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Orgro Solutions Pvt Ltd

Orgro Solutions: Offering Excellent Consulting Solutions Tailored to Meet Unique Business Needs

In an era where the business landscape is undergoing constant evolution and becoming increasingly competitive, the significance of business consulting for remaining successful has never been greater.

In such a dynamic environment, Orgro Solutions Pvt. Ltd. stands as a beacon of excellence in consulting. Founded by the visionary leaders Naqi Abbas and Alexander Kuttappan, Orgro Solutions illuminates the path to prosperity by unlocking solutions from within the organisation and refining them with their expertise.

Established in 2018, Orgro Solutions in Hyderabad, Telangana, has emerged as a premier provider of bespoke consulting solutions across domains, specialising in people processes, manufacturing excellence, and go-to-market tactics.

Unleashing the Power of Technology: Innovative Services

Orgro Solutions holds a prominent position in the industry with a distinctive array of services, structured in 5 practices: capability building, smarter HR, manufacturing excellence, selfmanaged teams, and go-to-market. The company’s signature programs include:

• Workplace Communication Skills (WCS): This flagship program is spread over 12 weekly sessions covering listening, speaking, reading, and writing at the workplace

• Leadership Experience Center: It offers a multi-format and multi-rater leadership evaluation and consists of drafting a practical development action plan.

• Anubhav: It is outbound experiential learning that builds cohesion and fosters collaboration.

• Statistical Process Control (SPC)) It is offered as a residential program to help the shopfloor team use the QC tools and understand them, which will decrease deviations from the specifications.

• Saksham: A multi-format learning journey designed to support you in overcoming the obstacles in your current position and get you ready for next-growth opportunities

• Laughter Yoga: Laughter exercises and yoga breathing methods (Pranayama) combine to create a 90-minute stress-relieving experience that increases oxygenation to the body and brain, promoting health and energy in people.

The Unwavering Purpose and Core Values

Orgro Solutions has a deeply ingrained purpose that drives all of its decisions and actions. The purpose is simple but profound: “to be a change agent for driving ownership through empowerment.” The statement perfectly summarises the team’s dedication to improving organisations by empowering each member to take ownership of their contributions.

The Industry Evolution Over the Years

The consulting sector has seen significant changes over time, particularly in terms of client expectations and service delivery. To maintain their position as leaders in the business, Orgro Solutions actively engages in and adapts to these changes to maintain industry leadership.

Digitalisation: The shift towards digitalisation has reshaped business models, compelling companies to integrate digital tools into their offerings.

Sustainability and CSR: The demand for corporate social responsibility and sustainability is rising. Orgro Solutions has created procedures to help customers incorporate CSR into their daily operations and carry out sustainable initiatives.

Employee Wellbeing and Culture: The industry emphasises employee wellbeing. The smarter HR and capability-building services offered by Orgro Solutions contribute to the creation of work environments that increase productivity and employee engagement.

Charting the Course: Orgro’s Journey and Vision

Since its inception in 2018, Orgro Solutions has been thriving and has established itself as a dependable advisor on complex organisational issues under the dynamic leadership of Naqi Abbas. The company was conceptualised not just to advise businesses but to partner actively with them, fostering long-term and sustainable transformation. The founders envisioned a consultancy that would unlock clients’ potential by fostering an ownership mindset across all organisational levels.

Despite the initial challenges typical of startups, such as establishing credibility and scaling a unique business model in a competitive industry, Orgro’s adherence to its core values and innovative approach enabled it to stand out.

Orgro’s innovative solutions include signature programs like Workplace Communication Skills, Leadership Experience Center, and Manufacturing Excellence using Statistical Process Control. These initiatives have not only met immediate business needs but have also equipped organisations for continuous enhancement.

Inclusion of R&D

Research and development (R&D) is essential to Orgro Solutions, just like it is to any other business that aspires to achieve significant growth and leadership in the management consulting sector.

Through continuous R&D efforts, they develop new frameworks, tools, and processes that not only meet current client challenges but also anticipate future needs, ensuring the services remain effective and aligned with the latest industry trends. A few examples from their business practices that showcase the significance of R&D to their offerings:

• They have developed a program kit comprising 50+ components addressing program design, delivery, postprogram support, effectiveness evaluation, adoption of technology, etc.

• The organisation chart includes the role of ‘R & D Specialist’ for all practices.

• Mid-Program Feedback from Clients, along with the ‘Action Taken Report’

Distinctive Marketing Strategies to Foster Growth

Orgro Solution has a set of distinctive marketing techniques designed to boost engagement, increase brand recognition, and highlight the efficacy of its services. Here is a quick list of marketing approaches followed by the company:

• They use LinkedIn for B2B marketing, sharing insights, case studies, and articles that highlight their expertise.

• Their YouTube channel features client testimonials, case studies, and leadership content, illustrating the impact and depth of their services.

• They utilise WhatsApp for direct and personalised communication with clients.

• They actively take part in seminars and networking events to stay abreast of market demands and business changes.

Cultural Principles at a Glance

The work culture at Orgro Solutions is meticulously designed to drive both business success and personal and professional growth for all team members. It is intertwined with the core principles of ownership, empowerment, and continuous improvement.

The leading team cultivates an ownership mentality across all levels, encouraging each employee to take initiative, resolve problems proactively, and be accountable for their outcomes. At Orgro Solutions, empowerment is attained through autonomy and trust, giving team members the ability to supervise their work and make choices.

Emerging as a Leader: Future Initiatives at Orgro Solutions

A concoction of revenue growth, tech capabilities, diverse services, and more geographical reach is how Orgro Solutions has created its future roadmap. Its ambitious 10-year plan focused on revenue growth and a series of defined promises that steered the team’s efforts toward becoming a global leader in management consulting.

The core of Vision 2028 lies in fulfilling promises that are not just goals but the driving forces of their operational strategies. These include pushing for excellence in whatever they do, enabling organisations via radical change, and encouraging clients and internal sustainable practices.

The Proud Accomplishments Orgro Solutions quickly established a strong clientele that includes both startups and large, international companies in several cities. Notable clients include Tata Advanced Systems, Dr. Reddy’s Labs, Hetero Labs, TVS Supply Chain Solutions, PI Industries, Pidilite, Alliance Group, Hydro Extrusion, Roquette, Sanofi Healthcare, Exide, Frontier Alloys & Wheels, Aurobindo Pharma, Heritage Foods, MSN Labs, and Arth Design Build.

Another gleaming feather has been added to their cap: their signature programs, like Manufacturing Excellence using Statistical Process Control (SPC), Leadership Experience Center, and Workplace Communication Skills (WCS), have been widely recognised and have produced notable improvements in client operations.

Leadership Insights

“Embrace Orgro Solutions’ primary concept of “beginning with the end in mind.” Starting with the end in mind make sure that every choice you make and action you take is a calculated move toward your ultimate goals, as opposed to just a response to demands or obstacles that arise right away. This proactive approach can lay the foundation for a successful and sustainable business”, Mr Abbas advised young entrepreneurs.

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