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10 natural detox techniques for a healthier body

10 natural detox techniques for a healthier body

Detoxification is a physiological or medical process of removal of toxins from human body.It has become quite important for us to detox our body once in a while because we have the wrong choices of food and due to an unhealthy lifestyle, we take a lot of stress which ultimately affect the body.

Importance of detoxification

Detoxification helps in removal of body toxins.The unhealthy food which are not suitable for our digestion led topoor digestion. Hence, it is quite important to purify the body at regular interval.When there is an enhancement in body toxins, then body become quite lethargic.When you detoxify your body, it will not only improve the blood circulation but also freshen up your organ.

It will relax and energise your mind and body.Due to lack of exercise or unhealthy eating, there are many people who are facing the problem of obesity which leads to poor digestion. When you detoxify your body, youlose the toxic substance which is present in your body and ultimately it helps in losing weight.

There are certain warning signs which indicates toxins in your body. These signs include constant fatigue, insomania, overheating, sweating, constipation, depression, muscle pain, odour sensitivity, weight gain, bad breath, aching joints, skin problems, migraines and headache.

Here presenting 10 detox techniques for a healthier body:-

Here presenting 10 detox techniques for a healthier body

  1. Consumption of hot lemon water: Lemon acts as a natural cleanser for your body.It is a great way to stimulate your digestive system and enhance your digestive enzymes. By the consumption of lemon water in morning, you give your body the boost of vitamin C.
  2. Have a healthy breakfast: You can start your day by drinking a fruit juice which will allow you to absorb the nutrients quickly. You can also have a sip of diuretic tea which will help in the detoxification of your body. You can also add apple cider vinegar which will help in liver detoxification and weight loss. In order to clean all the waste from your body, you should eat the food which is rich in fibre.
  3. Avoid refined sugar: Avoid refined sugars, processed foods, alcohol, caffeine and non-organic fruits and veggies.
  4. Sweating: Sweating is considered as one of the most effective ways to detox your body naturally. When you sweat, your body flushes out toxins such as alcohol, cholesterol and heavy metals such as nitrates, mercury and perchlorate. The constant exposure of such heavy metals can also let to thyroid disease. Hence, sweating is an effective measure to detox your body. It also opens up the pore and gives your skin a healthy glow.
  5. Tongue scraping: The white coating on your tongue indicates the abnormal or impaired process of digestion and metabolism which leads to build up of toxic by-product’s which can not be eliminated by the body. Hence, when you clean your tongue every morning,it removes the toxic substance on the tongue and stimulates healthy digestion. Hence, it cleanses the toxic substance and helps in detoxification of the body naturally.
  6. Hydrotherapy: Hydrotherapy is quite effective in the detoxification process. It promotes sweating and enhances blood circulation. Due to the alteration between hot water and cold water, as well as the hydrostatic pressure experienced in water, results increase in blood circulation level. It contributes to the better oxygenation of tissues, nutrient delivery and removal of metabolic waste product. It also triggers the release of endorphins and reduces stress hormones. Due to the relaxation and stress reducing effect of hydrotherapy, it results in improved quality of sleep. Hence, regular sessions can contribute and making a healthier internal environment for the body.
  7. Massages: A gentle message is quite effective for the body as the rhythmic strokes stimulates the lymphatic system which improves its function. Due to such massage, lymph fluid circulates freely hence body can release toxic substances more efficiently.The gentle and rhythmic massage boosts the immune system and improve wellness and overall health.As the body eliminates waste products, there is an increased energy level.The light pressure and rhythmic massage promote relaxation and reduces anxiety and stress. It also helps in reducing inflammation and the body.
  8. Dry brushing: Dry brushingis an ancient practice with stimulate the lymphatic system and exfoliate your skin. It helps in detoxification of your body by the stimulation of lymphatic system in order to remove cell waste, environmental toxins and pathogenic organisms more efficiently. There are plenty of benefits of dry brushing such as smooth skin. Dry brushing provides a brighter, clearer and a smoother skin as it removes the dead skin cells and debris from the skin which might block pores and lead to acne.Increase circulation gives your skin a rosier  and glowier appearance.It also reduces the appearance of cellulite and provides a short term energy boost to the body.
  9. Take Probiotics: Support gut health with probiotic-rich foods like yogurt and fermented vegetables.
  10. Practice Deep Breathing: Enhance oxygen flow and reduce stress through deep breathing exercises.

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