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A promising venture propelling EV adoption drive in the Indian Subcontinent

All over the world, EV adoption has gained momentum. Since Tesla entered the market, more and more countries are pondering over the inclusion of EV vehicles to curb the negative impact of conventional fuel based transportation. The increased numbers in the latest global EV sales clearly indicate the shift in consumer mindset. In India, EV adoption is steadily increasing, albeit slow due to lack of necessary charging infrastructure.

Recognizing the demand- supply gap, SapthaVahana has entered the game with a promising future for the development of highly efficient and most reliable EV charging infrastructure.  Mr Kameswara R Nara is a thought leader behind this establishment who strives to contribute his services in developing the infrastructure necessary for charging Electric vehicles . With a wealth of automotive experience acquired through the years, he possesses diverse knowledge in this field.

Additionally, what gives him an edge as a leader in this industry is the fact he holds a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and has obtained a business credential from Harvard Business School, accompanied by pertinent technical certifications from reputed institutions. He is selfdriven and highly motivated, demonstrating a strong commitment to serving people and local communities.

Based in the USA and part of the automotive industry, he has been an active participant and shrewd observer of this EV growth that was induced in the North American market. He claims that by 2030, EV adoption would become a mandate rather than a choice considering the growing pollution levels and global warming potential. And, India needs to gear up for this major shift where SapthaVahana could prove to be a game changer. The need of the hour is to reduce its fossil fuel consumption and reliance as the world is facing huge challenges in meeting the growing demand which is taking a toll on the global economy as well as the environment.

As per Mr Nara, his brainchild is based on the vision to facilitate the adoption of sustainable transportation and to develop an efficient service model that caters to their customer needs while promoting affordable technologies that ensure fast charging for electric vehicle (EV) users. “I commenced this venture with the intention of facilitating the EV charging network in India. Our target is to establish high-tech, fast charging clusters at strategic locations on the national highways. This is imperative to address the “Range anxiety” and push long distance travelers to shift to EVs. The whole idea behind Saptha Vahana revolves around social entrepreneurship to provide reliable charging solutions to address the EV adoption challenges,” unfurled Mr Nara.

Their vision begins with establishing a charging station(s) and subsequently creating a network of charging stations. By achieving economies of scale, they aim to reduce charging rates. Ultimately, their goal is to transition to a hybrid model – charging station powered by a combination of solar power and grid power and establish an on-demand charging service.

The key cornerstones that serve as the groundwork of the organizations aresustainability, innovation, integrity and transportation. Driven by these values, Mr Nara has established an organization that acknowledged its social responsibility while inspiring other businesses to work towards commencing sustainable business operations. As per him, there is a wave of ensuring sustainability in entrepreneurship and those who learn to surf these waves would become the trendsetters and forerunners in terms of shaping a better future for our upcoming generations.

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