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Digitally Swelling the Leap of Technological Adaption Globally

The revolution of technology is tied in with the development of the human race for a better tomorrow. As branded, the uprising of humans alludes to an abrupt change of endeavour.

This change can have a real effect in various ways on various societies, economies or more all the humanity. The far-reaching advancement of technologically driven innovation of the digital universe is prepared to work in the way of the prime concept i.e. Internet, which prompted innovation to become the channelled focus of broadly influenced digitization.

Accelerating on the new idea of connecting digitally, the collaboration among the enthusiasts and business houses experienced an extreme change. It changed innovation from simple into an advanced procedure, considering a quicker and proficient trade of information. The crucial point to this concept is the utilization of computerized rationale circuits, cell phones, and the Internet and this further prompted the improvement of cutting edge advanced technology.

Advanced digital technology indicates to the marvellous progress in media, communication, and gadgets utilizing a simple structure to a structure communicated in digits (Bits) prompting fast globalization, and in the long run to a revolution that’s bent digitally, like PinnacleWorks Infotech.

The brain baby of Sarvagya Mishra and Ankit Ruia, Co-founders started its journey in the year 2012 with the vision to increase the Pace of Technology Adaption in various Industries around the globe. It aims to revolutionize various industries and sectors through its consulting and customized solutions.

Currently, the company is divided into 2 vertical, Services and Products. The services segment consists of IT consulting, Cloud consulting, IT solutions development and Marketing services. At the same time, Pinnacleworks have 3 solutions to offer, SuperBot – an AI-Powered Conversation Bot which smartly attends to all the queries of the online visitors in a highly efficient manner, Pinnacle Vision – AI based image and video analysis tool and Queuelive – Centralised Queue Management system.

The Visionaries!

Sarvagya Mishra, an experienced Co-Founder with a demonstrated history of working in the e-learning industry, he is skilled in Digital Marketing and backend technologies like Perl, PHP, C++, and Python. An entrepreneur by heart he loves to derive solutions to real-world problems. Client management and Business development are his forte.

Ankit Ruia, in a decade he has worked closely with numerous organizations in domains including Real estate, F&B, e-Commerce/Retail, and Education, for building robust solutions to fulfil their business requirements. He has been instrumental in the architectural designing and implementing scalable technology platforms from ground-up for various startups as well.


They have been serial Entrepreneurs and are very much connected to the ground and real-world problems. It is this aspect which helps them to identify practical everyday problems and derive IT solutions for them.

Their keen attention to every detailed and minute element to the problem and its solutions is one of the things that has been appreciated a number of times. They strongly support the ideology of “Always Evolving” which keeps them updated to the industry and technologies and further helps them gain an edge over their peers as well.

Technology and Innovative solutions have always been Sarvagya and Ankit’s forte. Since early school days both the Co-Founders were freelancing, working with startups and participating in various National level contests to make sure that they gain experiences to help them in this Entrepreneurial endeavour.


Starting their entrepreneurial journey in 2012, a lot of transformations took place for both the founders and the company. The biggest one being the general mass knowing what an Entrepreneur is and over the years, the fact that this title has attracted a lot of respect which is highly motivating.

The Founders further added “Yes, we faced a lot of obstacle in our initials days and we still do. I believe that comes by default with an Entrepreneur. Things that make you sail through them and transform an Entrepreneur to a successful Entrepreneur are persistence, patience, support from friends and family, learning from failures and strong will to succeed” 

They kick-started this venture at a very early age thus there was a lack of certain experiences but had plenty of talent and enthusiasm. Over the years they have realized that there is a balance that is required to maintain your way to success.

They prudently follow the ideology of continuous and transparent communication with their clients. In the organization, every individual starting from the sales team to the accounts management team to the higher management are in continuous touch with their respective counterparts to ensure that the client is always updated to avoid any kind of misunderstanding.


The data has changed the modus operandi of the business at Pinnacleworks. Since they are always updated with the recent trends in the IT sector, it has affected them in a good way and their latest SuperBot is an example of the same. SuperBot is an AI-based communication agent that converses with humans to resolve/answer queries.

In fact, they keep on transforming their existing products with the new cutting-edge technologies to make sure they are on par with new products in the market. For eg. Currently, our QueueLive has the feature to do sentiment analysis of customers based on their image taken via the camera feed.

“We strongly follow our ideology which is also our motto “Always Evolving”. Every individual in the organization is motivated to keep themselves updated in their respective domains and at the same time share their knowledge with the others. This makes the whole team strong and competent” state the founders.   


We are very selective in our hiring of any role and this makes Pinnacleworks a niche set of like-minded individuals who support and motivate each other continuously at all times.

The founders affirm, “We look forward to people who have an intent to achieve something in life and ability to learn/develop the required skillset”.

In a shorter span, they believe they are looking forward to bring an optimized structure in the organization as the team strength is growing every day. This will help in functioning smoothly since the company is running on a fast track. In the longer term, they have started sales and operations to a specific international market and would be expanding globally.

The company has maintained an average steady revenue growth of 1.5X every year. Every year the company is adding products to its portfolio thereby attracting more and more clients. Pinnacleworks launched SuperBot for the education vertical last year in February and is currently serving 50+ colleges/university.

.The number is expected to reach 100+ by the end of this financial year. Also, SuperBot will be making its presence in the Healthcare segment in a couple of months which will open a very big segment for the company soon.

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