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Tata Sons and Tata Trust Pledge INR 1,500 crore To Fight COVID 19

Tata Sons and Tata Trust Pledge INR 1,500 crore To Fight COVID 19

On March 29th, 2020, Ratan Tata (former chairman of Tata Groups and philanthropist) said that emergency recourses are crucial in such kind of situation to be deployed to deal with needs of batting the COVID 19 virus crisis. He and his trusts called Tata Trusts collectively pledged 1,500 crore rupees to fight against this pandemic.

The Tata Trusts has earmarked Rs 500 crore to produce medical equipment, provide training for health workers, and other treatment facilities. While Tata sons has committed an additional Rs 1000 crores support.

He expressed his concern over the real threat of the COVID 19 pandemic poses to the globe. Ratan Tata wrote on twitter:

“The COVID 19 crisis is one of the toughest challenges we will face as a race. The Tata Trust and Tata Group companies have in the past risen to the needs of the nation. At this moment the need of the hour is greater than any other time.”

Ratan Tata also attached the official statement from Tata Trusts on twitter. It has written: “Today, The Tata Trusts continue their pledge to protect and empower all affected communities and is committing 500 Crore Rupees for:”

  • Personal Protective Equipment for the medical personal on the frontlines. 
  • Respiratory Systems for treating increasing cases 
  • Testing kits to increase for capita testing
  • Setting up modular treatment facilities for infected patients
  • Knowledge movement facilities for infected patients
  • Knowledge management and training of health workers and the general public

In the end, it has written that “WE are deeply grateful and have immense respect for every person of the member.”

Later Tata sons made an additional announcement “Tata Sons later announces an additional RS. 1000 Crores support toward COVID 19 and related activities” 

The statement from N Chandrasekaran:

Later N Chandrasekaran (Chairman of Tata Sons) made a statement for additional support toward COVID 19 and related activities.

“WE will work together with the Tata trusts and our Chairman Emeritus MR Tata and would be fully supporting their initiatives, and work in a collaborative manner to bring the full expertise of the group.”

Apart from monetary support, Tata Sons is also manufacturing ventilators.

“In addition to the initiatives articulated by Tata Trust, we are also bringing in the ventilators necessary and are gearing up to also manufacture the same soon in India.”

“The country is facing an unprecedented situation and crisis. All of us have to do whatever it takes to alleviate and enhance the quality of lives of the communities we serve.”

Anil Agarwal (The executive chairman of Vedanta Resources)

He has committed Rs 100 crore to fight the pandemic

On twitter he wrote:

“I am committing 100 cr towards fighting the Pandemic #DeshkiZarootonkKeLiye is a pledge that we undertook & this is the time when our country needs us the most. Many people are facing uncertainty & I’m specially concerned about the daily wage earners, we will do our bit to help.”

Anand Mahindra (Chairman of Mahindra Group):

According to economics time, he said, “To help in the response to this unprecedented threat we at the Mahindra Group will immediately begin work on how our manufacturing facilities can make ventilators.”

He further said that “At Mahindra Holidays, we stand ready to offer our resorts as temporary care facilities.”

The Mahindra Foundation is going to create a fund to support small businesses and the self- employed hit due to the COVID 19 outbreak. Anand Mahindra will donate his 100% salary to the fund and add more over the next few months.

Mukesh Ambani

Mukesh Ambani pledged Rs 5 crore to Maharashtra Chief Minister’s Relief fund and improved its production ability to produce one lakh masks every day and a big amount of personal protective equipment (PPEs.) like clothing for health workers and others.

Moreover, the CSR arm of the group has set 100-bed for COVID 19 treatment, at Seven Hills hospital. The Reliance Foundation collaborated with NGOs to offer free meals to people all over the cities whose life hood has been hit due to lockdown.

India enhance the ability for tougher challenges ahead

Amid looming dread of COVID 19, the infection started entering the 3rd stage, India is improving its overall health infrastructure by initiating measures such as mobilizing railways resources, allowing to make more Ventilators machine, armed forces to deal with any eventuality, and many more.

Currently, the country has confirmed 2301 COVID 19 cases and 56 deaths. Prime minster Modi held a video conference with all state of CM to discuss the situation.

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