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Bangalore has the potential to become one of the sought after destination of every business group from all over the world. And SSB Properties, founded by Mr. Vishal V Parwani in the year 2002, a prominent Real Estate consultant in Bangalore was started keeping in mind about the cross cultured immigrant population and the advantages of globalization.

Mr. Vishal V Parwani started a small venture of providing Residential, Commercial and Industrial places for rent. Slowly after understanding the requirements of different types of clients from different parts of India and the world, SSB properties provided premises to every company official. Now, the company offers Property management services in Bangalore to handle the requirements of corporate companies. Their services start from providing Residential properties for rent to the company officials to procuring lands for developments for IT parks all over Bangalore.

They specialize in understanding the individual requirements and attend to the client personally with the ability to bring the best properties to its clients at the fairest of all rates. They are engaged in all kinds of Real estate activities like Rental & Leasing, Buying & Selling, and Marketing & Promoting of Residential, Commercial, Retail Outlets and Industrial properties in and around Bangalore. Besides, they also provide marketing personnel for some of the prestigious builders in the town.


Vishal V Parwani, Founder, SSB Properties, with his 16 years of experience and ample knowledge of the industry helps his clients in renting, selling, promoting, primary, secondary market, property management residential and commercial.


At SSB, the team assists their clients personally, be it a small transaction or a big deal, they handhold the customer in every process of the real estate transaction, be it renting or buying, providing all the necessary information, help them in decision making, which is indeed a much-required assistance, also make the client comfortable by debating on the need analysis with the product chosen. In short, they provide total real estate solutions.


“The major obstacle we faced was that the industry was much unorganized, and it lacked professionalism and transparency those days, plus the market was robust, we still face a lot of hurdles pertaining to it even now, but as RERA is implemented in India we see a ray of hope in the near future” added Vishal.

Each person who has faced challenges, would suggest that one needs to really have patience in the Real estate industry, it’s the most volatile and unpredictable market, and most important one should be grounded in approach, one will come across all sorts of clients, polite, rude, bossy, egoistic, unthankful, but key is how to handle your own reaction and able to judge the ideology of the client.


SSB has attended lots of clients so far from celebrities , VIP’s, young students, bureaucrats, people from Defence and armed forces, like navy, air force, army, advocates, judges, people from IT companies, Businessmen, Traders, Vendors, doctors, industrialists, company owners, MNC the list is endless , each person from any given industry is different from the other.

Vishal asserts “It’s very difficult to create unbreakable faith of clients we maintain to be connected personally and give after sales assistance for a long time, even if there are no dealings in between we ensure that we are in touch and any time if any assistance required we provide from our end”


Internet is a very good tool for promotion and also to attract the target audience, but one needs to understand internet is a medium to get connected to the prospective client and a very good medium for branding, but ultimately the business is generated by the personal connection and the way you approach.

“The trust factor is very important in real estate when we get in touch of a buyer, in fact, there are many but one can only deal or proceed further if you get comfortable and built trust, it goes both the ways. We filter out and only tend to stick on to only with people who have a common understanding and equation.” States Vishal. 

Technology has evolved in a very fast manner, earlier maintaining data and remembering locations were very difficult but because of the internet, computers, software, GPS, maps, things have become easier. CRM plays a very good role in client follow-ups


The in house staff at SSB is mostly family members and close friends, on-field staff is very difficult to maintain due to the large attrition level and lack of patience, hence they remain for a short time only on a contractual basis, that’s why only assistance and other field work is allocated to them, to maintain efficiency they have also included agents, referral contacts who work for on conversion contracts.

Presently there hasn’t been any substantial growth to the industry, however the GST implementations and RERA compliances will certainly streamline the industry, a lot of confusions are there but the beneficial effects are expected in the long run, as the real estate industry was unorganized and it is a very large one, it will definitely take some time.


Well initially in this trade, Vishal feels that one will come across a lot of thankless people who take advantages and use services and in the end do not pay the fees, this is a very big challenge, one doesn’t have any assistance on this either from any law.

“We come across so many people even written agreements do not hold good. So we now follow a principle to work with only referral based customers or the customers whom we find having the same wavelength. we believe only in the trust hence we do not enter into any written policies, a cheater will cheat anyhow, but a true person will remain always,  we have done our duty to serve an individual or a company sincerely it’s the turn of the other side, ultimately karma takes its own course.”

Understanding a client and if he feels ideology and wavelength matches, SSB goes full throttle, and just filter out the others.

Vishal has spent time experiencing the market in sourcing locations for banks, ATM’s, retail outlets, garages, food processing plants, reselling hotels, filling up malls,  redesigned larger nonperforming offices to converting them into smaller filled and performing offices, marketing for landlord’s shares of units.

At SSB, the team of experts offers assistance in negotiating large deals where a concise could not be arrived by the sellers and buyers. Earlier they used to conduct surveys and success analysis of businesses before the launch, and post the process used to assist in setting up branches for some of the business, (as a special case), Most of all assisting first time home buyers and Selling running businesses.

SSB Properties only believes in transparent transactions, they are officially outsourced Marketing team for a number of top builders, where a team takes care of marketing and promotion for many projects on behalf of the builder.

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