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SSA Compliance Services

SSA Compliance Services: Top Legal Practitioners, Working Together to Delivering the Finest Solutions

Best Employment Law Firm in India – 2023  

SSA Compliance Services emerges as one of the most influential names in the panorama of employment and labour law advisory and consulting solutions. This professional firm is home to expert lawyers and legal counsel and offers comprehensive services in the field of employment and labour laws.

SSA started its journey in 2021 with the sole vision of offering authentic, consistent, and protective legal suggestions in the best interest of the customer. It is committed to maintaining compliance with a wide range of regulatory standards about Indian labour and employment laws for all sectors and industries. It was established by Mr Amitava Ghosh, founder and CEO of SSA. He is an accomplished attorney with extensive experience in employment law and is passionate about enacting the necessary changes to the same domain.

SSA’s exclusive portfolio covers a broad spectrum of specialised services, including the design, implementation, and monitoring of effective policies, procedures, and practices about an organization and its employees and other representatives with legal and regulatory requirements applicable to the organization’s business activities, as well as the detection of potential risks associated with these legal and regulatory necessities.

India has some of the most robust labour laws in the world, and SSA crafts HR compliance, which is the process of coordinating workplace rules with state and GOI regulations and industry-specific requirements.

In addition, the firm also offers and extends employment and labour law advisory, compliance management system, POSH, and audit services for companies to stay safe and up-to-date with the legal framework. It is crucial to safeguard compliance with all legal and statutory standards for businesses to operate successfully in India. This often involves a significant investment of the company’s resources, time, and continuous monitoring to be aware of all the changes that are happening to be compliant and avoid penalties.

The expertise and excellent work of SSA’s team have been entrusted to numerous businesses. With its peerless legal acumen and dedication, the team proudly stands tall among the other service providers in the market. The firm boasts a rich clientele that encompasses clients from all across the country.

“HR compliance management will benefit our clients in many ways. At SSA, we provide timely advice on compliance and adherence to all relevant statutes and labour laws, along with sound corporate governance. Avoidance of all litigation and associated costs that may arise out of non-compliance” stated Mr. Amitava Ghosh.

According to him, success for any business is determined by its ability to satisfy its clients, inspire its workforce, and create value for the firm. SSA is widely recognized in the legal realm with its highly skilled and qualified workforce, dedicated to providing specialised personal attention to every client.

Dynamic Leadership

With a team of industry experts and board members with extensive legal experience, SSA helps businesses create cost-effective compliance programs that suit their size, entity type, operational focus on risks, and complexity. They also support businesses in managing program risks and the underlying legal and regulatory frameworks. Here are the key executives of the firm:

  • Swati Saksena Jha, COO
  • Supriyo Banerjee, CRO,
  • Vivekanandan S., CCO
  • Joy Chakraborty, General Manager of Operations

The visionary leader wrapped up the discussion saying, “The subject of employment and labour regulations continues to evolve, and staying up-to-date on the most recent advancements and ensuring legal compliance requires a certain kind of agility. At SSA, we have created a menu of services to give each employer or company the chance to have us evaluate and examine their records and policies to identify any “red flags”.

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