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Paid Guest Posting Services in India to grow your website

Paid Guest Posting Services in India to grow your website

If you are looking for a way to boost your online presence and reach more potential customers, you might want to consider guest posting services in India. Guest posting is a form of content marketing that involves writing and publishing articles on other websites that are relevant to your niche. Guest posting can help you:

  • As a subject-matter authority, establish your authority and trustworthiness.
  • Generate high-quality backlinks to your website that improve your SEO ranking
  • Drive targeted traffic to your website that can convert into leads and sales
  • Increase your brand awareness and exposure to new audiences
  • Develop relationships with other bloggers and influencers in your sector.

But guest posting is not easy. It requires a lot of time, effort, and research to find suitable websites, pitch them your ideas, write engaging and informative articles, and follow up with them until they publish your post. And not all websites accept guest posts or offer paid guest posting services. Some of them have strict editorial guidelines and quality standards that you need to meet.

That’s why you might want to outsource your guest posting needs to a professional guest posting service provider in India. A guest posting service can take care of all the aspects of guest posting for you, from finding relevant and high-authority websites to writing and publishing quality content that matches their requirements. A guest posting service can also help you:

  • Save time and money by letting them handle the tedious and time-consuming tasks
  • Access a network of trusted and verified websites that accept guest posts or offer paid guest posting services
  • Get guaranteed results and satisfaction with their quality assurance and revision policy
  • Track and measure the performance of your guest posts with their analytics and reporting tools

If you are interested in guest posting services in India, you might want to check out some of the guest posting service providers in the country.

Here is a list of the best-paid guest posting services in India.

01. Guest Posting India:

A leading guest posting service provider that offers high-quality content writing and publishing on various niches and domains. They have a team of expert writers and bloggers who can create engaging and informative articles that meet the standards of the host websites. They also offer affordable and flexible packages that suit your budget and goals.

02. Business Connect magazine:

Best Business magazine | Business Connect

Business Connect magazine is also a paid guest posting service that allows companies to publish high-quality material on their website. This solution is especially beneficial for firms trying to boost their internet presence and visibility. Businesses may use Business Connect magazine to utilise the experience of their content writers to create informative, engaging articles that highlight their goods, services, and industry knowledge.

Clients benefit from a streamlined procedure that includes everything from discovering prospective authors to coordinating content delivery and payment. Overall, Business Connect magazine is an excellent choice for companies wishing to improve their online reputation and attract a larger audience.

03. Innovative Zone magazine:

Magazine - Best Innovative Magazine | Best Online Business Magazine
Innovative Magazine

Innovative Zone magazine provides a paid guest posting service that assists businesses in establishing themselves as industry thought leaders through the publication of high-quality material on their website. The service is designed for companies who want to boost their online exposure and reputation by collaborating with expert content writers to create interesting and informative pieces that promote their products, services, and industry knowledge.

From locating qualified writers to coordinating content delivery and payment, Innovative Zone magazine streamlines the process for clients. Businesses can use this service to improve their online reputation and reach a larger audience by creating high-quality content that highlights their expertise and unique value proposition.

04. AP Web World:

A digital marketing company that offers guest posting services as part of their SEO strategy. They have a team of content strategists and bloggers who can craft original and versatile content that subtly promotes your products or website. They use SEO best practices to draw audiences and rank higher on search engines. They also offer paid promotions and affiliate marketing as part of their blogging strategy.

05. Techmagnate: 

An SEO firm that provides guest posting and blogging services as a way to build trust and reputation for your business. They have a team of content experts who can write original and keyword-focused content that establishes your authority as an expert. They also have access to high-authority websites that offer real SEO value for your guest posts.

06. Digilink Ads:

Digilink Ads is a guest posting company that has a team of experienced digital marketers, content writers, and SEO experts. They offer guest posting services that include site analysis, competitor analysis, backlink audits, content creation, outreach, and placement. They have access to a network of high-authority websites across various niches and industries that can help you reach your target audience and improve your website ranking.

07. OutreachMama:

In order to assist you create backlinks and improve the search engine position of your website, OutreachMama is a guest blogging service that provides high-quality guest post placement on reputable websites. They have a team of in-house writers who can create engaging and relevant content for your niche. They also have a dedicated outreach team who can handle the communication and negotiation with the website owners or editors. They offer a transparent and flexible pricing model based on the domain authority of the website.

08. FatJoe:

The guest posting service FatJoe offers a variety of link-building services, such as guest posting on high-quality websites and, if necessary, content development. They have a large database of websites across various niches that accept guest posts. They also have a simple and user-friendly dashboard where you can place your order, track your progress, and download your reports.

FatJoe provides natural and contextual links back to your website. They offer a variety of services including blogger outreach and guest posting. You can give them the target URL, anchor text, and word count for your guest post and they will handle the rest. They have been trusted by over 10,000 agencies since 2012.

09. The Hoth:

The Hoth is a guest posting service that offers a team of in-house writers who can create content for your website. They also have a network of high-authority websites that accept guest posts in various niches. They handle the entire process of content creation, outreach, and placement for you. They also offer a guarantee that your link will stay live for at least one year.

10. Submitcore:

A good link-building campaign may be created with the aid of Submitcore, a guest posting service that specialises in guest blogging and provides services like site analysis, competitor analysis, and backlink audits. Their skilled writers can produce original content that is interesting and relevant to your niche.

SubmitCore offers guest posts on real blogs with DA ranging from 10+ to 50+. They guarantee quick yet relevant placements and ensure that the links will continuously be put in-content.

Additionally, they have access to over 10,000 websites across many different categories that welcome guest posts.

11. PostRunner:

PostRunner allows you to publish your content on high-quality blogs across a range of niches. You can either write your own content or use their content writing service. You can also choose from their list of vetted blogs or submit your own list of blogs that you want to target. You can monitor your campaign and download your reports from their dashboard.

12. Link-able:

Link-able guest posting service connects you with reputable websites in your niche. You can submit your content suggestions and get matched with relevant publishers who are interested in guest posting. By giving you a platform to promote your knowledge and connect with new audiences, Link-able assists you in increasing your authority, traffic, and backlinks. Link-able may assist you in expanding your internet presence and achieving your objectives, regardless of whether you are a blogger, marketer, or business owner.

13. Forbes:

Forbes is a reputable business and finance magazine that accepts guest posts for a fee. You can submit a guest post on their website and include a backlink to your website. However, you need to follow their strict editorial guidelines and ensure that your content is original, informative, relevant, and well-written. You also need to have an established online presence and authority in your niche.

These are just some of the examples of guest posting services in India that you can choose from. There are many more options available online, but you need to be careful about the quality and reliability of the service providers. You should always do your research before hiring any guest posting service provider, and look for reviews, testimonials, samples, and guarantees.


Q.1- What are some Best Guest Posting Services?

  1. YourStory
  2. Business Connect Magazine
  3. Innovative Zone Magazine
  4. Entrepreneur India
  5. India Today
  6. HubSpot
  7. Buzzfeed India
  8. com
  9. ShoutMeLoud
  10. The Huffington Post India

Q.2- Paid Guest Posting Services

  1. Guest Posting India
  2. Business Connect Magazine
  3. Innovative Zone Magazine
  4. AP Web World
  5. Techmagnate
  6. Digilink Ads
  7. OutreachMama
  8. FatJoe
  9. The Hoth
  10. Submitcore
  11. PostRunner
  12. Link-able
  13. Forbes

Q.3- Guest Posting Services in the UK

  1. OutreachZ
  2. Megrisoft
  3. KulFiy
  4. Globex Outreach
  5. The Hoth
  6. FatJoe
  7. UK Linkology
  8. Submit Shop
  9. Linkredible
  10. Guest Post Tracker

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