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Suquino: A renowned name offering sterling services in the IoT Healthcare domain

The Healthcare industry is assisting society with its standardized products and services by rescuing people from adversities put forth by the global pandemic. Creating harmony in the processes with the latest trends of the market, many players have pioneered in the relevant field providing exemplary services to their clients.

Aiming to revolutionize the healthcare industry with its uniquely ubiquitous offerings, Suquino Inc. is transforming telehealth with ‘Saffron’, which is a Machine Learning/AI driven PaaS platform. The Company offers this exclusive platform, that integrates with third-party medical devices, systems, and software, to enable holistic and remote care in real-time within a connected care ecosystem.

Exclusive offerings- Problems they are solving

There are many disparate systems of patient care-provider, caretaker, specialist, payor, and many more, that can slow down the process of diagnosis and caretaking, impacting the understanding and treatment of patients. Alongside this, a fragmented ecosystem emerged from the outdated legacy systems and silos of data from multiple devices, failing to offer a solution for the holistic needs of people, including access to physicians and caretakers and more personalized medical care.

The rising healthcare costs have impacted the health and productivity of the workforce and population adversely. Saffron helps to enhance patient’s health, diagnosis speed and accuracy, and recovery. This unique platform is vendor-neutral, HIPAA compliant, and secure as well. Providing a suite of biometric measurements(basic vitals, waveform, and imaging measurements) with real-time consultation, it is assisting the physicians to employ the right support to patients.

About the Key Officials and the Inspiration behind this venture

Being an accomplished business technologist and entrepreneur, the Founder and CEO, Ravi Amble acquired more than 15 years of experience in building telehealth networks in the IT industry.  He has been well-recognized as a pioneer-entrepreneur in the Telehealth domain springboarded by NASA, by building one of the largest telemedicine networks in the world with the opportunity provided by the Indian government and ISRO.

The success of this led to building the Pan-African telemedicine network as well. The ubiquitous, diagnostic-level PaaS platform constructed by him- Saffron, represents a next-generation telehealth system that brings interoperability among legacy systems and third-party medical devices to global healthcare networks.

Global VP of Business Development, Meredith Sossman has more than 20 years of experience in health care device legal defense, FDA regulatory consulting for early-stage medical device and pharmaceutical companies, and international legal experience in health-related risk management. Meredith holds a telehealth facilitator certification from Sidney Kimmel Medical College of Thomas Jefferson University. Her strategic planning in execution has been praised by client organizations as “authentic, results-driven, and insightful.”

After experiencing struggles in personal healthcare and family losses, the adept team of Suquino became focused on making a platform that is durable and can serve the chronic care to the aging population. Their efforts were converged on to render care with dignity and offer a  better quality of life.

The unique architecture of this platform allows it to fit seamlessly into any healthcare ecosystem and bring together, not only the software and medical devices, but it also allows doctors and caretakers to connect with patients anywhere in real-time to deliver the diagnostic level of care. This platform can utilize biometrics and its evolving AI/ML engine, Ginger, provides physicians and healthcare professionals with immediate data processing at the time of treatment to assist in diagnostic and care plan decision support for better.

 Ensuring comprehensive medical facilities

The whole world has been hit adversely by the COVID- 19 pandemics and amid this alarming situation, it is the need of the hour to come up with some exclusive healthcare solutions. The ace Founder of the Organization says, “The COVID-19 crisis has forced the world to witness a global expansion of telemedicine, but Saffron is a unique solution that allows patients to remain safe at home and still receive a holistic and personalized diagnostic level medical examination from the relevant physicians.

Patients, who otherwise would have been forced to go to hospitals and risk exposure to COVID-19, are prominently using the Saffron system to remain safe at home, and receive full medical examination and treatment without any risk involved.

It is a ubiquitous, diagnostic-level platform that can interact and bring together the myriad of medical software, third party devices, mHealth wearables and put that data in one place for seamless, secure sharing and transfer of information about a patient. Doctors can now stop performing data entry in multiple areas and have one place to bring together the holistic view of their patients to drive better diagnosis and care options for their patients using Saffron.” – Ravi Amble, Founder & CEO

Intending to serve mankind

With a team that has more than 150 years of experience in healthcare and technology, the Firm has professionally and personally invested in helping everyone to have access to on-demand, affordable healthcare. The Founder says, “We believe that there is no better calling for us than to provide this service to the healthcare global community to serve humankind.”

The intelligent platform- Saffron can converge disparate medical data stored in systems that do not, or cannot easily communicate. Saffron’s ability to act as a medical data information system allows physicians, researchers, pharmaceutical trials and other healthcare professionals to bring collective learning together to serve patients and our community to improve outcomes and share important health insights.

Acknowledging the need of R&D

The Founder understands the significance of Research and Development that can efficiently help the organization in scaling the heights of success. AI/ML is an evolving arena and the Firm has recently learned a great deal about the ethical use of machine learning, especially in medicine. The team is committed to offering a world-class diagnostic support engine but knows that no computer will or should replace the judgment of a doctor. AI/ML could serve as the decision supporters but not as the decision-makers.

Accomplishments to boast of

Suquino has efficiently expanded its dimensions by earning global co-creation partnerships with Microsoft Corporation and has also been featured at their ‘Inspire 2019 Conference’. The team of the Firm is privileged to see the Saffron system that is displayed at the headquarters of Microsoft in its Customer Experiences Center. Along with this, Suquino has also earned a global partnership with Advantech and also provided an RRK ready solution for Intel. In March 2020, ‘Saffron’ won the ‘Peer-Reviewed Health Value Award’ from the Validation Institute.

Words to convey

“Nothing compares to the value of your team, their dedication, and willingness to turn the impossible into possible. The dedicated team of  Suquino knows that vision, hard work and perseverance will ensure our mission of providing affordable, on-demand, outstanding healthcare for everyone, everywhere comes to fruition.” – Meredith Sossman, Global VP of Business Development.

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