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Connects you to products of Top-notch Interior Décor Brands and Designers that bring your Interior Spaces Alive!

The Interior Design industry is an ever-evolving industry, with innovations happening every single day. Leading the realm of Interior Design with their innovative approaches is The Living Influence (TLI), an exclusive and premium online platform that connects you to the Interior Design world of homegrown and global Designers and Brands that offer unique and creative products.

Founded in 2021, TLI is led by Pracheta Mehrish, an accomplished Interior Designer and industry evangelist with more than 15 years of accumulated wisdom. TLI offers a seamless shopping experience of well-curated products for anyone with an interest in Interior Design, regardless of whether they are an Architect or Designer, Design Enthusiast, or Project buyer.

Pracheta’s thoughtful selection of products offers a range of forms, materials, and finishes that will let you create the space of your dreams. Their lineup of contemporary Designers, Brands, and products enables you to explore these distinctive products on one seamless platform.

Drawing upon over a decade of expertise in Interior Design, Pracheta is the driving force behind TLI. Besides TLI, as the Principal Designer, she also runs her own Interior Design studio called MOboutique, based in Gurugram. Her portfolio of projects includes Restaurants, Residences, Commercial offices, and Terrace gardens. Pracheta is an Interior Design Graduate from the Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore, of the class of 2010.

Based in the bustling modern city of Gurugram, The Living Influence has created a one of its kind marketplace for clients, who can source exciting Interior décor products for their projects. The offering from TLI is distinctive, where innovation, creativity, and unwavering devotion come together to introduce you to some of the most outstanding domestic Brands and Artists in India.

The Visionary Entrepreneur

It all began some years ago, when Pracheta Mehrish, while running her boutique Interior Design studio, MOboutique, soon realised that a whole lot of her productive time and also of her Designers, was wasted scouting for exclusive products in the market. Finding the products that complemented her style and were appropriate for the upscale environments she was creating, was a challenge.

Thus germinated the idea of setting up a one-stop online store, offering specially and personally curated Designer products of Lighting, Art, Decor, and Furniture, which would help create exclusive interiors. Constantly evolving, Pracheta is clear that TLI will stay contemporary while maintaining connections to the past and embracing the future.

Since this was a start-up, the visionary woman needed to establish connections with specially researched Indian Designers, who she thought would embody her sense of design, be unique in their approach, and make a statement. Simultaneously, she had to get her website, thelivinginfluence. com, up and running. After completing the test campaign, TLI got on board the Social media, Performance marketing, and Accounts teams to deliver customer centric operations.

An Edge Over the Peers

What truly distinguishes the firm is the Founder. Pracheta being a practicing Interior Designer, keeps track of the pulse of the clients, contemporary Design culture worldwide, as well as the latest offerings by leading Designers. She also offers quick online support to customers who may need some professional inputs for their spaces. Even though someone else may want to set up a similar marketplace, it is Prachetas individual Design aesthetics and understanding, that sets TLI apart.

Assuring and Maintaining Quality

TLI ensures that the quality of the materials used in the products listed on its website including the packaging, is of a very high order so that the product does not get damaged during delivery. This is the first step of quality check before onboarding a brand on the website.

To ensure running service quality, TLI is in continuous communication with the clients throughout the sales process. They also have an effective plan to stay in touch with the consumers after a sale to find out if there were any delivery problems as also understanding their experience of using the products.

Achieve recurring Success

TLI, as an online marketplace, places a lot of emphasis on social media and direct-to-consumer (D2C) connections with both new and returning clients. To the extent feasible, an individualized experience is in focus.Their key metrics for assessing success include monitoring customer adoption and growth, focusing on customer satisfaction and trust, and achieving recurring success.

A culture focused on adaptability and growth

There is a flexible and friendly work atmosphere at TLI. They aim to make employees feel relaxed while working with music and stretch breaks. While the focus is on working from the office, WFH may be allowed under genuinely extenuating circumstances. A key component of TLI’s work culture is the dedication to staying abreast of trends and the continual growth of employees while exposing them to the complete business cycle.

Planning for Future

The Living Influence is facing and overcoming the typical challenges of a start-up and has been steadily growing over the years. In the upcoming year, the focus is to incorporate more Global Designers and at the same time, aggressively export the products of the Indian Designers who have partnered with TLI. The firm is further planning to introduce more in-house-designed products and set up its own Product Design Centre going forward.

Words of Wisdom by the Founder

Pracheta Mehrish advises aspiring leaders to “ follow their core beliefs and tread the unbeaten path. It is an arduous journey but highly satisfying and rewarding, directly proportional to the hard work that one puts in”.

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