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RECLA: Reliable engineering solutions for sustainable future ahead

We found that the pre-engineered building industry has been experiencing exponential growth owing to factors like low expenses, speed of construction, versatility, sustainability growth, and technological advancements. Pre-engineered buildings became more appealing to clients across various industries seeking quick project turnaround times where solutions can be customized as per client needs.

Especially in terms of steel dynamics referring to steel construction space, the landscape is brimming with the modern day visionary enterprises. We happened to observe RECLA as an extraordinaire in rendering the relevant solutions in this competitive and unstructured space.

The organization is addressing a myriad of loopholes and issues in the industry and emerging a promising player under the leadership of a dignified business woman, Shruti with whom we sat down for a freewheeling virtual conversation to prepare this narrative.

Shruti Gat is the founding head of the RECLA, who has nurtured her brainchild with her in-depth industry knowledge and years of hard work. Her apt team oversees every aspect of the construction process to deliver projects on time and within budget.

From foundation work to structural assembly, the team strains every nerve to bring services at par to bring excellence into the picture. In this exceptionally curated narrative, we are diving into the industry insights and covering the length and breadth of the company at the forefront.

An overview of the company

As explained by Shruti Gat, RECLA is a steel construction company integrating local fabricators as well as having a large in-house manufacturing capacity. In the current day, it stands as a well- acclaimed brand in the pre-engineered building sector.

It is leading the advancements in steel construction technologies concerning the sustainable growth objective. Operating within the industry 5.0 paradigm, the company utilizes a widespread network. Both globally and locally, the vast network is all about fostering innovation and excellence.

Encapsulating a state-of-the-art in-house manufacturing facilities and a strategic model, the organization is dedicated to empowering local manufacturers to elevate their products to meet international quality standards.This unique business model positively impacts various socio-economic conditions.

Through collaborative initiatives and resource sharing, RECLA has fundamentally reshaped the manufacturing landscape, mitigating the burden of substantial capital expenditure. Their mission is to provide end-to-end solutions, ensuring prompt service and superior quality products.

RECLA is renowned for its diverse portfolio, encompassing construction projects such as factories, multi-story risers, warehouses, commercial buildings, and aircraft hangars. With a nationwide presence and a robust network of manufacturers, the company boasts the capacity to produce 10,000 tons of steel per month.

In collaboration with local fabricators, the company is focused on improving their operations and competitiveness. By delivering exemplary services and quality to end consumers, they stand as a beacon of innovation and collaboration. Over the period of time, the mission of the company is aligning more with the sustainable growth in the construction realm.

When asked to share the vision, Miss. Shruti Gat articulates that, the major focus revolves around the concept of a zero net energy facility. She aims at advancing energy conservation initiatives while simultaneously addressing existing gaps between fabricators and clientele.

This vision encompasses a multidisciplinary approach of putting sustainability at the pedestal. Via this, they seek to foster lucrative partnerships and synergy across this unstructured industry. “Building a conglomerate out of the fabrication business is a big deal as people consider it as a low-key business.

For us, we would like to support SMEs and other sized businesses across various sectors for exceptional growth. In view of this, we are targeting various loopholes and collaborating with local and highend manufacturers to cater services of great quality,” states the founding lady.

The values

Shruti elucidated that the core values of her venture where they are always prioritizing the safety of the employees and work is of paramount value. Clients are extended a sense of ownership, fostering a collaborative and inclusive approach.

Transparency regarding project status is upheld as a cornerstone principle, ensuring open communication and accountability. The trust bestowed upon the company by its clients serves as the bedrock of its identity, reinforcing its commitment to integrity and reliability.

The business process

RECLA follows a rigorously created process to ensure smooth project execution. It involves consultation, design, manufacturing, supply chain management, and building erection:

• Consultation: During the nascent stage of the process, the team engages thorough consultations with clients to understand their unique requirements, preferences, and project objectives.

• Designing: Leveraging a team of experienced structural designers and engineers, RECLA translates client specifications into detailed design plans. Through innovative design solutions and advanced technology, the company creates customized blueprints that align with client expectations and regulatory standards.

• Manufacturing: RECLA boasts state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities equipped with cutting-edge technology and skilled personnel. Utilizing high-quality materials and precision machinery, the company manufactures components with utmost accuracy and efficiency.

• Supply Chain Management: RECLA maintains a robust supply chain network, sourcing materials from trusted suppliers to ensure quality and reliability. Through strategic partnerships and efficient logistics, the company manages the procurement process seamlessly, optimizing timelines and costs.

• Building Erection: The whole process culminates by the erection of pre-engineered buildings at the project site. With a highly skilled workforce and adherence to strict safety protocols, the company ensures smooth and efficient installation of building components.

The background story

Shruti Gat is a 28 year old young and dynamic entrepreneurial leader. She has excelled in the field of research, development, and industry infrastructure development over a sustained period. She is a mechanical engineering graduate with a fervour for heavy machinery and its mechanism.

Following her strong instincts, she had an extensive and inspiring journey of learning. She tried trying out different jobs & businesses, before incepting Reclasteel by recognizing the potential and an alignment in the steel construction sector. Nonetheless, dodged various obstacles and roadblocks to reach where she is today.

To her, the aspirations have always been high and focused no matter what. Moreover, her dedication and resilience are ceaseless no matter what that helped her build a company with a whopping Rs.800 crore valuation that is growing at an amazing 8x rate every year. And for the future, the hopes are high too where they are all set to a Billion Dollar valuation by 2025-26.

She always had an entrepreneurial fervor that helped her earn money by trying out various options and made her aware of customer psychology during an early age. After completing engineering studies and gaining experience with Fiat India automobiles, she explored her entrepreneurial potential by diving into various businesses.

The whole process allowed her to seek something scalable and capable of adding value to the market. Her experience till date made her perceive the need for digital transformation and integrated platforms to streamline fabrication industry processes. Diving into the steel industry was her ultimate step to chase her dream of emerging as a successful entrepreneur.

She further extends that India is the second-largest manufacturer and second-largest consumer of steel. And this fact was enough for her to boost her fervour for the industry. She realized the room for big development and a huge market size. And this led to the establishment of Reclasteel.

While the journey has been timeconsuming, we’ve successfully established a notable presence in the market. Despite encountering challenging moments that tempted us to quit, our persistence, hard work, and patience have kept us steadfast. After dedicating approximately five years to research, ventures, and business activities, we are on the verge of introducing the virtual ecosystem crafted during this period.

Exemplary leadership style

Shruti’s leadership philosophy revolves around the role of resilience, determination, and ceaseless promise to a vision. She advocates maintaining a never-quitting attitude in the face of challenges as this determination and steadfast perseverance are the keys of achieving success. According to Shruti, daring to think outside the box and pursuing innovative ideas requires a steadfast dedication to one’s vision, regardless of obstacles or setbacks.

She emphasizes that true fulfillment and realization of goals come from remaining devoted and single-mindedly focused on a vision, allowing everything to fall into place in due time. Shruti believes in the transformative power of relentless effort and honesty, recognizing that positive change is facilitated by the alignment of personal energy with a singular aim.

In her view, when individuals maintain unwavering dedication to their aspirations, the Universe conspires in their favor, presenting opportunities and support at the right moments. By embracing this philosophy, Shruti encourages others to harness their inner strength and perseverance, believing that with steadfast commitment and alignment of energy, any goal can be achieved.

The cultural principles

Being the leading force of the company, Shruti avidly believes in cultivating a stable and supportive work environment for her employees. She recognizes that while stability may not always be explicitly voiced, it is a fundamental desire shared by all individuals within an organization.

According to Shruti, employees are drawn to organizations that demonstrate resilience and have the capacity to weather challenges without compromising the well-being of their workforce. She adds that the foundation of any successful organization lies in its sustainability, and she makes it a priority to communicate this to her team. She understands the importance of instilling trust and confidence in employees, reassuring them that the organization is equipped to navigate uncertain market conditions and prioritize their welfare.

She believes in adhering to a sense of security and trust within the workplace. She aims to create an environment where employees feel valued, supported, and empowered to contribute their best work. She recognizes that when employees have confidence in the stability of their organization, they are more likely to remain engaged, motivated, and committed to the company’s mission and objectives.

Through her leadership, Shruti is incessantly building a unique culture of resilience, loyalty, and camaraderie. Here, both the organization and its employees can scale the ladder of success together addressing the external challenges.

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