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Envisioned to Encourage Research across Borders, SUNKING INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT is an Innovative Endeavour By Prof. Chaitanya Niphadkar

“We need a learning environment that is inclusive, accessible and designed to reduce financial barriers as well as maximize opportunities.” Prof. Chaitanya Niphadkar

The formation of an organization is validated when it serves its purpose of delivering the services, needs, and expectations of the end-user diligently, and SUNKING INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT (SIM) has excelled in that game.

Since its inception, SIM has been at the forefront of the EdTech realm by providing quality education in a flexible learning environment that enables students to study at their own pace. Led by the Founder and Managing Director, Prof. Chaitanya Niphadkar, SIM is an international organisation affiliated with the Swiss School of Business Research (SSBR), located in Zurich, Switzerland.

This enables SIM to offer courses at all levels within the business and management arena, including long-term degrees like the BBA, MBA, and doctoral programs and short-term Certificate programs. Additionally, they provide a ‘PhD by Portfolio’ fast-track PhD that may be completed in just one year.

Cultivating a vision in his heart to create an organization encouraging research, allowing scholars to explore their specialization, and providing them with a medium to share ideas globally, Prof. Chaitanya Niphadkar laid the bedrock of this e-learning magnet back in the year 2020. The purpose was to make higher education accessible to everyone and encourage research across borders. Today, the organization has carved a niche for itself, qualifying on global standards predominantly in the education sector, driven by a vision and mission with ingrained core values.

Edge in the Realm

Determined to create the world’s citizens and leaders of tomorrow, SIM’s primary goal is to create qualified professionals who can work in the corporate sector with empathy and, more broadly, contribute to the betterment and well-being of this planet. Several distinctive qualities of the platform include:

• SIM is an international organization affiliated with the Swiss School of Business Research (SSBR) that allows learners to pursue their studies online without disturbing their personal and professional lives and, upon course completion, gain an internationally accredited Swiss degree.
• SIM provides you with the flexibility to learn at your own speed. It offers a one-year MBA that is completely consistent with the well-established educational institutions in Europe and America.
• With eminent faculty and the use of the case-study technique, SIM has created a curriculum that is experiential rather than just theoretical and is appropriate for the business world of today.
• SIM offers an enthusiastic team of student assistance specialists who will make learning fun for you. The focus at SIM is on strengthening learners’ knowledge and abilities.
• The course fees are affordable, but if required, learners may avail themselves of the flexible option to pay in installments.

The Spirit Behind the Success

Professor Chaitanya Niphadkar, the Founder and Managing director, is an industry veteran with over 25 years of professional expertise in the field. This experience includes teaching and research supervision, as well as a few administrative positions and directorships in the areas of leadership, human resources, and management.

An undisputed leader, author, and academician, Professor Niphadkar is a graduate of Lancaster University in the UK and a member of the online academic community at Harvard Business School in Boston, Massachusetts (USA). His formal education includes two doctorates, two master’s degrees, and a wide range of certifications in the fields of technology and education.

For his contributions to the field of education, particularly international business and Leadership, EDU, Delaware (USA), has awarded him an Honorary Doctorate as well as a medal. He was nominated by the Indian government for one of the highest civilian awards last year.

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