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Resorcio: A Distinctive Hybrid Approach to Learning and Upskilling!

Resorcio: A Distinctive Hybrid Approach to Learning and Upskilling!

Iconic Brand of the Year 2024

In the present digital landscape, the rise of content aggregators has completely revolutionized the way we create and consume content. Standing out as a prominent content aggregator platform, Resorcio strives to create project-based interventions for a better educational and upskilling experience and bring a revolutionary shift in the education realm.

Born in 2021 as an online marketplace for digital creators to buy and share content, Resorcio is dedicated to offering human-centric solutions to the challenges posed by the ever-evolving digital world.

CBSE Plus: The Unique School Initiative by Resorcio

Resorcio’s flagship project in school education, Resorcio CBSE Plus, is a hybrid approach that primarily focuses on high-school CBSE students. Resorcio CBSE Plus has developed into a year-long initiative that includes various modules, including workshops for teachers and students, orientation for parents, and year-long handholding support for the client school, in addition to online resources, after realizing the need for comprehensive support beyond traditional online resources.

This holistic approach ensures that all stakeholders—teachers, parents, and students—are actively engaged in the educational process, fostering a collaborative learning environment that promotes both academic success and personal development.

The Genesis of Resorcio

Resorcio is the creative vision of two professionals with diverse backgrounds and expertise: Geethika Sudip and Robins J. Alappatt. They came together with a shared vision and purpose and launched this unique content aggregator platform during COVID-19.

In the early stages, finding skilled employees and carrying out tasks were difficult challenges. However, the founders’ field experience and strong belief in the project ensured the identification of a talent pool that considers the activities not just as part of their job but as a passion. The majority of Resorcio’s employees are also investors, reflecting their commitment to and belief in the idea.

The dedicated team at Resorcio comprises highly qualified and seasoned academics, educators, social workers, psychologists, psychotherapists, and management specialists. Every member at Resorcio undergoes rigorous training and periodic fieldwork to stay at the forefront of their respective domains. Further, the company keeps improving the training modules based on one-onone interactions with students, teachers, and parents, ensuring that Resorcio remains responsive to the evolving needs of its stakeholders.

Resorcio’s Leadership: Combining Domain Expertise, Knowledge, and Passion

Geethika Sudip, Co-Founder and CEO

A renowned content creator and strategist, Geethika Sudip holds an MBA degree from INSEAD, Paris and steers Resorcio as the CEO. She is also an awardwinning journalist and filmmaker and has over two decades of corporate and media experience. Geethika was the head of communication for Lullaby at Varkala, a National Award-winning Responsible Tourism Project that brought together the tourism industry, government, and Anganwadis in 2006.

Robins J. Alappatt, Co-Founder and COO

Robins is a seasoned professional and the co-founder of Resorcio. He has worked on business and community projects for more than 20 years in the arwwweas of operations, human resources, and training. He has worked as a program designer and implementer of KELI, a project to train the full team of around 42 lakh members and officials of Kerala Kudumbashree.

Harnessing the Latest Tech Advancements

Resorcio observes a need for more human touch in a market flooded with new technology platforms, a gap that concerns many users. They have therefore adopted a hybrid model, where the technology platform provides quick access to revision bundles at users’ convenience, while workshops and orientation programs offer valuable human intervention that enhances the technological advantage.

As per the World Economic Forum’s Education 4.0 Taxonomy, future employees will prioritise cognitive, social, and physical abilities, self-regulatory skills and societal attitudes and values, over disciplinary knowledge and discipline-specific education. Resorcio is poised to meet these evolving demands by emphasising holistic development alongside academic excellence.

Quality: Resorcio’s Key Focal Point

Resorcio prefers to refer to itself as a human-to-human (H2H) company and eschews the B2B and B2C labels. It works with individuals, particularly adolescents, and prioritises collecting comprehensive data from various sources before finalising the modules.

The team play a pivotal role in collecting this data to ensure authenticity and firsthand information. They interact with parents, teachers, and students to gather maximum insights, which undergo meticulous statistical and scientific analysis.

Identified Issues are categorized into appropriate problems or solutions, and the interventions are carefully planned and carried out. The team performs regular reviews, assessments, and followups to ensure their mission remains steadfast and on track. This diligent approach underscores their commitment to addressing the needs of individuals on a human level, ensuring that the solutions are both effective and empathetic.

Clientele and Corporate Ethos

Resorcio is a comprehensive content aggregator platform, offering suitable content tailored to the needs of individuals aged 6 to 65. Resorcio CBSE Plus is created to support students in classes 7, 8, 9, and 10. To offer its services, the platform collaborates with numerous schools and educational institutions and offers entry into the platform.

Resorcio’s prestigious clientele includes over 40 schools spread across Kerala and Tamil Nadu; nearly 100 schools have been part of the Resorcio experience over the past two years. This includes nationally-renowned chains of schools including the Bharathiya Vidya Bhavan, Vidya Niketan Group and many others. The team’s personalized attention and dedication have helped the company create trust and brand loyalty.

Upon completing the inaugural module of Resorcio CBSE Plus, the company provides a residential workshop for teachers, aptly named DISHARI (meaning “one who shows the way”), to assure schools and institutions get firsthand experience of the content and pedagogical features. With this profound understanding and positive experience, transitioning to the next level—engaging students—becomes a seamless and natural progression.

The Blue Diamond among the Spectrum: How Resorcio Stands Out?

Resorcio is one of the first platforms with a holistic approach that focuses on the other important stakeholders, such as parents and teachers, while all other edtech and knowledge companies just focus on the students.

Resorcio’s hybrid approach, which blends offline assistance with online enablement, makes the platform stand out. Also, Resorcio’s focus on the kids’ emotional and mental health addresses a critical issue that other companies do not care about. Sharing more about Resorcio’s unique factors, Geethika Sudip apprised, “As a company deeply committed to human-to-human interaction (H2H), we staunchly believe in this philosophy, ensuring our undeniable presence in the hearts of our customers.

We believe that the golden balance has to be struck between personalized attention and technology enablement. Therefore, even in the face of competitors, they serve only to fortify our principles and dispel any apprehensions within the educational ecosystem stakeholders, thereby bolstering their trust in us. Remember, while products and concepts can be imitated, the skills and virtues that define us are beyond replication.”

The Essence of Resorcio’s Vibrant Company Culture

Resorcio’s dynamic work culture thrives on a perfect fusion of camaraderie, creativity, and diligence, with an unwavering commitment to quality and meeting targets. Every action is driven by purpose, pushing boundaries. Creativity fuels the team to explore new horizons and solutions. The leading team strives to balance enjoyable camaraderie and dedicated hard work at the workplace.

Achievements and Future Outlook

Since its inception, Resorcio has achieved significant recognition and awards, validating its commitment to excellence.

Geethika Sudip has been recognized among the “Top Corporate Women Leaders From Kerala, 2021.” She has also been awarded by Women Entrepreneurs India.

Further, Resorcio has received appreciation from the thousands of teachers, students, and parents whose lives it has touched over the past years! Looking ahead, the company aims to strengthen its presence in the educational realm across South India and expand its market reach in the upcoming years.

Words of Wisdom from the Visionary

Find a like-minded team who will go the length with you, and together, make your dream come true. India is ripe for all kinds of entrepreneurial activity, and the best time to do it is now!

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