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Sunpu India, A Pioneer in Manufacturing Premium Lighting Solutions, Headed by CEO & MD Rohit Patel

Incorporated in 2021, Sunpu India LED Co. LLP. has been smooth sailing on its journey and is ranked among the fastest-growing brands in the LED lighting and electrical accessories market with a CAGR of more than 40%.

The company sits at the top of the corporate ladder for the excellence that it offers in products with its flagship brand, “Colorhome Smart Lighting.” They began their operations in five states as a first step with a vision to reach every household in India with affordable quality products, and over the next three years, they grew nationwide. As one of the pioneers in this space in India, Sunpu India is well-established, with a robust dealer and merchant network spanning over 17 states.

The Journey of Sunpu India: From Infancy to the Present

Under the dynamic leadership of Rohit Patel, Sunpu India has made rapid strides. Their overall journey has been very exciting and full of challenges, as they are committed to providing the best possible quality products to society.

They have always faced strong competition from the market, which is being dumped with inferior-quality products and driven by only pricing, but they are not here just to make profits.

Their primary goal is to make Colorhome one of the dearest brands among consumers and end users who finally decide on quality. They have a solid customer base made up of happy customers and business partners who recognize the significance of excellence.

The Industrial Transformation

The lighting industry has undergone significant changes over the years. A large number of new local and regional brands have entered the market, and the majority of them are defrauding consumers by offering cheaper, look-alike products. Their primary goal is to make profits by purchasing these subpar products from various OEMs and putting them on the market.

Many big brands have also joined this rally. Obviously these big brands don’t have many options left, and most of them are just traders themselves and don’t want to give up their market share against these new small local brands.

Staying Ahead of the Curve with Continuous R&D

In today’s cutthroat world, it is important to keep ourselves one step ahead of others in terms of the introduction of new products or value additions to the existing product range. It also becomes necessary to match the market price without compromising on the quality of the product.

The teams are responsible for R&D and product planning and handle these components. At Sunpu, there is a separate unit dedicated to research and development. They are always working on new ideas and products under the direction of Mr. Sachin Tyage, the CTO.

Success-Inspiring Leadership: Mr. Patel’s Perspective

‘Leadership is not a title that is offered; it is a place that is earned’, the leading man quoted. He strongly believes a strong leader should always lead by example, allowing his team members to follow suit without hesitation. A strong leader accepts responsibility for their actions and gives credit to their team.

Building a Culture of Excellence

Family-like culture is at the heart of Colorhome. A family of different ethnicities and diversity, and this is a major strength. Being the industry leader, they always refer to their business partners as the Colorhome Business Family (CBF), and they are developing as a team through sharing and caring.

Employees are also empowered by this distinctive culture to make decisions and take responsibility for achieving their objectives. They have forged strong connections between the CBFs and the team members and foster an environment of open communication so that everyone can share ideas and keep each other’s ideas moving, which boosts motivation and general well-being.

Marching Ahead

Sunpu was founded in the B2C market category and has since achieved great success. They currently have plans to expand into the B2B and B2G business segments as well.

The company’s future is bright and promising; instead of limiting itself to just lighting products, it wants to offer every kind of product that society’s members need to live more comfortably and of the highest possible quality.

In addition, the company aims to become one of the most popular FMEG brands in India by the time they complete five years in the industry.

Words of Wisdom

Advising young entrepreneurs, Rohit Patel shares, “Don’t lose opportunity, and don’t wait for opportunity; create one. And waiting for a unique idea is what fails most of the talented would-be entrepreneurs. Any idea is good; any business is good; it all requires commitment and discipline. Any idea or business can succeed with the right dedication and self-control.

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