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Platoon Advisory Pvt Ltd

Luxury & Lifestyle Marketing is Heed to Delineate, Originality, Exclusivity, and Quality Above All

One doesn’t simply get the privilege to follow the art of luxury and lifestyle without any effort. Luxury lifestyle comes itself by inherited from the three real-life magical ingredients such as time, income and travel.

Time waits for none and hence fruitfully utilizing your every second in life can earn you luxury plus Income in no time. Hence, in order to continue the pleasures of luxury lifestyle marketing Platoon Advisory Pvt Ltd” values time the most. PLATOON prompts your Brand’s category to moderate their tastes in accordance with changing (increasing) marketing trends.

PLATOON is a subdivision of a company of soldiers, usually forming a tactical unit that is commanded by a lieutenant. This unit is formed by elite Special Forces that give important and tactical information to the main Army from the base of action. They are in essence the INTEL unit for the main Army. PLATOON is an ode to Neha’s military heritage of 2 generations.

The Transfiguration in Start-ups and Discrete from clients

PLATOON believes that they are the only strategic partners in the Industry that provide coherent Marketing Strategies to build, sustain and grow businesses. Their strength lies in Revolutionizing Businesses through the setting of long term goals clearly laid out for the Business Partners.

Luxury & Lifestyle Retail industry is relatively a new concept in India. Hence, the team & people managing it are relatively inexperienced with a body of work. Like all other industries in the market, this industry is also undergoing rapid changes and need partners like PLATOON for their growth.

The struggle for life created Empathy 

Where there is no struggle, there is no strength.~Oprah Winfrey

Nothing worth it comes easy. For Neha Lidder, the Founder & Director of The Most Innovative Companies of 2019, she personally thinks that she was doing really well in highly respected profile of being the Marketing Head for DLF Luxury Retail & Hospitality.

To leave her comfort zone and a very senior position (AVP Marketing for DLF Luxury Retail & Hospitality) to follow her passion of working with different categories of brands and constantly innovate with them was a brave move. It took a lot of self-belief and farsightedness for her to be able to make this bold decision.

Having said that, PLATOON was very warmly received by the industry. With the experience that their team and Neha have, the relationships they have built in the industry makes them the remarkable name as a Most Innovative company. They have been able to hit the ground running and work on brilliant projects from the inception of the company.

Clients are the key person to maintain faith

They are a Luxury marketing consultancy and their personal experience in the market has also been in varied industries starting from a Luxury Airline to a leading Luxury Brand, Telecom and then Luxury Retail and Hospitality.

However, they have been able to work with different clients like a confectionery brand, luxury digital platform, national magazine, a slow fashion apparel brand and many more.

One of their most prized projects has to be a small brand book, which they curated for one of the leading International luxury brand such as -Louis Vuitton.

Neha and her team of troopers consider all their clients as partners. From the word go, they build a relationship that seems like an extension to the team and not a client-agency relation, which has been Neha’s working style for years.

Here are a few basic rules that they work on:

  • Pay genuine attention to the brief given
  • Speak the truth and Never promise unrealistic expectations
  • Communicate exceptionally and respond in a timely manner
  • Be reliable
  • Go above and beyond wherever possible
  • Ask for feedback

Miss. Lidder, runs the team very professionally and strongly believes that communication, responsive behavior and the right attitude, adds value to their client’s faith. The rapport that they build with their clients makes them remarkable in future business.

The changing market trends and R&D

PLATOON Advisory believes that change is the only constant in this world. This is particularly true in marketing, where the very tempo of change is constantly quickening. Their strategy to keep growing in such an environment is Embracing Technology, learn to live with Ambiguity, Uncertainty, Develop skills and keep learning that keeps them growing.

Neha believes that the only way one can survive and thrive in this fast-changing world is by innovating and it is the R&D function that provides a platform for creativity and innovation to flourish in an organization. Innovative breakthroughs have happened only because of painstaking efforts invested in the R&D function.

It not only helps a business to have a competitive edge over its competitors but also helps in analyzing fullbacks and develop plans that are more sustainable for the future since it acts as a catalyst for speeding up the growth of the organization.

Some companies are leaders, while others are followers. PLATOON believes that to be two steps ahead of everyone in the industry, R&D is essential.

The remarkable trust of employees in the company

Just as Sir Richard Branson, Founder Virgin Group and Neha’s mentor with whom she has had the great privilege of  working and learn under his mentorship for many years, said: “It should go without saying, if the person who works at your company is 100 percent proud of the brand and you give them the tools to do a good job and they are treated well, they’re going to be happy,”. When companies focus on employees first, “effectively, in the end, shareholders do well, the customers do better, and your staff remains happy.”

For PLATOON, keeping their team happy and motivated is how they always functioned. It is imperative to ensure that they feel equally driven and encouraged them to be more productive and efficient. To ensure their well-being, PLATOON Advisory follows the belief that we are as good as the people we hire and nurture. By cultivating a strong corporate culture, one can increase the chances that your team will be productively engaged – which is important since happy employees are more likely to be great advocates for your brand and consistently go above and beyond.

Life is short, and it is up to you to make it sweet: Personal life

Miss Neha is a certified Yoga Teacher from Sivananda Yoga Vedanta recognized by worldwide Yoga Alliance 200 hours of standard training. Being a fitness enthusiast, she also enjoys CrossFit training in addition to her passion for teaching Yoga in her leisure time.

She loves to cook and is very fond of gardening as well. She usually spends her weekends cooking for herself or hosting cookouts with friends. Apart from that, Neha enjoys her garden view, bringing in new plants and feeding the birdies and doves which isn’t possible through the week due to paucity of time.

Future, achievements, and milestones of the company

Their very recent milestone has to be completing 6 months in the Industry where they have been able to already make a mark and being appreciated and recognized for the work they have managed to showcase.

PLATOON Advisory just completed 6 months in business and they already feel that they have put together a good body of work that they are all proud and passionate about. The future is only going to be bigger and better and they look forward to creating waves in the industry.

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