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4 Ways To Set Pricing As A Solopreneur

4 Ways To Set Pricing As A Solopreneur

By Sandhya Agrawal

Being a solopreneur in today’s time is a popular concept because of all the buzz around “Be Your Boss”, but this way of working has got much work that must be done by the person concerned. Apart from all the challenges, the topmost remains to fix the work rates, even tricky is to convince the client for payment.

To boost your earning potential, you have to realize how to set the best rates for the sort of work you do. There is an assortment of approaches to select rates, contingent upon how you like to function, your customers’ desires and the items, products and services you sell. Here are the four most widely recognized ways you can charge fees from your clients as a solopreneur.

Charge Hourly Fees as a Solopreneur

Charging per hour is standard for some high-paid experts, for example, bookkeepers and lawyers. They keep definite records of their work and give customers a separated bill. Here, even if hourly invoicing is fundamental in your industry, it might be an ideal alternative.

In any case, it accompanies a genuine issue: If you’re proficient, you limit your gainfulness. The better you are at your work, the less you get paid—except if your rates are adequately high. Moreover, following the entire workday can be a problem. To ensure each service is productive, consider charging a base for every task.


  • You have a direct method to charge customers that may fit with your ideal way of life.
  • You get paid reasonably for your work, particularly in case you’re exceptionally gifted.


  • You may need to work more hours to meet your salary objectives.
  • You may think that it’s challenging to scale your business or have a stable pay from month to month.

Charge Flat Fees as a Solopreneur

Charging the same fee for every assignment, effort, or task is regular in specific ventures, for example, website composition, writing and consultancy services. In case you’re more profitable, this valuing strategy can permit you to gain what could be compared to a higher hourly rate without expecting to intently following your time.

The threat is that you may disparage the time needed to finish a venture. Or then again, your customer may choose to change the extent of your work or request numerous modifications, taking a more significant amount of your time and cutting into your profit.

The pros here are that your work has a good start and end, so you can undoubtedly design excursion time or work for different customers. In the interim, the cons incorporate trouble scaling your business with variable income.

Charge Commission Fees as a Solopreneur

On the off chance that your work legitimately assists customers with selling their items or administrations, you may charge a commission expense dependent on deals. Dealing with the commission can bring about conflicting pay. Be that as it may, if your aptitude and information on an area are significant to a customer, they may compensate you abundantly.


  • You’re exceptionally boosted to assist customers with making deals.
  • You don’t have to keep a point by point records of your time.


  • You may have a long deals cycle that defers your payment.
  • You may discover scaling your business troublesome, with questionable or variable income.

Charge Retainer Fees as a Solopreneur

Taking a shot at retainer implies that you charge customers a month to month least, regardless of how much work you do. In any case, for specific kinds of work, setting a month to month least number of hours or tasks bodes well, and chipping away at retainer guarantees that you have enough income coming in consistently to keep your business above water.


  • You accomplish work for your customer and assemble a cosy relationship to assist them with making progress.
  • You get repeating payments, practically like a pay, which gives you more fixed income.


  • Your customers may demand to renegotiate your charge when they do their yearly financial plan.
  • Your salary, while consistent, might be lower than with other payment choices.

Regardless of how you decide to charge expenses, remember that a powerful bookkeeping and invoicing framework will assist you with overseeing everything. As a Solopreneur Do what works best for your business type, and the rest will become all right.

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