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Netstairs: An Astounding Real-Time Communications Solution Provider

Whilst tackling a tight deadline like acquisitions or new project submissions, organizations rely on diverse and proficient teams of strategists or engineers to get the work done. These teams are often summoned quickly to meet the deadlines, hence, work together by collaborating online, and sometimes over long distances.

This is where organizations comprehend the importance of real-time communications. Today’s modern workforce collaborates continually via online to work simply and efficiently; henceforth, it requires platforms and solutions that support them to communicate in real-time.

NETSTAIRS, a real-time communications solution provider, has been at the forefront of providing quintessential video-based solutions, right from its inception in 2000. With its quality-driven solution and services, the company has not just become the provider of real-time communications solutions, but also the facilitator of a collaborative work environment.  The man behind the superlative organization is Ahmad Moradi; he is the CEO of NETSTAIRS.

Today, the company offers a wide range of innovative solutions and services that add value and enhance the productivity of customers. It includes NETSTAIRS WebRTC, ICDN, large scale live event streaming, and many more. Their cloud services come with several protocols such as PIXEL by NETSTAIRS ( and ZIMZIM- made for connecting iPhone, iPad, Android to PC, MAC, Linux desktop services, without any additional download (

PIXEL Digital Media Room (DMR) comes with more than 101 features integrated to the most supported industry media codec and on-demand media which includes support of unicast, live-cast, screen cast, simulcast, multi-cast, and real-time streaming broadcast services. CTO can add real-time communications services to their own online services without a need to build the backend infrastructure or API interfaces. Digital Media Rooms (DMR) enable clients for seamlessly integrated secured rooms into own platforms.

Real-Time Communication is the genesis of an insightful digital transformation to digital economy, by connecting creative minds, machine intelligence, while embracing human diversity around the world, NETSTAIRS brings interactive video and WebRTC cloud services to life.

The formidable company serves Governments, Industries, Enterprises, Education, Telecom, Mobile, TV Networks, Publishers, Production Houses, and Ad Agencies. It combines art, science, and technology into a showcase of ready-to-market interactive virtual venues.

Ahmad Moradi states, “We do what we say; simple, honest, and we maintain our integrity by educating our clients, thus building a long-term relationship”

In this way, the company ensures the unbreakable trust of clients over it.

Standing apart from the competitors

As a pioneer and visionary, they bring more than nineteen years of Interactive Video and WebRTC Broadcasting to the market. Since March 2000, from inception, the company’s focus is on delivering seamless video services serving clients.

While NETSTAIRS specializes in interactive video broadcast and WebRTC services, the client utilizes these services to seamlessly enjoy integrated workflow which empowers them to leapfrog into Real-time digital economy, thus serving their online and social media presence.

NETSATIRS iCDN (, when connected to the leading CDN service providers such as Akamai, Kaltura, Level 3, and others, it transforms OTT content providers bring real-time presence into a wide array of interactive and collaboration. Built on Intelligent Machine Learning and powered by AI, iCDN brings an intuitive ease-of-use, privacy, security and most importantly scalability for enterprise and ecosystem with private white label cloud construction.

“iCDN (interactive Content Delivery Network) cloud services are founded on assembly and integration of multi-cloud services. It permits users to integrate HTTPS and Rights Management content with a no-ghost policy supporting 3rd party HTML5 web services, explains Moradi.

Under the dominion of Digitization, Media and Entertainment Industry has also adopted the latest trends of technology like other industries. The company has transformed its OTT and video content from Adobe Flash codec into HTML5 compliant formats integration of what the company calls iOTT, IoE (Internet of Everything) and WebRTC connectivity serving Smart Cities’ projects have become one of the company’s value differentiator.

The organization is experiencing an insatiable thirst for increased bandwidth and higher quality for Real-Time video codec serving industries such as distance learning, tele-health, banking, and corporate enterprise both for Intranet and Internet use are consulting organizations for smooth transition into HD quality and 5G networks.

Team is the pivotal for the company’s survival and success, so it is the foremost responsibility of the company to keep its employees happy and content. Following the same notion, for decades, NETSTAIRS has allowed its employees to excel themselves.

They do not compete with others.  Instead, they believe in looking inward which assists the team to challenge their own intellect by turning the work into masterpiece that provides an immense joy and contentment to their spirits.

Magnate’s Life besides the Work

Ahmad Moradi says, “Spirituality for a peace of mind is the crucial requirement of today’s hectic and speedy life.”

Spirituality matters to the prowess a lot, and it is a portal through which he enters a state of calmness and quietude. In addition to it, he spends a great deal of time studying history, Zoroastrian, Hindu’s Shrimad Bhagavat Gita, Upanishads, Zohar, Zen Philosophy, Buddhism, Torah, Goran, and Bible combined with Greek and ancient Philosophy, Quantum Physics, AI and Knowledge Engineering.

Since childhood, video has been his passion; thereby, he has spent most of his life in imaging, algorithm, capturing, sequencing, and streaming.  This is the absolute reason of coming back to work with the same zeal and enthusiasm.

Ahmad Moradi, an expertise, says “As a Knowledge Engineer with PhD studies in AI, I bring over 30 years of imaging & video technology to navigate our product and service strategies.” 

Under his leadership, and as a long-time ISKCON devotee, the company focusses greatly on doing good Karma.  It supports young talent around the globe by subsidizing them in their master’s and PhD studies, and motivating them to grow by which they can share their glories worldwide. The grand organization helps them with their H1B and U.S. Citizenship, and empower them to do good deeds for the society. In this way, the tycoon is giving back to with the society.

An Incredible Message to the Readers

The pioneer has a sacred message to share with the readers of Business Connect which states, “Be yourself.  Seek your inner self as the source for guidance.  Trust your intuition. Don’t live for others.  Live within and without.  Give as you shall receive.  Believe in sacred geometry, divine matrix and walk with KRISHNA. Speak Good, Do Good, and Think Good.  Make the world a better place and the universe bring your rewards when the time is right!”

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