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eParivartan in Sanskrit translates to change; a change for the better. Change is the only thing that is constant in life; and a great thing in itself. Yet another industry entrepreneur with a similar approach who associates with an appreciation for change, is Mr Anand Pohankar, the CEO of Parivartan Software and Multimedia Pvt. Ltd.

He believes that change is inevitable and that the essence lies in accepting the change and adapting to it in the best possible way.

eParivartan was founded in 2002, its repertoire of services today includes responsive web designing, digital marketing, online application development, workflow automation, video production, and eCommerce development. eParivartan today is a one-stop for all web designing and branding services.

With an experience of 17 years, Parivartan Software & Multimedia Pvt. Ltd. has created a diverse range of solutions for its clients and only continues to expand.

“eParivartan” first started at Anand’s house, and took almost 4 years to move out into shaped premises. Parivartan has worked on over 4500 projects till date in different domains like retail, health care, IT, education, hospitality, finance, to name a few, along with government projects; Parivartan is a boutique, studio organization in one of the prime localities of Hyderabad.

Brawn and latest market trends

Designing is never constant, albeit, constant in change. eParivartan works with the latest technology and around the newer trends to stay ahead in the market.

17 years of experience and a passionate team gives them an edge in the market. Hands-on knowledge of technology is something they pride themselves on.

Obstacles – The stepping stones to success.

According to Anand, a business faces challenges in numerous forms: it could be in the way of acquiring clients, making key strategic decisions, or even coming up with newer, better ideas. Challenges in itself are unique, so are the solutions to them; no challenge ever has the same solution. Challenging these challenges is the most important attribute along with perseverance and belief; that is the key to sail through them.

One of the most essential things to understand is that not every idea is going to be successful, especially in the creative world. Patience is a virtue that you will learn. The world is not a cakewalk, and one must get to know this when they are on the field, setting up their dream. They need to believe in everything that they are going to do and that is what is going to help them in building their brand in the long run of business and market.


They have a diverse range of clients both internationally and in India. Some of the prominent verticals for them include government organizations, corporates, retail stores, manufacturing companies, schools, hotels & restaurants, small and medium businesses as well as individual clients.

Some prominent names would be International Advanced Research Centre for Powder Metallurgy New Materials, Infrastructure Corporation of Andhra Pradesh Ltd., Andhra Pradesh Airports Development Corporation Ltd., Green Gold Animation Pvt. Ltd., Annapurna International School of Film + Media, Centurion University, HDFC International Life and Re Company Limited, and Care Hospitals.

They have a team of professionals that are highly adaptive with high-end technologies. They ensure that the data of their clients, as well as their own, is safe.

Leadership can be earned through the best employees

“If you don’t have trust inside your company, then you can’t transfer it to your customers.”  –Roger Staubach

In Mr Anand Pohankar’s words, ‘Having a vision and the belief to reach what you dream for is one of the key aspects that a leader should possess. A leader should bring a change in themselves first to have expectations fulfilled by others. It is also important to be a good listener to be able to understand situations and for it to enable you to make the right calls most times. It is key to remember that ‘a captain is always as good as his team’.’

Their employees bring in ideas which they think are great. The company is open to any ideas that will help it grow. If the team doesn’t steer well, there would be no progress. Everyone is an integral part of the team for the winning goal.

New Developments: the key to effective employees’ energy

Research is the core of any task. Elimination of research would lead to an incomplete job with nothing to base it on. Every task taken up at eParivartan company is executed after proper research.

The staff is a group of individuals who speak their own mind, and they have the freedom to do it at Parivartan’ under the supervision of the leader behind an admirable company. The employees are given their own space to put their creativity to work, so it doesn’t hinder their growth. As it is always said, “Do not build the business, build the people, and these people build the business.”

They also conduct team activities in a day of a week to keep the team energized. The team is free to choose what activity they want as long as everyone accedes.

Converted milestones for the company

Since its first breakthrough in 2002, when Mr Anand received his initial project, the company has come a very long way. In the 17 years of work, the company has successfully completed more than 4500 projects, with the proper zeal and determination to strive the competitors. There have been various little milestones in this journey, but looking at the big picture always keeps them happy.

Key officials; eParivartan

Mr.Anand Pohankar: Chief Executive Officer.

The man behind the company who has been delivering designs, where his expertise lies, for the past 16 years, and only continues to do so. He possesses various sets of skills that the company is built on. He has extensive experience in marketing, brand management, business development, man-management, and organizational skills.

Mr. Chaitanya Nagulapalli: Chief Technology Officer

Chosen for his analytical abilities, and the complexity of his computer programming skills, Chaitanya started his career at Parivartan in 2006. As a Project Manager, he has had extensive experience with numerous technical aspects of the business. He now heads the company as the Chief Technology Officer.

Mr. Pradeep Hasanabada: Team Lead

Pradeep takes charge of the major internal project operations. He’s been associated with eParivartan since 2010 and has long been the point of contact for the clients.

Jagruti Pohankar: Head Client Relations

Jagruti has actively been involved in client management from the onset and is the primary bridge between the clients and the team. She’s the driving force behind eParivartan’s bigger projects and executes them with efficiency and accuracy.

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