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Tackling Distinct Business Needs by Leveraging the True Potential of the Latest Technologies

For a long time, India has been blessed with an effervescent and constantly growing number of small and medium enterprises (SMEs), accompanied by tremendous growth driven by the new age of technology transformation. The enormous opportunity provided by the sector led numerous IT firms to explore how they could help organizations flourish without compromising their valuable intellectual property.

One of the unrivaled players in the IT landscape, Techmango Technology Services Pvt. Ltd., is delivering a top-notch and comprehensive array of IT services and solutions to meet dynamic business challenges. Techmango, a global leader in IT services, digital transformation, consulting, and technology services, helps organizations leverage the true potential of technology and dominate the digital world through agility, innovation, and collective knowledge. With the contrivance of Mrs. Jayasree Suresh, Techmango emerged in 2014 as a community-based organization to deliver tailor-made digital business solutions with a team of experts thriving in state-of-the-art technologies. It is an ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 27001 and a CMMI Level 3 certified company in India.

Their ownership-based delivery of products and value-added services paved the way for maintaining long-term client relationships over the years. Techmango’s wide range of services includes comprehensive IT services, Data Analytics, Custom software/Web app and Mobile app development, UI/UX design, AI & ML development, Cloud migration, Software testing, etc.

With over 400+ industry-leading professionals and a decade of experience across numerous industries, Techmango is now acting as a game-changer in the digital transformational journey of numerous international brands. It partners with businesses by serving as their reliable Technology Offshore partner, Center of Excellence (CoE) for IT service requirements, and Committed team/ IT staff augmentation/ Resource provider for the existing technology base. Headquartered in the tier 2 city, Madurai with Offshore Development Centers (ODCs) in Chennai and Trichy, the company also has overseas offices in Dubai (UAE), Atlanta (Georgia), and Unionville (Connecticut).


Techmango is renowned for its holistic portfolio of services in consulting, engineering, design, and operations, thanks to its distinctive communitybased working model and team-building initiatives with a minimum attrition rate. With the support of its cross-functional team of skilled professionals, the company offers customized IT services and solutions for global customers to meet their varying digital business requirements.

The cross-functional team excels in modern tools and methods like Talend, Informatica, Azure Data Factory, AWS Glue, Hive, Jaspersoft, Power BI, Apache Spark, Kinesis, TensorFlow, and various Open source and Microsoft technologies like Java, MERN, MEAN, Python, DotNet, Native Mobile, React Native, etc. They focus on employing these technologies in their products and provide long-term support for services as needed. This enables businesses to beat their competitors quickly and easily without having to focus on implementing new procedures in the future.

In addition to this, Techmango firmly believes that client satisfaction and trust are essential to attain massive success in this competitive marketplace, and to achieve this its team focuses on delivering reliable services with zero compromise in quality. Two levels of quality assurance processes are included to ensure flawless product delivery.

Initially, a quality check will be done within the team to make sure that the product or service meets its intended purpose to fulfill the expectations of the customer. The second check will be executed by their team from the end user viewpoint to verify the working of the product in a start-to-finish process. Additional significant features that make the company stand out in the market are value-added services, ownership-based delivery, comprehensive IT solutions, proof of concepts, and MVP delivery for customers.


Techmango serves innumerable world’s leading brands across multitudinous business sectors such as healthcare, logistics, education, manufacturing, entertainment, e-commerce, real estate, social networking, etc. Some of those notable brands include BBraun Medical, Prime HealthCare Group, Coats Global Services, Honeywell, Tech Mahindra, IKEA, Insight Global, KyckGlobal, TVS Group, Azentio, and so on.

Their extensive expertise in the IT service industry, consulting, engineering, design, and cutting-edge technologies, as well as their intense focus on providing outstanding IT services and solutions with agility and on-time product delivery, played a crucial part in these brands’ journeys toward digital transformation and helped Techmango earn their trust over the years. The team takes complete ownership of product development and enhancement activities for businesses and provides instant value-added services as required. It makes the clients feel elated and places trust in them by leaving all aspects of their digital growth responsibilities to Techmango without any second thought.


Techmango has established some effective tactics for building its brand across industries, such as recurrent social media marketing email campaigns to inform clients of updates and new product launches. Additionally, they aim to engage clients, gather their feedback, and keep them updated about their offerings through regular blog articles, events, and competitions. The team offers special deals to potential clients as another element of their customer engagement strategy. Additionally, they often announce early bird specials and other discounts to draw attention to the products.


They have highly skilled, enthusiastic software programmers and testers who were all hired through a rigorous recruitment procedure. The organization strongly values innovation, worklife balance, and employee well-being. To boost employee morale and promote their physical and emotional well-being, they organize exciting team building, recreational activities, and fun games inside the office premises. Employees are given flexible work hours to ease their work-life balance.

Free eye camps, mindfulness classes, general health screenings, counseling sessions for mental well-being, and gym facilities for the employees’ physical conditioning are just a few of the employee welfare initiatives in place. Even during the time of the COVID-19 crisis, the company had pandemic planning considerations in the existing resilience management activities in order to provide continuity for the delivery of critical services and products.

The company placed a high priority on the well-being of its employees and ensured a safe workplace for them with instant support. In addition to these, it also provided the required hospitality and oxygen cylinders for its employees who were hard-hit by Covid-19. Their team straightly visited employees in need and provided essential support seamlessly. All of these positive approaches helped Techmango maintain better outcomes and enhance productivity levels irrespective of the pandemic crisis.


According to Techmango, businesses are now operating more quickly as a result of technological adaptation. Under the direct guidance of the CTO, a dedicated R&D team works to provide the required experimental environment for employees to contribute their knowledge and innovations. Additionally, they upskill their resources and promote regular training sessions for cutting-edge concepts and technologies such as Blockchain, Generative AI, Machine learning algorithms, etc. All these processes give the team the ability to develop best-in-class solutions in order to keep up with the market’s technical advancements.


• An ISO 9001:2015, ISO 27001, and CMMI Level 3 certified company
• ‘Company of the Year 2019’ by CIO Tech Outlook
• ‘Top 10 Android and iOS App Development Companies in India, UAE, and USA 2023’ by TrustFirms
• ‘Top-rated App Development Company’ by SoftwareWorld
• ‘Top Mobile App Developers’ by TopDevelopers
• ‘Top App Development Company’ by AppFutura
• Top 10+ Mobile App Development Companies in Sunnyvale, August 2023
• ‘Top Software Developers’ by Techreviewer
• ‘Top Ecommerce Development Company’ by SelectedFirms


Techmango team members are gearing up for a rise in the utilization of digital technologies such as Blockchain, Generative AI, and IoT in the coming years by building innovative services and products that meet the key trends to drive the sector toward a big change. Thereby, by widening their scope of innovation in the IT sector, the team will steer technological transformations and deliver top-notch services to clients worldwide.


“Client satisfaction is the key to enormous success in this fiercely competitive industry. Additionally, ongoing innovation and improvement are crucial for achieving corporate objectives because they will help move the company forward and keep up with the newest technologies. Following a community-based working model and team-building approaches will eventually pave the way for delivering optimal products meeting your customers’ requirements.

Put a keen emphasis on the well-being of your employees to build a positive and determined team that can work relentlessly towards the organization’s goals. To put it in simpler words, take good care of your employees and they will take care of everything you need to attain in your business”, says the CEO of Techmango, Mrs. Jayasree Suresh.


Mrs. Jayasree Suresh, CEO of Techmango, is a Strategist, Administrator, and Motivational leader with 18 years of rich IT industry experience in business management, leading talented professionals towards a long-term vision, productivity, customer management, and establishing a winning team. She holds a consistent track record of producing exciting results in the growth and operational performance of the workforce.

Mr. Srithar Jayachandran is the Managing Director Of Techmango Technologies. He is also a Design Specialist, Insurance Domain Expert, and Managing Director for Gowri Bhai Hospital. He was associated with TVS as engineering head for more than 16 years and managed a team of around 400+ members. He is a multifaceted person with intellectual thought and wears different hats with a quick problem-solving ability.

Mr. Mohamed Mecca Hussain Shariff, our Assistant Vice President is a technology-based Business Development Leader and Product Evangelist, driving growth and customer satisfaction for the organization with over a decade of experience in the IT and services industry. He is responsible for the overall leadership of all sales & marketing activities of the business and plays a key role in maximizing the brand’s outreach.

Mr. Yasar Arafath is heading the People Practice at Techmango Technologies, with a vision to keep Techmango a favorite place to work. An HR mastermind with over a decade of experience in Talent Acquisition and Management. Prospering in innovative best practices in various functions for people practices. Holds a Master’s in Business Administration specializing in Human Resource Management.

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