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10 Things to Know When Starting a Business

10 Things to Know When Starting a Business

Starting a business is fun but only if you know the right things to do. Any aspiring entrepreneur looking to start their own business must realize what it takes and what they can do to grow their business.

You have decided to start a business, probably gotten the business to start, and you’re now getting ready to start the business.

Before you start, there are some important things you should know that can make your journey easier. If you haven’t gotten a business idea, you can get some ideas from Business Definer.

Here are 10 things you should know when starting your business:

#1 Business is Not a Bed of Roses

Starting a business may be one of the hardest things you’ll ever do. You need to realize business is not easy and you’ll most likely face a lot of challenges along the way.

Instead of looking at business as a get-rich-quick scheme, you should look at it as a long-term investment. Even though there are examples of people who made it big quickly in their businesses, the majority of people take a longer, more measured road to success.

#2 A Good Network Leads to a Faster Business Growth

You may feel like you’ve got everything under control and that you can go it all alone but that will only mean more effort and usually a slower growth of your business. The saying “your network is your net worth” holds even more water when it comes to starting a new business.

Building your network will help you grow your business. Surrounding yourself, with like minds, potential clients, and mentors will help you steady the ship when things begin to toughen up in your business.

#3 You’re Going to be Investing a lot of Time

You’ve probably heard of cheeky ways to work less for more money but when it comes to starting a new business, investing enough time is non-negotiable if you want it to grow.

If you were working 40 hours a week before, you may have to spend up to 60 hours a week on your new business.

#4 Health is Wealth

Your new business may require a lot of time, effort, and money at the initial stage, and this can easily become overwhelming and cause a breakdown.

Never neglect your health because you’re trying to grow your new business. Have enough rest, schedule routine checkups, and eat healthily. You can only give your business your best if you’re healthy.

#5 Customer is King

Do not neglect customer feedback. Ensure you make your customers the bedrock of your business. Do things like creating friendly customer service that can receive feedback and complaints from customers.

Customers are more likely to trust a business that listens to them.

#6 Get a Mentor

One important piece of owning a successful business is the presence of a mentor – Someone that can offer you valuable business and life lessons and nudge you in the right direction when you’re lost.

Before getting a mentor, know that the relationship should be mutually beneficial.

#7 Outsourcing is Important

No one is an island of knowledge and knowing where you fall short is just as important as knowing your strengths.

You should outsource things not worth your time or things you’re just not good at. When starting a business, especially when you’re bootstrapping with limited capital, you may find it difficult to outsource everything you’re not good at. Careful planning can help you manage these tasks.

#8 A Business Plan is Necessary

You need a business plan before you start your business. This lists everything about your new business including strengths and weaknesses. It ensures you do the necessary research before you start the business.

A business plan can also help you get funding for your business.

#9 Consider Partnerships

When starting, you should consider partnerships as they can help reduce the cost and effort of running the business alone. Partnerships can also help bring in the necessary skill set you may be lacking.

#10 Failure is Part of the Journey

While you can start a business and attain success without failing, you should not be afraid of failure. You should embrace it when it comes. See it as a step in the right direction.

If you have to pivot or change your approach, you should do it fast. Failing might be a good thing if you learn quickly and rectify your mistake.


Business can be rewarding but what you do will determine the success of your business. The journey is going to be long. Don’t be afraid to fail, don’t be discouraged when challenges arise.

These tips will better prepare you and your business for the exciting journey ahead.



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