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Saifee Hospital: Dedicated to ensure the hassle-free medical journey to patients

Saifee Hospital: Dedicated to ensure the hassle-free medical journey to patients

A multispecialty hospital is the single window hospital rendering various medical facilities to the patients at the same place only. In the realm of providing dynamic and efficient healthcare to patients, Saifee Hospital has intervened the market as a front line provider of extensive healthcare. Within a very short -span of time, the Hospital has managed to establish its name in the healthcare domain as one of the most effective multispecialty-
hospitals. They guarantee world-class standards in the health management and offer various medical specialties to the patients.

Saifee Hospital is a 256 bedded Multi-Speciality Health care Hospital with best in class infrastructure enriched with unrivaled latest technological advancements such as Robotic Surgery system, Bariatric System, etc. It has become an ideal destination for all the multi-specialty needs due to the availability of the exclusive services offered under the same roof. Within a very short period of time, the hospital has escalated its growth rate by
ensuring world-class medical facilities to the patients. As per the Key Official of the Hospital, “ We are determined to provide our patients with a comfortable medical journey by providing quality health care at an affordable price. Saifee Hospital aims to provide state-of-art technology for Diagnostic and Therapeutic services to the patients in the world-class ambiance with passion and precision.”

Inception story
Sharing the inspiration behind the establishment of one of the best multi-specialty hospitals in India, the Key Official reveals that it was the noble desire of Late Dr Sayedna Mohammand to form a multi-specialty hospital that could cater to the essential health care to common people at a reasonable price and dedicate it to the name of his father Dr. Sayedna Taher Saifuddin. The struggle a common man faces while seeking medical care in our country motivated the Team to emerge out as an affordable medical care provider and establish Saifee Hospital.

A glance at the Infrastructure and facilities
Speaking of the Facilities and Infrastructure, the Hospital has arranged unmatched necessities that are affordable enough to be claimed by the underprivileged class as well. Variety of rooms and beds, Royal suite 52, a separate wing for Maternity ward and Neonatal Intensive Care, spacious and hygienic waiting area, 8 Operation theatres with modern equipment, 20 Consulting rooms, Pharmacy operating round the clock, Blood Bank that opens
24×7, Opthal shop providing high standards in eye care, Medical Library with latest books and journals in medicine, separate Ambulances for critical and non-critical patients, well- adapted Communication facilities, CSSD and Laundry, etc, are the amenities provided in the infrastructure of the Institution.

About the CEO
The CEO of the Hospital lives in New-York but visits the hospital regularly. The key function involved in the role played by him is related to the advisory capacity that can help escalate processes to keep the institute abreast of the changing times.

The Hospital has received prestigious certifications from NABH, NABL and ISO Pharmacie De Qualite for ensuring the quality of services in their performances. The Key officials reveal the mission to achieve excellence in healthcare by providing world-class preventive, curative and holistic care to an individual from diverse strata of the society in a safe, ethical and affordable manner.

What is it they doing right?
Acknowledging the escalating heights of the Hospital in providing the health care to the patients, the Key Official states that the driving force that is carving the success story of the organisation is the bevy of highly- skilled professionals ensuring the best-in-class healthcare services. Various aspects have been responsible for the brand name that the hospital has been able to coin by far such as- Excellent infrastructure and equipment, affordable prices for the services, demonstrable commitment to accreditation(NABH), quality assurance and transparency of
outcomes. The Hospital has emerged out as a healing center for not just the patients in India but the people from around the globe.

Every patient desires to be treated under the state-of-art facility with strict security measures and ultimate precision at an affordable price as well. Saifee hospital has emerged as one of such leading health-care providers that has been capable to meet the medical aspirations of the patients effectively and efficiently.

Ensuring to keep pace with the technological advancement in the healthcare domain they have introduced the latest Robotic Surgical System which could be found in a few of the other hospitals in the country. The Hospital has formed an isolation unit for high dose Radioactive Iodine Treatment for Thyroid-Cancer patients. A specialized clinic has also been commenced lately, acknowledging the healthcare needs of Female Uro Genital
problems. All of the above mentions have adroitly allowed Saifee Hospital to evolve as one of the best healthcare providers in diverse verticals.

Addressing the role that the loyal staff plays to keep the reputation of the Hospital up to the mark, the Key Official says, “ We are proud of our loyal staff that is providing its wholesome efforts for the sake of the organization aiming to serve the patients with dedication and compassion. Seniors leaders ensure
listening to their under-employees and constantly offer them opportunities to improve their performances to escalate departmental growth.”

Involvement in CSR
Being a Charitable Institution, the Hospital has mandated free of cost services to the underprivileged section of the society. The key officials of the multi-specialty hospital have also ensured to offer a significant part of their overall revenue for the treatment of the patients who are not economically capable of opting the expensive treatments or surgeries.

The core strength of the Hospital lies in the philosophy –Prevention is better than the Cure. The routine health check-up programs conducted by it are aimed to add years to the lives of the people by the early detection of the diseases and pinpoint the unhealthy lifestyles. They have launched several Health and Wellness packages covering all the age groups and genders, specially designed as per the International guidelines for 100%
healthy and disease-free future of the people. With the noble cause of rendering the society with the better-equipped healthcare facilities at the affordable price, they have envisaged of becoming the Super-Speciality Hospital in the near future.

At last, it is the humble opinion of the CEO that not a single person can be entirely be given the credit for the achievements of a large institution like Saifee. Therefore, he would like to acknowledge the members of the entire Saifee Family and its well-wishers for their dedication and hard work.


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