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STRATACACHE, a global digital solutions provider, has been leading digital transformation in India and creating waves on the technology front since its foray into the country in 2008.

Since then, through product innovation and rapid localization led by capable leadership, STRATACACHE has gained a strong foothold in India with phenomenal growth in sales, rapid expansion in office footprint and many successful business deals and partnerships. Today, STRATACACHE continues to revolutionize the digital signage industry with its superior products and excellent delivery

As STRATACACHE continues its journey of digital transformation and exponential growth in the APAC region, their commitment to innovation and strategic expansion remains unwavering. With the acquisition of a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Ningbo, China, STRATACACHE has not only streamlined its production but also introduced cutting-edge technologies to their portfolio.

This move reflects their dedication to providing the latest solutions, just as they have done in industries like retail, QSRs, financial institutions, casinos, and education. To enhance their comprehensive offerings further, STRATACACHE is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Oil-Profit, an auto oil trading platform. This collaboration will bring a new dimension to their digital engagement solutions, demonstrating their commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation in 2020 and beyond.


STRATACACHE is a leading global solutions provider of intelligent digital signage, digital merchandising, mobile enablement, and rich media customer engagement. Their solutions deliver consumer activation at the point-of-decision, generating new sales opportunities and enhanced retail profitability.

STRATACACHE has over thirty years of experience in providing powerful end-to-end digital media deployments for the largest global businesses and brands, particularly in the sectors of education, quick service restaurants, retail transformation, and retail banking.

With its global headquarters in Dayton, Ohio, STRATACACHE has 28 offices across the globe. Its worldwide network of partners and developers spanning more than 100 countries drive over three million digital screens globally.

Based out of Philadelphia, PA, STRATACACHE is focused on providing digital signage platforms that can easily create and centrally manage the deployment of experiences, while retaining the flexibility to rapidly adapt to local business conditions. Further, STRATACACHE has evolved to include expertise in creating advanced marketing technology solutions that incorporate technologies including audience intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, computer vision, and sensor technology.

Flexible and secure at scale with excellent hardware capabilities and advanced technologies, STRATACACHE has secured its position amongst its competitors in the marketplace.

Combining industry knowledge with decades of experience and best practices, STRATACACHE’s media players, tablets and display solutions are engineered with performance, stability, and capability in mind to suit every project need. STRATACACHE’s interactive experiences increase audience and shopper engagement in physical spaces with wide-ranging advanced technologies including large-scale and large-format digital signage, augmented and virtual reality, mobile sensors, artificial intelligence, and computer vision technology.

STRATACACHE serves a wide spectrum of clients in many industries including Quick Serve Restaurants, Retail, Consumer Packaged Goods, Retail Finance, Stadiums, Lottery, Gaming, and Corporate Communications.


STRATACACHE has acquired a 250,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Ningbo, China, which specializes in manufacturing all-in-one intelligent embedded computing devices. This gives the company full control and visibility of the manufacturing process, procurement, and quality control. With the acquisition, more than 125 new staff including technical experts, R&D specialists and software engineers have joined STRATACACHE, to continue to streamline the manufacturing process and develop new solutions with cutting-edge technologies.

STRATACACHE’s devices are ideal for 24×7 commercial use in interactive consumer engagement environments such as retail stores, gaming, hospitality, and banking.

“Manish Kumar, managing director, and SVP-APAC said STRATACACHE’s products meet international standards of safety and reliability. The integrated hardware and software provide streamlined content management with 24 x 7 remote monitoring and control. Our certified service teams also provide round-the-clock support for customers, to ensure that the products are in optimal working condition. In addition, the licensing model keeps evolving as per the requirement of the market.”


STRATACACHE’s foray in APAC has expanded exponentially in recent times, under the strategic leadership of Manish Kumar. With over a decade of management experience under his belt and acute business acumen, Manish has been instrumental in successfully building and growing the STRATACACHE brand in APAC and extending its reach into key growth markets.

This year, STRATACACHE set up the APAC headquarters in Singapore and multiple offices in Japan, India and Shanghai, while placing a strong emphasis on innovation and R&D. To facilitate the manufacturing and delivery of quality products, an all-in-one intelligent tablet and computing device manufacturing company in China was acquired and a regional warehouse facility in Singapore was established. Most recently, Manish spearheaded the opening of an Experience Centre in Singapore, further increasing STRATACACHE’s visibility and capability to better support phenomenal growth in the region.

The Experience Centre showcases end-to-end advanced audience engagement technology solutions and digital signage offerings found across the STRATACACHE family of marketing technology companies, including Scala, Walkbase and X2O Media. A full range of media players, all-in-one tablets and large format displays are also on display. The new outfit furthers efforts to improve consumer experience and enhances product immersion, accelerating STRATACACHE’s commitment to customer success and innovation in Singapore.


The major corporate achievements in the past twelve months are:

  • June 2018: Debut of new retail technology concepts at Retail Asia Expo
  • June 2018: Expansion of India and Asia-Pacific operations
  • July 2018: Opening of new Delhi office and expansion of R&D center in India
  • December 2018: Acquisition of Chinese embedded computing and commercial tablet manufacturing company, rebranded Scala China
  • February 2019: Centralized Asia-Pacific operations in new Singapore headquarters
  • March 2019: Opening of new Shanghai-based customer center
  • July 2019: Opening of new Singapore warehouse and logistics center
  • October 2019: Opening of Experience Centre at APAC HQ


STRATACACHE has had an amazing 2019 with over 600% growth in revenue this year. They are in the midst of sealing more deals with strategic accounts in the next few weeks. In 2020, they will continue to revolutionize digital transformation and drive growth by enhancing their solution offerings, strengthening their brand presence, increasing sales and expanding strategic partnerships. They will also be targeting key verticals (such as: retail, QSRs, financial institutions, casinos and education institutions), focusing on key growth markets like India and China, and setting up more offices in major cities.

The company will continue to drive brand awareness, increase engagement and extend brand presence throughout APAC by active participation in regional trade shows, increased advertising, and public relations.

“This is an exciting time of immense growth for the company and we look forward to supporting high-rate growth clients in the expansive APAC region, through our customized turnkey solutions. With increasing brand awareness and the successful establishment of supporting infrastructure and resources in key markets, STRATACACHE is now well poised to further drive growth of the brand and the region’s digital signage and marketing technology adoption.”~ Manish Kumar

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