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Nutritious And Delicious Food Grabs From Odisha

Nutritious And Delicious Food Grabs From Odisha

By Sandhya Agrawal

“Food that is delicious is bad for you” – Yeah, this is a myth for sure! Not only is junk food addictive, but it’s also readily available too. Therefore, considering the unhealthy quotient therein, we end up finding paradise in a box of chocolates and a bowl of noodles. But, in Odisha, there are also nutritious choices that are incredibly tasty and mouth-watering and can kick off the junk food craving! Here’s a list of exciting fast grabs from Odisha that will not only fulfil your desires but will also thank your body later on.


Idli is a black bean and rice batter which looks like a rice cake, but the Indian version. Guguni is a curry with boiled yellow peas. People eat idli with sambar and chutney in other parts of India. The people of Odisha, however, prefer to have their idlis smothered in Guguni. Bara Guguni is Odisha’s most beloved choice for breakfast, but deep-friend Bara does not fit our concept of good. So, Idli with Guguni is both balanced and delicious.


One of the highlights of Odia cuisine is Dalma. It’s daal because it goes by the name but with a lot of starch like potato, pumpkin and other vegetables in it and then it’s lightly spiced. It becomes a wholesome meal when combined with rice and is a balanced snack when combined with Chakuli. Chakuli is the Indian version of Crepes. For breakfast as well as their evening snack, people in Odisha tend to have Chakuli with Dalma.


When you carefully pick the ingredients, sandwiches are commonly associated with nutritious snacks because they are made up of veggies. There are countless experiments across the globe with sandwiches. India is not laid back in the process, either. Indian Subway has come up with a wide variety of both veg and non-veg choices for sandwiches. Then there are sandwiches from Dabeli and Bombay, available on the streets. The flavour is also top-notch.


When one says ‘Shawarma’, then they probably think that it is unhealthy, but it is not. Shawarma Roll has to be one of the most appealing choices for fast grabs. What dreams are made of is flavourful chicken and salad wrapped in a flat-bread with mayonnaise oozing out? Make sure not to go overboard with the mayonnaise for it to be safe and nutritious.


Salad is frequently misinterpreted, with lots of green, as a dull and bland salad. There are salads, however, which are tasty enough to blow your mind. And there are choices for chicken, eggs and fruit, not just greens. Moreover, there are numerous options for making a salad dressing, which can make your salad super healthy as well as delicious.


The simple cure for your hunger pangs is steamed corn. Across the area, they are readily accessible. To feel better, steamed corn with a squeeze of lemon and a sprinkle of black pepper and chat masala is all you need.


It is a simple soup, made up of fermented rice water, and it is simple and very nutritious to digest. When you are on a diet or otherwise, it is an ideal snack. You’ll be filled up by a nice cup of soup, and you’ll feel involved as before. And about the taste, there’s nothing untold. People of all age brackets enjoy soup.

You are what you’re eating. So, one should always eat healthy without compromising on the taste.; the secret to a good life is a healthy body with a happy soul. So, now with all these super alternatives to unhealthy food, one can easily say that “dieting is not boring”, and these dishes are both toothy and nutritious.

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