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Quor – 7 features you need to know 

Quor – 7 features you need to know 

Quor is one of the most user-friendly and advanced browsing technologies available to users at the moment. It does not use any of the traditional tools, cookies and tracking software that other search engines use to understand and interpret user behaviour. Quor is being touted and marketed as one of the most secure and highly diverse and flexible search engines across the world. There are not a few but several features that make it unique and stand out from the crowd. A few of those features are listed below:

#1 Silicon Valley Tech-Startup

The very first feature that puts Quor in a completely different and altogether elite league is the fact that it is a Silicon Valley tech startup. This takes the reliability quotient of this project to another level. Making it one of the most ambitious projects is the fact that it is based on artificial intelligence and machine learning and aims to completely revolutionize the search engine technology in India.

#2 Value-Based Content

Quor attaches value to all content that it displays in the search results. This value is based on many factors such as the number of visitors that the website is able to attract and engage, the value of the information contained in that write-up, the number of users who find the content relevant and useful, the amount of time spent by the users on that web-page and many more. The more relevant and valuable the content proves to the reader, the more value is attached to it by Quor.

#3 Deep Learning Algorithm

The deep learning algorithm employed by Quor puts this search engine in a class apart from its contemporaries. Instead of using cookies and similar tools, Quor uses artificial intelligence and user behavioral patterns to understand what keywords are being used to look for what kind of content online. This deep learning algorithm also understands the quality and relevance of the content that the user is constantly looking for. This helps it display more relevant and current results that are not only trending but also hold value to the reader.

#4 Patented Pricing Engine

Quor has its very own patented pricing engine that evaluates the performance of any article/blog online. Based on its performance, a specific value is assigned to that content which in turn not only determines the relevance but also the ranking of that website. This means that the better a webpage/article performs in terms of relevance, quality of content, entertainment value, informational quotient and engagement value, the more significance will be assigned to it by Quor in the form of pricing.

#5 Realtime Price Changes

Any value that has been assigned to any content can be accessed in real-time as well. Users can decide based upon the value assigned to any article/blog as to which website to click on and which web page to visit. This helps them shortlist the websites that they want to visit as per the relevance and quality of content that they seek.

#6 High-Rank Searches

No other search engine in the market allows the user to directly access the most relevant and trending searches online. Quor allows its users to get access to the News/articles/blogs that are not only relevant to them but add value to their lives and enrich their overall browsing experience. These are high-rank searches that are trending and are most in-demand at the moment. Quor uses special software and various metrics to determine the value of these searches in order to display them in front of the users.

#7 Access To Subscription Based Content

Subscription-based content is not within the reach of everyone but if you are using Quor, you can use Quor currency to unlock such high quality and relevant content without any hassle. Quor allows you to access information on the web that you would otherwise have to pay for or subscribe to if you are using other search engines.

Final Thoughts

This search engine supports all types of text-based content, articles and blogs, images and videos, reports and research materials, and many other file formats and types. Quor aims to launch different versions of its search engine later this year. The company has also announced the subsequent release of several related services for its users in the coming months.

Having crawled more than 1.2 billion web-pages already and aiming to reach the 20 billion mark by mid-2021, Quor is gearing to become one of the most valuable content based platforms. With a plan to completely revolutionize search engine technology and industry, Quor has set its eyes on the ever-expanding need for humans to remain constantly connected with the world. Quor aspires to more than just deliver.




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