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Prime Energy Solar is a new-age venture that invaded the clean energy industry under the combined experience of the corporate professionals who accumulated over 80 years of industrial experience and expertise.

The senior management team offers a conducive space to every individual to work and perform as per their own potential be it designing or procurement or project management… We hope that this narrative will allow you to get better acquainted with various aspects of the company’s overall portfolio.

At Prime Energy Solar, they constitute a closely-knit family of extensively trained professionals committed to delivering a flawless solar installation journey. Their efforts surpass conventional standards as they strive to maximize sunlight absorption, collaborating with top industry figures to offer customized solutions designed specifically to cater to individual requirements. Let’s dive in to bag some invaluable information into the subject:

Company Overview

Prime Energy is a solar EPC dedicated to facilitating the transition to clean energy and specializes in deploying Solar PV Technologies including offering financing solutions for expedited implementation. Their ethos revolves around fostering sustainability for a greener planet, actively contributing to the circular economy and reducing Greenhouse Gas emissions.

Aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly SDG 7 for universal access to sustainable energy, SDG 13 combating climate change, and advocating for gender equality (SDG 5), they exemplify a commitment to quality, environmental management, and safety.

They have got ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015, and ISO 45000:2018 certifications. At present, the company’s team of passionate professionals has achieved substantial growth, expanding their solar plant presence across India and providing comprehensive services encompassing Distributed Solar PV Plants, Project Management, and Carbon Consulting.

The genesis story of the venture

At the onset of the mid-1990s, an encounter with solar modules sparked an immediate fascination that persisted until 2009. It was monumental when an opportunity emerged to source modules for Swiss couterparts, which led to the installations across Germany and Italy, amassing over 15 MWp of roof and ground-mounted projects across the Western Europe.

It was during these ventures that the significance of quality solutions became unmistakably evident referring to Solar EPCs. Understanding the enduring nature of these projects—meant to span 25 years and requiring substantial capital investments—highlighted the repercussions of compromising on installation precision.

The founding team came to the realization that any shortcuts taken during setup would reverberate in reduced production over time, distorting the financial projections. The amalgamation of a passion for solar, insights gleaned from premier experiences. India’s abundant sunlight is imperative for renewable energy, and the inclusive policies made pursuing anything other than Solar EPC an implausible choice for the leaders.

They avidly believe that sustained value addition is feasible solely through a responsi – ble, long-term approach. This is a philosophy deeply rooted in their passion to reshape the solar industry. Having navigated through the rigors of their structured discussions and relentless efforts, they strive to identify individuals who exhibit a sense of account – ability and a genuine team-oriented spirit.

These passionate candidates constitute the exclusive membership of their team, reflected in their notably low team turnover ratio. This is a crystal clear testament to their pride in cultivating an environment where com – mitment and passion are in perfect harmony.’

Overcoming the Covid-19 crisis

The pandemic caused by COVID-19 virus made the business operations pretty challeng – ing as moving people and things around was hard. The prices were all over the place. But even in these tough times, they’re proud they kept every promise they made. They learned a lot from facing things they didn’t know about, and because of that, they started planning more carefully.

They started looking at all the tiny details and making plans for unexpected situations in the future. Remembering Roy T. Bennett’s words – “Turn your problems into opportunities,” they’re now seeing the good results of those tough times. It helped them make their processes much better.

Tech fervour of the team

The senior leadership of the establishment has a penchant for pushing boundaries, ven – turing beyond their comfort zone. In a concerted effort to stay abreast of technolog – ical advancements, they establish strong partnerships with engineering counterparts in Switzerland and collaborate with several universities in Germany.

Due to India’s market sensitivity to prices, it typically takes around six months for technology to align with reasonable and actionable pricing for the Indian market. What they talk of is the timeframe that grants them several opportunities to fine-tune success metrics, ensuring they maintain a leading position within the industry.

Maintaining the quality of services

The company consists of several Swiss counterparts actively that oversee and steer the engineering design process, carrying forward valuable learnings. Aligned with a stead – fast commitment to delivering superior quality, their team embodies this ethos.

Demon – strating to their clients the principle that prioritizing quality, even if initially seemingly costly, actually yields long-term savings, presenting a negative cost effect over time com – pared to a short-sighted, strictly cost-centric approach. Alongside, when all stakeholders can together quote Aristotle “quality is not an act it’s a habit”, life becomes joyous.

“God has been kind for allowing us to work with Companies who are quality conscious they are mostly MNCs both from India and abroad; once the quality is demonstrated and savings justified, we usually don’t have a problem in getting repeat orders, com – panies like Crane Process Flow Limited, Dubai Port Trust, DHL, Owens Corning Ltd.

Jamshri Mills Ltd. and NCRTC (Rapid Rail Transport Delhi – Meerut) are happy to con – tinuously work with us,” elucidated the leadership panel of Prime Energy Solar.

Getting an edge in the industry

The industry is quite competitive and it takes blood-sweat and sacrifice to keep up with the quality quotient here. Their success relies on offering “instant gratification” while executing the major projects.

It would be a perfect analogy to say that it is as Test Match Cricket which is different from the world of T20 cricket, that has its own set of thrills, and also presents enormous valuations across their targeted domains.

“There is nothing in the world which cannot be copied or improved, however the thought is to continuously raise our internal bar, to keep on value adding. The advan – tage of the low team turnover ratio is that we all grow together, and learnings are always implemented.

This leads to Ownership, passion and quality in the work provided, we walk an extra mile to achieve client satisfaction levels, at times, it even means sacrificing a portion of profits. Results of this effort show up in the savings number which can be seen after day 1 of project commissioning, this also translates to repeat orders,” explains the founding team of the establishment.

A vibrant work culture

When it comes to aligning the employees as per the company’s common objectives, the leaders feel all of them are a part of the same team, with each person carrying on his own job responsibility. They advocate the fact that adequate authority has to flow, when it comes to acknowledging the responsibility. This creates a feeling of belongingness among people.

At the company, the work culture encourages autonomy rather than fixed desk hours, fostering an environment where individuals operate with freedom and are solely accountable for their assigned tasks. This approach has significantly contributed to the team’s overall value addition.

While team bonding activities occur, there’s a sense that they may not be entirely fulfilling. But no matter what, one can find the traces of a strong sense of belonging within each individual who is associated with the company.

Combined with the challenges of problem-solving, adhering to budgets and timelines, and the constant pursuit of surpassing benchmarks, this environment naturally cultivates motivation within the team. The intrinsic drive to address challenges, self-improve, and raise performance standards serves as a potent source of motivation for the entire team.

The roadmap of the future ahead

Expressing the futuristic vision for the company, the leadership team revealed, “Our Hon. Prime Minister Shri Naren – dra Modi leads the world in its efforts to mitigate climate change, Swachh Bharat Mission, recent mandates for blending of Bio-Gas in CNG piped gas, a very ac – tive NGT coupled with our passion for Going Green, infact carbon negative if possible creates humongous opportu – nities in the Carbon markets.

We are already working on Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions, apart we are in process of registering on various carbon platforms, we will leverage our experience to con – vert the problems created by emissions into opportunities. This, we believe, will add significant value to society.”

The parting words by the founding team

Before signing off from the conversation, they conveyed, “Starting up is a very challenging job, the environment Globally is very competitive, landscapes change in very quick time, adaptability is a huge attribute. Money can be made everywhere, a person who is truthful and is always looking to add value in the product provided will be appreciated.

Start up only if you are passionate, finding reasons like worklife balance, clocking 40 hours per week etc. will not lead an entrepreneur anywhere. There will be times when it will be hard to kill time, then there will also be times when you have to miss meals or be sleep deprived. But if you have the perseverance, success is only a matter of time.”

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