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Stefab’s Decontamination Solutions for Healthcare Facilities

Stefab’s Decontamination Solutions for Healthcare Facilities

Laundry is considered to be an essential function for most institutional housekeeping departments, but particularly for healthcare facilities, it plays an even more vital role. It not only contributes to comfort and aesthetics but also assists with aspects like infection control and hygiene.

Tackling COVID-19 Pandemic With Best Practices in Healthcare

Ever thought a microscopic agent which is a billion times smaller than a human could endanger hordes of people across the world? The most advanced healthcare setups are collapsing to the challenge being posed today. The SARS-CoV-2 virus spreads from one human to another in numerous ways – both directly and indirectly.

From a healthcare setup’s perspective, all textiles must be processed to the highest standards possible to meet the patient’s needs. Bedsheets, pillow covers, isolation gowns, towels, etc. need to be laundered with the utmost care and in an equipped laundry setup. One has to keep in mind that the most critical points are patient health, laundry-room operator’s health, air contamination levels, etc.

Stefab |Business Connect
Stefab |Business Connect

The standard operating procedure involves the following steps –

• The hospital laundry receives linen from different departments like the General Ward, OT, OPD, ICU
• Subsequently, they undergo the process of sorting, sluicing/ washing, drying, ironing, folding & delivery
• The soiled/infected linen is given special care since it has to be sluiced & sterilised carefully
• In most cases, emergency room and OT linen are given special attention to ensure that they are thoroughly cleaned

What Stefab Does?

Stefab is India’s largest producer of industrial laundry machines with over 11,000 installations in India & foreign lands. Besides delivering over 60,000 units with the help of our 40,000 sq. meter manufacturing facilities, we have partnered with over 500 hundred top hospitals across the world in the last four decades. We aim to provide them with state-of-the-art laundry equipment which would maximise output & minimise cost in terms of both production and maintenance.

We have a special range of Infection Barrier Washer Extractors which ensure infection control & maintain hygiene. Being the first & only manufacturer from India, we indigenously produce these range of machines on par with the world standards. The machines which are primarily used in any healthcare laundry setup are high spin washer-extractors, dryers, flat-work ironers, finishing machines, etc. The durability and build-quality aspects are exemplified by our machines themselves, which are capable of running 24/7!

Our product range is not limited to high-capacity machines for industrial purposes alone. There are small scale versions which are best suited for hospitals/nursing homes that have space constraints, ensuring that even they can maintain their textile quality and hygiene. Moreover, we are glad to provide supervision upon installation and consultation on how to improve the quality/ efficiency of laundry. Our dedicated and trained service team works round the clock to provide best-in-class services.

That being said, as thought leaders, our vision is to revolutionize the Indian commercial laundry space for good!

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