality, in the near future.


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