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Sprint Queen’s Tale of Strength and Commitment: A Roadmap to Business

Sprint Queen’s Tale of Strength and Commitment: A Roadmap to Business

Tamil Nadu sprinter ‘Dhanalaxmi’ made a new identity by winning in 200m race format by completing it in 23.26 seconds defeating Dutee Chand and Hima Das in the Federation Cup 2021”.

The racer named after the Hindu goddess who is considered to be a form of luck and wealth, proved the value of her name by her grit and determination. Similarly being an entrepreneur isn’t always easy, and staying determined usually means appreciating whatever obstacles your life and company throw at you.

Who is Dhanalaxmi?
The 22-year-old Tamil Nadu girl is one of India’s most promising sprinters, having defeated Hima Das and Dutee Chand as well as breaking P.T. Usha’s 23-year-old record, which she set even before she was born.

Where is Dhanalaxmi from?
Dhanalaxmi was born on June 5, 1998, in Gunadur village in Tamil Nadu, to a mother who did housework and raised the family after her father died when she was very young. She has two other sisters at home. She was very optimistic towards her career.

  • Business Lesson: Despite knowing the odds of success, most people who embark on a business journey to becoming their own boss are wildly optimistic. This is a positive quality in business ordeal. Optimism encourages you to believe that you can achieve your target, even if it takes longer than anticipated.

Dhanalaxmi, the family’s oldest, chose the game to help support the family. She made this decision with the possibility of a government job in mind, so that one day her sports quota would be available to her. Dhanalaxmi weighed her luck in Kho Kho during her college years but was unable to raise it. Manikandan Arunmugam, a veteran of Tamil Nadu, advised him to take up sprinting in 2017 and is now his coach.

Manikandan Arunmugam acknowledges that the advice he gave to the young Dhanalaxmi applies to all, but even back then, the coach saw something special in her. “She didn’t have the right technique,” Arunmugam told ESPN, “but she had incredible pace.” He is incapable of bringing someone up to that speed.

  • Business Lesson: In business it helps to be doing what you want to do and living on your own terms to cultivate the courage to see projects through when the going gets tough, which is the simple definition of toughness. To cultivate the perseverance that strength embodies, you must have passion.

Dhanalaxmi’s career
In 2018, Dhanalaxmi Sekar began to make a name for her. At the Tamil Nadu State Championships that year, she placed third in the 100 and 200 metres.

Her best opportunity came at the end of the year, when she won the 100 metres against National Champion A. Chandralekha.

This Tamil Nadu runner had a really busy year in 2019. She won the bronze medal in the 200m event at the Federation Cup in Patiala, and in his first international championship, Dhanalaxmi won gold in the 200m and silver in the 100m. The Indian Sprinter in the 200m won the Indian Inter-State Championship in Lucknow. In the 4×400 metre relay, she won both the bronze and gold medals.

  • Business Lesson: Bringing new things to life to the business realm means that you will inevitably face those who are against you and a good deal of their scepticism. You’re going to be prepared to take away the good, you’re going to be diligent about keeping it, and not let the rest hold you back.

Eye on Olympics: Tokyo 2021
Dhanalaxmi is only good at this point in time as she has defeated Hima Das and Dutee Chand in Federation cup 2021 but she can make the best by fixing her spot in the Indian team.

According to Manikandan Arunmugan, she can run faster in 200 metres. It seems like the bench mark for this category. “Olympic Benchmark (22.80) looks like his best bet.” This may be inaccurate but it is no exaggeration to say that India is on the verge of discovery of a new sprint champion.

  • Business Lesson: When you live life passionately, you often devote your attention to a single goal to the exclusion of everything else. However, achieving excellence often comes at a high price. Only you will truly know what you need to do to accomplish, and then you must get excellent at doing it.

Final Thoughts
You’ll need all the grit and dedication you can muster if you’re finding your own course in life as an entrepreneur and defying expectations. Looking at Dhanalaxmi’s success example will provide you with a model to adopt in business to be profitable.

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