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Quadcon India Private Limited


India’s vibrant, resilient, and amazing growth is due in large part to the efforts of thriving companies and entrepreneurs; it is evident that they are creative, innovative, and resourceful. In its boundless journey dedicated to bringing to the readers’ table inspiring stories of business enterprises, The Business Connect Magazine gets an opportunity to pan down on Quadcon India Private Limited – a consulting partner that takes care of the entire gamut of business activities.

The company’s journey traces its roots to 2022 when a group of seasoned industry professionals teamed up with a common goal of giving back to the economy by sharing their knowledge and insights spanning across industry segments.

Quadcon has positioned itself as a preferred partner of SMEs, helping them in their growth journey through the diverse experience and insights of its directors, who have been witness to the transformational journey of Indian industrial landscape over the last four decades.

Quadcon’s Beginning: The Key Highlights

A journey that commenced over a cup of coffee and an iced tea at a coffee shop back in August 2021, culminated in the incorporation of Quadcon in March 2022. Throughout Quadcon’s two-year journey, it has handled various assignments helping clients to improve their business operations.

The range of assignments have been as varied as –

India Sourcing & Supply chain management for a Swedish manufacturing company | Interim C-suite, mentoring & organizational development for a brown field project in Western India | Process Improvement and productivity optimization for a renowned capital equipment manufacturer in Southern India | Business Development for a German company | Growth strategy and cultural transformation for a project business in Western India | Onsite training programs for associates with an automobile giant in India | Webinars and onsite learning & development sessions at management institutes and business organizations.

Service Portfolio

In a short span of two years, Quadcon has become the preferred consulting partner for SMEs in the engineering industry on their growth journey. It offers a wide range of services, from project conception and management to logistics and operations, from product development and engineering to marketing and sales, and from expenditure optimization to P&L management.

At its core, Quadcon wants to use the founders’ combined expertise and knowledge to assist companies in the B2B market to: Develop strategic roadmaps, crystallize the vision, and collaborate on the execution. Identify market or product segments, Develop a go-to-market strategy, detailed product segmentation, and seamless customer experiences. Develop or update company’s brand image & manage and maintain online presence. Facilitating and optimizing the supply chains.

The Directors of Quadcon take accountability of each engagement and deploy their knowledge, experience & expertise in its execution. Quadcon draws upon all resources in its collective network across industry to ensure the best value for their clients. Their seasoned team can help save the incubation time required for any new business initiative and establish a reliable and cost-effective solution. They ensure a smooth transfer of knowledge and best practices across multiple locations and touch points to facilitate a seamless customer experience.

Industry Evolution Over the Years

One of the most significant segments, India’s 63 million SMEs (small and medium enterprises) contribute to approximately 30% of the GDP. SMEs are typically technocrat-driven businesses who have graduated in the value chain over the past few years. Quadcon is positioning itself as a strategic partner to these SMEs in taking their businesses to the next level.

The Leadership Mantra

The team at Quadcon adheres to the traditional Zulu ethic known as “Ubuntu,” which means “humanity” and may be translated as “I Am Because We Are.” They prescribe responsive leadership, keeping all stakeholders in mind.

“Quadcon believes that leadership without compassion is leadership without a soul. Time has thus arrived to reconsider our hierarchical systems and shift from “the pyramid to a constellation” that promotes more trust and cooperation.”

Envisioning a Brighter Future

Looking ahead, Quadcon envisions a future marked by their unique QuadPro approach and working with SMEs in the manufacturing sector to help them measure up to become part of a stable and trustworthy global supply chain.

Their future plans are:

• Qflow, their fluid power product line, is expected to hit the market soon.

• Reach out to government and industry bodies and collaborate with them to address the specific needs of SMEs.

• Focus on supporting European manufacturing enterprises to establish a dependable supply chain to meet their needs for industrial components. Their Director in Western Europe will be a critical support in this endeavor.

• Acquire innovative engineering design support for Indian engineering SMEs from their recent cooperation with HPE, a German engineering consulting organization.

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