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Pay1 Merchant: Chirutha Dalal

Pay1 Merchant: Chirutha Dalal


Women, around the globe, are thriving in the entrepreneurial sphere. Despite the ocean of hurdles, they are bypassing all with the utmost gallantry. To touch the zenith, they are putting their hearts and souls into the work they do. One such paradigm of a woman entrepreneur is Chirutha Dalal. She is conquering the business world with indomitable spirits.


Whirling in the swing of lows and highs, the entrepreneurial journey of Chirutha’s is full of amazement, learnings, hardships and growth. Talking about her academic life, the tycoon has done bachelors in Computer Applications. Afterward, she worked in one of the organizations as a UI/UX person, where she met the skilled co-founders of Pay1. From there, the expedition of entrepreneurship got its ignition. Chirutha always had a keen desire to start something of her own; thereby, after a splendid collaboration, she had put her dream into reality.

In 2010, with her team, she incepted a startup known as ‘SMS TADKA’, with the prime objective to offer content. People used to subscribe to the content such as jokes, cricket alerts, NEWS, etc. via an SMS service. In the local market, they did outstandingly well, but they had to grow their business dimensions by boosting its scalability. The challenge was to organize the unorganized retail segment and to do the same the company had to make the solutions widely acceptable amongst the users.

After a deep analysis, they discovered that there were no solutions in place for organizing this segment at that time. From there, the entire idea of Pay1 came into existence.


The organization ‘Pay1’ deals with the kirana stores /mom and pop stores, thus, creating a plethora of micro-entrepreneurs. They are achieving it through a multitude of services on platform such as Pay1 Merchant, which provides services like recharge, bill payments, money remittance, Pan card which is a G2C service, Insurance, term plans which are related to cardiac insurance.

Pay1 Travel empowers retailers to book the air tickets, train tickets, and hotels at an affordable price for their customers, and Pay1 Digi allows the retailers to accept Digital Payment through AePS and mPOS services. The formidable company operates on B2B2C model, where they meet the needs of retailers.

The Company pays indispensable heed to the Research and Development process for the organization to flourish and empower the market. Today, the company has more than sixty thousand active retailers and more than three lakh merchants on the platform. To make the product stable and to improve its usability the company checks it’s proper functioning at the retailer’s end along with extensive market research.

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The company supports an exemplary working environment for its employees so that they can put all their energy into their work. It emphasizes on ‘Open Door Policy’, with the aid of which employees can freely communicate with the top management. The other quintessential factor is the ‘trust’ over the employees, which gives liberty to the employees for experimenting and developing ownership.

Currently, more than two hundred and twenty-five employees are associated with Pay1, and all of them are quite passionate about the work they do. There are a number of growth opportunities that the company provides to its workforce. The amazing part of the organization is that most of the employees who are working on the top are women.

There are beaucoup of events organized by Pay1 such as tours, birthday celebrations, festivals, cricket league, etc. to rejuvenate the spirits.


Chirutha deals with the Operations department of the organization. Being from the UI/UX background to work in the operational department was a challenge

The industry, in which she is excelling, is purely a male-dominated domain, and being a female entrepreneur, it was difficult to deal with the vendors, and negotiate with them on a daily basis. Initially, the roads were full of crosses, but gradually, they understood the process, and with time showed interest to collaborate.

Even in the trajectory of operations, there is extremely less percentage of women. So, for Chirutha, the number of roadblocks in the operational arena was more in comparison. Tackling people is one of the most crucial responsibilities in the operational department. But, as a warrior, she is overcoming all of them, and emerging as an epitome of inspiration.


The company has unfurled the flag of achievements. It has more than three lakhs retailers, and is present in more than three hundred and fifty cities. Every day the company deals with a transaction volume of more than Rs 8 Cr including all the services.

Pay 1 has more than twenty services onto the platform, and these services are getting overhauled with new features on a day to day basis.

The stupor of ambition is accredited with a couple of prestigious awards such as Women in Fintech Award 2019 and Women Achiever’s Award 2017.


The cognoscente has learned in abundance from her father. In the expedition of life, he met with a multitude of obstacles, which he faced with vigorous spirits. The lady entrepreneur has adopted the same attitude in personal and professional realm.

To pass on an inspirational note to the aspirants from business world, she says,” “Believe in yourself, and never lose hope, whatever be the circumstances.”

Chirutha believes in motivating and encouraging the talents in the company, which in turn, helps them to leverage the confidence for achieving the desired outcome from their employment.

The magnate says, “There is nothing in the Universe, which a woman cannot do; they only have to believe in their spirits.”

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