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Datasamudra: Offering Comprehensive Data Centre Solutions with Advanced Computing, Networking, and Storage Equipment

Brand of the Year 2024

There has been a significant surge in the establishment of data centers across the country. This surge is driven by the exponential rise of digital services, e-commerce, cloud computing, and the government’s move towards a digital economy.

Edge deployments have also been rapidly increasing ever since the inception of their concept. With the integration of 5G technologies, this model gained pace as more organizations and businesses adopted it to provide their clients with personalized solutions and real-time, low-latency response times.

The Significance of Designing Edge Data Centers

Edge deployments have witnessed a significant surge since their inception, primarily driven by developments in 5G technologies. This momentum has been driven by organizations and businesses seeking to provide real-time, low-latency responses and tailored solutions to their customers. Edge data centers, typically deployed in remote locations, give businesses the freedom to gather and handle data locally instead of sending it to the cloud. This capability facilitates low-latency, real-time, and customized experiences for end-users.

According to Mr. Sathish Sampath, Product Manager based out of Boston, United States, also an expert in the field of Data Centers and Artificial Intelligence explains that With the mainstream adoption of AI, specifically generative AI, organizations are heavily investing in AI strategies.

However, this places pressure on enterprise data centers to maintain operational efficiencies and sustainability goals. The resource-intensive nature of building and deploying AI-based models strains both cloud and enterprise data centers, necessitating a re-evaluation of deployment strategies. Cloud providers are struggling to meet these demands, prompting organizations to consider deploying solutions at the edge.”

Additionally, according to Mr. Sathish Sampath, these are the challenges associated to Edge Deployments that the providers need to address:

Most edge use cases require high-performance computing and networking, which raises the operational and resource requirements of edge data centers. Challenges in meeting these requirements span both the infrastructure and management aspects of Edge deployments. Addressing the following challenges is crucial for organizations to effectively leverage edge deployments and meet their goals in the AI era.

Power: Power is critical for data centres, often overlooked but essential for maintaining infrastructure. Power issues can lead to equipment failures and operational disruptions. Backup power sources are crucial for uninterrupted operations, especially for critical workloads.

Hardware Resources: Edge data centres face challenges in deploying appropriate hardware due to space constraints. High-performance computing resources are essential for AI and ML workloads, necessitating careful planning and consideration of additional resources like GPUs.

Networking and Connectivity: Edge data centres require high-speed connectivity to parent data centres or cloud services. Due to cooling limitations, traditional data centres find it difficult to satisfy high bandwidth needs, which makes effective networking solutions necessary.

Space and Security: Edge data centres, often small and remote, require careful infrastructure planning and security measures to prevent unauthorized access.

Air Flow and Cooling Issues: Proper ventilation and cooling are essential for preventing equipment failures, particularly with the heat generated by AI workloads.

Monitoring and Administration: Remote monitoring and administration tools are crucial for managing edge data centres efficiently and ensuring prompt response to environmental issues or maintenance needs.

Deployment: Efficient software and hardware deployment processes are necessary for edge data centres, allowing centralized management and local technical support.

Personnel: On-site personnel are vital for addressing operational issues promptly in edge data centres.

Costs: Traditional edge data centres may require modernization to meet new demands, incurring significant costs.

DataSamudra’s solution to the challenges

Datasamudra, a subsidiary of Teleindia Networks, enables seamless and secure data management with its state-of-the-art colocation and edge data center services. It has pioneered in integrated solutions that ensure the highest uptime and unmatched performance for crucial business systems including Artificial Intelligence workloads, regardless of the company size.

Headquartered in Bangalore, Datasamudra emerges as an industry-leading data centre that addresses the core issues faced by the current generation of data centres, such as efficiency, security, and offering clients affordable services.

The dedicated team at the company embraces their skills, proficiency, and resources to create a disruptive business model for emerging services and solutions like data residency, disruptive solutions cloud, and GNOC offerings.

Teleindia: A Quick Glance

One of the renowned names in India’s telecom sector, Teleindia, came into existence in 2006. Its track record of success, high standards of quality, and effective delivery methods make it a dependable partner for the emerging digital era, reshaping the future of people, nations, and businesses. The sole vision of the company is to provide a competitive advantage to its customers and OEMs by lowering their operational costs and improving operating reliability.

Teleindia’s leadership is a blend of Expertise, Passion and Innovation. Balaji Rajagopal, Chief Operating Officer, is a thought leader and veteran industry professional specialising in business operations, service delivery, business development, and customer service, became a part of this venture in 2019. The insightful and influential expertise he gained during his journey helped him succeed in leading Datasamudra to a higher latitude.

Mr. Balaji Rajagopal, COO-Datasamudra partnered with Mr. Sathish Sampath, Product Manager and expert in Data Center technologies to consolidate the challenges associated with Edge Data Centers and define appropriate solutions.

Sathis Sampath

Balaji Rajagopal COO-Datasamudra.

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