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Reputation Spiral

Reputation Spiral

A Vibrant Woman Leader and Image Consultant, Veena Manavalli, Building Individuals’ Positive Image with Reputation Spiral

Over the last decade, Indian women have demonstrated incredible determination and resilience and have emerged across industries, be it technology, finance, healthcare, or legal. They have become shining role models for aspiring female trailblazers.

Spearheading the domain of reputation management, Veena Manavalli, the founder of Reputation Spiral, is one of those evangelists of the fraternity who has created a distance stance for herself by supporting professionals with image creation, bringing out their unique personal essence that reflects their brilliance.

Veena is highly recognized for her proficiency in image counselling, corporate life skills training, effective image makeovers, one-on-one counselling, enhancing communication abilities, enhancing personal development, boosting motivation, and achieving desired outcomes in every facet of life.

Veena’s impressive profile includes her vast experience in financial services, corporate training, people management, brand building, and reputation management. She has a strong academic background, with a BSC from Seshadripuram First Grade College.

She is a Certified Image Consultant from the Conselle Institute of Image Management, a Scottish Qualifications Authority-certified life skills trainer, and a NABET-certified TTT from the Image Consultant Business Institute (ICBI).


The Reputation Spiral serves individuals looking to enhance their image while simultaneously helping them build a positive reputation, mainly for those who aspire to be high-net-worth individuals and carve out a niche in which status symbols have a significant impact on enterprises.

Today’s thought leaders, especially in corporations, establish a connection with their audience as well as with clients and customers. They also require a stronger public presence image and communication with their vendor and suppliers. Building a reputation is more about making a real connection with people.

“It is definitely about the right way of having a positive presence. From a personal branding to corporate representation, Reputation Spiral can take your business or career to the next level, said Veena.

Reputation Spiral’s audience already has a distinct and specialized identity. They are looked up to as leaders. Yeah. So, they need to stand out from the crowd. That’s the whole crux. Reputation Spiral helps them to establish themselves as effective leaders, execute things, and be more organised.

The Key Inspiration Behind this Inception

Born and brought up in a conservative Brahmin family, Veena Manavalli had a lot of restrictions in her early days. However, the burning desire to be not only a girl, a woman, or a lady and the kind of client-centric role that she had to play. Manavalli always focused on solving the challenges in her community, family, and the people around her.

Being a genuine and honest person and looking forward to helping people—that’s what Veena’s ethos is; others can feel this aura in her, which is why she has progressed so far. People will connect with her when she is listening to them because they will trust her and understand what she is trying to tell them.

This will make it easier for her to help people honestly— not just to make money or try to sell her services, but also to genuinely see that person transform. After all, everyone is talented—we just need to have faith that it will take a few changes and shifts.


Veena Manavalli’s 16+ years of expertise in the FSI segment, including banking, finance, and insurance, is what distinguishes her and her venture in the reputation management sphere. She has trained more than 65,000 individuals throughout this journey. Veena has successfully done 729+ workshops and completed 521 projects in various domains. It perfectly demonstrates Veena’s expertise and her real-life experiences.

“Every person who aspires to become a leader, be it a woman in the business space or a corporate employee, from the managerial level to the C-suit executive level, had a lot of challenges in presenting themselves and connecting with their teams.

With my branding services and reputation building services, they were easily able to overcome this. They could become more transparent and genuine. And they had a vision, too, for that matter,” stated Veena Manavalli.

Manavalli’s Distinctive Approach to Overcoming the Challenges Being a business leader, Veena Manavalli has faced her fair share of challenges, such as establishing connections with clients and earning recognition as a woman in leadership.

She has to strive hard to get accepted by her audience. “Be in the media space, or be in the manufacturing space; be in the teaching space. people do not see any growth when they find women in leadership. Here, we must put that extra effort to change this perception,” the leading lady said.

There is always a question when it comes to female leadership. The magnificent woman answers this question through her years of expertise and in-depth industry knowledge with an open and transparent approach.


There is an accelerated learning technique wherein a person can understand the process very quickly. The company come up with numerous template-based solutions. Further, if someone comes to the company and takes the solution from them, the team would be providing back-end support, which is super easy and quick for them to learn, implement, and take action, not only for a momentary result but also for their lifetime use.

They provide personalized consulting and experiential learning strategies, particularly for the workshops. Because everyone has unique needs, no program or solution will be the same as that of another individual.


Recent technological advancements have made major transformations in the industry. Harnessing the power of technology, Reputation Spiral recently launched an application that enables customers to access all services at their fingertips. It also makes it easier for people to recommend them, which increases the company’s accessibility to its audience worldwide.


“It has been a wonderful journey in which, we were able to reach so many people”, quoted Veena Manavalli.

A subsidiary of ImageStation, the Reputation Spiral has achieved remarkable success in helping people who were struggling to create a brand identity of their own and to connect with people. With their unwavering dedication and hard work, the company has gained 32 clients, individual consultations, and almost 729 workshops conducted in the span of just two to one-half years.


Politicians are the future leaders of tomorrow. They are the people who come up with so much aspiration to serve people. How are they going to be identified by the people or the citizens?

They need to be humble.
They have to have a presence among the citizens.
They need to have ideas greater than what any generic person would have.

And the most important aspect is that they have to be givers, irrespective of the aspirations that they come with. So, as long as you come to solve the problems of individuals, that is when you will be trusted, and you will also be followed.

This is how you become a leader. Here, our team supports them to make a difference in the world and create a solid reputation in the market.


Moving forward, Veena aims to target cities where there is a significant scope for reputation management services. The expert team of professionals at Reputation Sprial is all set to empower the futuristic leader looking for guidance in different parts of India.


My approach has always been to keep things simple. Be open and sincere in your approach to support others. That’s the course of our actions. Any person who wants to establish a name for himself in the marketplace for any kind of goods or service must possess value.

Besides, they should be able to perform basic tasks correctly by knowing the fundamentals, rather than becoming overwhelmed by an excessive number of options or systems. That’s the takeaway I want to share with everyone I meet.

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