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TAGG: On A Mission to Serve Value in Consumer Electronics Segment

Your vision enlightens your spirit to create something extraordinary that can equally add value to the world as it does to your soul. Walking on the pedestal of similar ideology Rohit Dhingra, Saurav Prakash, and Amitesh Bhardwaj- the young trio gave wings to their ambition and incubated TAGG in the year 2016.

TAGG is a technology-driven lifestyle brand that is specialized in innovating premium quality products for consumers worldwide. Rohit, Saurav, and Amitesh- the three technocrats after doing the sector scan realized that the consumer electronics market in India is very huge and there is a major gap in terms of choices in the audio sector where people either can opt for high-end international brands or cheap Chinese audio products. This stimulated them to launch a brand that not only provides quality products but also provides consumers with the true value of their money.

The spectrum of their products ranges from wired to wireless audio gears such as smart headphones, sports earphones, and speakers. The formidable team of  TAGG consists of young professionals with the imperative objective of carving a niche in the industry while incorporating innovative product and design that enrich people’s lifestyle pandering to their motto i.e.

~Keep you ahead~ TAGG came up with an idea to provide its customers with the best quality products at value-added price points. TAGG is different from others in terms of quality, certificate, and aftersales services. Quite a few players in the market cater to the needs of the Indian audience.

“A vision is not just a picture of what could be; it is an appeal to our better selves, a call to become somethting more.” Rosabeth Moss Kanter

The company offers impeccable solutions which make them stand apart in this sector. Consumer surveys, inputs and data pointers are always given heed before thinking of adding any new product in the portfolio.

The maestro says, “We believe in 100% Customer Satisfaction. We serve consumers with the best technology that keeps them ahead always. In fact, it is our Brand that says – Keeps you ahead.”


The entrepreneurs identified a gap in the market. When they stepped in the market, there was nothing like the ‘cheap Chinese brands’ and the ‘expensive international brands’ in choosing the audio gadgets. After identification, they did in-depth research and decided to bridge that gap by offering quality audio products. They offer consumers quality products and solutions at value-added price points.

A very few players in the market cater to the needs of the Indian audience. On the same notion, TAGG creates tailor-made products which make them distinguished in this sector. They always aim at providing customers with unique and feature-rich gadgets. Every product that they launch, they launch it with due diligence, research and after doing primary surveys to cater to the consumer’s pain points.


Being a bootstrapped startup, they experienced their own set of detours in the route. Starting from cash flow management to human resources and other operations, they had to deal in a very subtle manner with everything.

But the major obstacle during the expedition that they faced was Brand communication with the customers to build the brand authority. They opted digital media approach and got personalize with the consumers, curated relevant content and tried to educate customers about the products’ technicalities and features. It took some time but they dealt with it successfully.

“ The most important thing we have learned is to be open to every upcoming challenge. Make sure that you do your own research, analyze the market, and define your goals before taking a final plunge Build a great team and train them. And it is completely normal to be clueless sometimes. Just go with your intuition at that time.”- Rohit Dhingra


“We believe that interacting with your team helps you know about them & their needs much better.”~ Amitesh Bhardwaj

It also encourages the team to comfortably discuss their thoughts & ideas on various projects without any hesitation. It is definite that a sole effort can never make the company what it is today, it’s all because of their collective efforts that make things happen. Rest about motivation, they believe in giving that respect & appreciation for their work that is really an essential aspect to keep them going & make them feel their worth in the company.


At the early stage of a startup, they have realized that doing research is a pivotal and essential aspect of the business. Be it in product development or placement and marketing, one has to be very strong in research and analysis. Without even doing proper research if you are taking decisions then it will definitely be going to lack somewhere and it will only give an unwanted disadvantage to your business.

“We invest most of our time, efforts and resources in research and finding the appropriate solution. Further, being aware of new version and technologies which are coming in the world is the key to not lag behind in the race. “ Saurav Prakash


In January 2017, TAGG was selected by Amazon Launchpad, a program that enables product startups to sell on Amazon. The biggest roadblock back then for a startup like theirs was to find early adopters for the product, and Amazon Launchpad offered the right platform as it helped TAGG to leverage their brand presence on Amazon. In 2018, they were the best-selling brands on Amazon Launchpad in terms of GMV.


In the future, they envision themselves innovating more cutting-edge technology and incorporating even better state-of-the-art design in their products. Further, they are working on providing the consumer with end to end experience by integrating their product with an application. Apart from this, they are initiating operations in other continents and countries, thus expanding the horizons of the work sectors.

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