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The modern day businesses are in an increasingly complex regulatory landscape. In view of this, businesses need to adhere to laws and regulations. In this direction, GRC ensures that a company complies with local, national, and international laws, mitigating the risk of non-compliance penalties.

GRC strategies allow businesses to identify, assess, and manage risks effectively. This proactive approach helps prevent potential threats from derailing operations or causing financial loss. We could assert the fact that GRC has become a cornerstone of responsible and ethical business practices.

To help organizations transform their GRC journey and become their trusted partner in it, ProBuddy pitches in with its one-of-a-kind service portfolio that supports a robust GRC framework. Under the astute guidance of its co-founders: Vikram Panchangam(CEO), Pavan Kumar G(CRO), and Manchiraju Krishna(COO), ProBuddy has been revolutionizing their client’s overall GRC experience, scaling higher aloft.

Based on their growing acclaim, we reached out to the leaders to organize a virtual session with them to cover the length and breadth of the company’s portfolio. We hope this read would help our global aficionado bag valuable information while offering deeper insights into the industry scenario.

The backstory

The narrative of the co-founding triumvirate is truly remarkable. It all commenced with Vikram Panchangam, drawing upon his extensive expertise, setting the venture in motion back in 2019. Following this, Pavan joined the org as Head of sales on October 2021. He is a certified credit card fraud investigator and Internal Auditor.

He is also one of the Co-Founders who also shared a professional history with Vikram, assumed the pivotal role of Head of Sales and led the charge in forming strategic partnerships and alliances for the company. Later on Manchiraju joined as Ops Head on August 2022. Manchiraju Krishna, a former colleague of Vikram, came on board as a co-founder. spearheading the operational aspects of the organization.

The company profile

Founded in 2019, ProBuddy, initiated by Vikram, set out on a journey as a product software company with a vision to facilitate digital transformation. Their primary focus was on optimizing operational efficiency through the creation of cutting-edge software products. However, the landscape changed in 2020 with the onset of the pandemic, prompting a strategic shift towards Software Service offerings that marked a significant turning point in their growth trajectory.

This pivot allowed them to make substantial strides by developing a comprehensive platform designed for unparalleled operational efficiency. ProBuddy became the go-to partner for businesses seeking solutions in hiring product managers and navigating the complexities of governance risk management. To achieve this, they onboarded industry experts with deep subject matter expertise, solidifying their reputation as a trusted ally for global companies across a diverse range of industries.

ProBuddy’s core mission revolves around helping organizations attain scalability, heightened efficiency, and operational agility by aligning their business objectives with the most efficient, cost-effective, and best-in-class technology solutions and services. Their journey, once marked by software product development, naturally evolved towards offering IT services with a dedicated focus on GRC (Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance) products.

Their multifaceted approach involves specialized advisory services, assisting clients in making informed decisions on the solution that fits their organization and initiating product development implementation. Furthermore, they have ventured into the realm of software implementation, providing tailored solutions that cater to their distinctive strengths and cater to the unique needs of their clientele.

The reach of ProBuddy’s influence extends far beyond geographical boundaries, with a diverse clientele spanning six continents, numerous countries, and an extensive array of industries. Their unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence has cemented their position as a pivotal force in the digital transformation landscape, offering reliable solutions and expert guidance to organizations across the globe.

“Our vision is to establish trust as the foremost companion on our clients’ Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRC) journey. We are dedicated to aiding organizations in attaining their compliance objectives through the formation of a proficient team and strategic collaborations with industry partners. This endeavor leverages the wealth of domain experience and expertise we bring to the forefront,” highlighted the key figures with a single voice.

Business values

Since its inception, ProBuddy has been dedicated to delivering superior and cost-effective solutions, harnessing cuttingedge technologies to fulfill the requirements of client organizations with a commitment to adaptability, responsiveness, and consistency.

Their driving values encompass trust, integrity, honesty, a steadfast commitment to promises made to customers, a relentless pursuit of client satisfaction, and the cultivation of a contented and motivated workforce. These values serve as their daily guiding principles, shaping every transaction and decision.

R&D processes

When it comes to focusing on Research and Development (R&D), the co-founding trio considers it a fundamental pillar to maintain a competitive edge in their service offerings. Recognizing its pivotal role, they are on the brink of significant expansion within their R&D division, with a substantial increase in investments.

Their commitment to R&D extends across a spectrum of endeavors, aligning closely with their overarching business objectives and compliance with governmental regulations. This comprehensive approach enables them to provide highly targeted and precise solutions, effectively averting any potential reputational risks or penalties.

The leadership philosophy at a glance

Three of them have different insights on being influential leaders. For Vikram, it is about adhering to the philosophy of cultivating servant leadership, emphasizing that a successful leader should possess empathy and patience to effect meaningful change. His steady focus is directed towards the personal growth of others, a testament to which is provided by his teams and employees who find him their role model and mentor.

ManchiRaju’s perspective places a significant emphasis on the role of leaders as enablers within an organization. In his view, a leader’s primary responsibility is not merely to manage or direct, but to empower and guide individuals toward achieving greatness.

According to Pavan, it is essential to foster team loyalty and nurture the attributes of employees in order to contribute to the overall growth of the organization. His aspiration is to propel the team towards the company’s overarching objectives, thereby creating a significant impact on overall growth.

A culture with a difference

Vikram’s guiding principle, “Treat others the way you wish to be treated,” has been seamlessly woven into the fabric of Probuddy’s organizational culture. In their unwavering commitment to an employee-centric approach, ProBuddy has consistently excelled in providing their workforce with the best possible avenues for growth and development.

The initial establishment of a robust HR infrastructure has enabled the organization to effectively manage and meet the expectations of their workforce. Part of this enablement strategy involves motivating employees to excel in their roles. This is achieved through a range of Employee initiatives, including Rewards and Recognition (R&R) programs, team-building activities, and engaging team outings, all of which contribute to fostering a highly motivated workforce.

Apart from this cultural activities are also conducted during the festival and this is managed by the cultural committee ‘Samskruti” , all these forms the backbone of ProBuddy. In addition to these engagement efforts, ProBuddy places a strong emphasis on employee development. They regularly conduct training sessions and technical workshops to ensure that their employees continue to evolve and grow both professionally and personally, a strategic investment that promises long-term benefits for all involved.

For the future ahead

In the coming years, the ‘trinity’ is strategically committed to intensifying their investments in Research and Development (R&D), with a specific focus on crafting tailor-made (BeSpoke) software solutions to address unexplored challenges within the market. Their vision involves spearheading Digital Transformation in a pricesensitive market, a goal they are poised to achieve through innovative R&D efforts.

Furthermore, they are on the cusp of a geographical expansion plan, which includes the establishment of a new office in the Middle East. This move aligns with their mission to broaden their global footprint and enhance their reach in diverse regions.

As their team continues to grow, the leaders have meticulously charted a compelling vision for the next five years. Revolving around this vision is the ambition to elevate their status as a center of excellence for Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRC) solutions in favor of their adored clientele.

Simultaneously, they plan to extend their market presence, venturing into consolidated markets such as Europe and America, thereby expanding their sales engagements beyond the boundaries of the Indian market. This comprehensive approach underlines their commitment to achieving substantial growth and global recognition.

The pearls of wisdoms

As the closing remarks, Vikram imparted valuable insights, emphasizing the pivotal role of listening to end-customers as a fundamental driver for growth. He underscored the significance of maintaining clarity on the challenges and concerns faced by customers, recognizing that a lack of such insight can hinder an organization’s progress.

Furthermore, Vikram extended his guidance to aspiring entrepreneurs, stressing the importance of upholding financial discipline in their entrepreneurial journeys. He highlighted that sound financial management is a cornerstone of success, ensuring the sustainability and viability of their endeavors. These words of wisdom from Vikram encapsulate the essential principles of customer-centricity and financial prudence, offering a guiding light for those venturing into the dynamic world of entrepreneurship.

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