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RK & Associate

RK AND ASSOCIATE: Offers Unprecedented Legal Assistance And Ensures Client’s Satisfaction

If you are looking for a legal firm that acts as an aid to provide you legal assistance pertaining to various matters related to personal or professional realms then RK And Associate are the best legal advisors. Located in Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, the company offers unparalleled legal services to clients. Incepted in 2003 by R.K. Shukla, it has spread its wings and today, it’s one of the trusted legal firms in the country. They also have their offices in Lucknow, Delhi, and Mumbai.

The firm has a team of highly proficient, educated and experienced professionals who deal with the clients one on one basis and after doing an in-depth analysis of their issues, they provide feasible solutions. This provides a great relief to the clients who are going through a mental and financial strain due to the complexity of their issues.  They employ a team of expert and skilled lawyers in Allahabad High Court, who assist the clients in all kinds of legal matters.

Their distinctive, reputed, and prodigious services make them a trusted entity. The practical, professional and systemic approach they follow and encourage whilst dealing with every client in the industry is remarkable.

They understand the financial stress people go through, therefore their services are within the budget of clients that’s why they are repeatedly preferred by clients across the country. RK and Associate are highly chosen by the clients due to their team of well-educated and experienced advocate lawyers in High Court Lucknow and Allahabad who offer complete guidance to the clients about any type of legal matter.

The services to the clientele entail are Anticipatory Bail Legal Services, Banking and Finance Legal Services, Tax Related Legal Services, Civil Matters Legal Services, Industrial & Labour Law Matters, Insurance Claim Legal Services, Real state & Property

Legal Services, Retainership Legal Services, Education Legal Services, Company Matters Legal Services, Commercial Litigation Legal Services, Environmental Legal Services, Central Administrative Tribunal Services, Debt Recovery Appellate Tribunal Services, Debt Recovery Tribunal Services, District Consumer Forum, National Company Law Tribunal Services, State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission, and Advocate Lawyers in High Court.

What sets them apart from competitors?

One of the most distinctive qualities is that RK and Associate provide legal assistance in all matters. They render all types of services through specialization on a one to one basis to the clients. Professionals with great expertise deal with the cases of all sorts and put the right kind of effort to give exemplary services. Whilst other firms possess specialization in specific cases, this makes RK and Associate quite distinguished in comparison of its competitors.

Responsibilities of the firm

Only a responsible team can win the credibility of customers. It’s the same with RK and Associate, they provide incredible services to the national and international clients within an assured time period. Personal monitoring of the cases, updation of the progress of cases to the clients happen in the firm to ensure the responsibility and effective implementation of the services.

Give Results And Win the Trust

In the starting, it’s quite tedious to win the trust of clients. But, once you start giving the results in a specified time frame and with incredible efficiency then for sure the clients will come back to you.

RK And Associate before taking the case in their hands foretell the actual result to the clients. They try to give a blueprint and don’t keep the client in false hopes, which most of the other firms do. They tell clearly whether the client will win or lose the case. Some of the clients choose other legal firms in the first case but when they experience the same result in the second go then they will obviously return to RK and Associate. In the legal arena, if the client repeats then you are doing wonders.

Research And Development

Diving deep into the Research for the benefit of the Company plays a pivotal role. How the company will grow if it is not aware of the shortcomings and the client’s response? Taking this into account, RK and Associate pay great heed to the crucial process of Research and Development.

They have an efficient team of Research, which consists of students from law schools and experts. A review of the client feedback and online review helps a lot. Until or unless the case solves and also after it, they keep constant touch with the client. During the whole process, they are the clients’ incredible partners.

Through an in depth analysis, they work on the feedback provided by the client, improve the flaws and look into the loopholes happen from the company’s side. This helps the company to advance and excel.

R.K. Shukla, the connoisseur has a very different take on success. He says,  “Success is secondary. You feel success when your client meets you after the case resolvement with warmth and gratitude. He sees you as a well-wisher, not a service provider.”

Personal Time from the Busy Hours!

The work of the legal arena is quite cumbersome, and it makes you quite busy. It requires persistent efforts and cognizance to deal with legal cases. But, we cannot do our work properly if there is no proper symphony between personal and professional life. On this notion, R.K. Shukla tries to give his precious 3-4 hours to his family as it acts as a catalyst to perform better on the professional fronts.

He plans out for vacations with family in June for 10-15 days to visit exotic places and rejuvenate the spirits.

His wife renders the biggest support to create a perfect synergy. She is from the same legal background that’s why she understands his profession better and provides him incredible support. Whereupon, the maestro performs better in both the spheres.

Giving Back To Society

The legal advisor feels it is indispensable to give back to the society in which we are living.  So, RK And Associates through their legal services try to help the poor people free of cost. They don’t charge any expenses from them. They try to serve 4-5 clients who are in great need and facing financial constraints. Whilst serving these clients, they make sure whether they really belong to the financial constrained background or not.

They work as great counselors and try to solve the disputes arise in marriage or other cases through communication, and in most cases, it works also. 10% of cases resolve through counseling without going to the courts, and it is commendable.

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