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The Need for Automated HRMS for Modern-day Workforce

The Need for Automated HRMS for Modern-day Workforce

Human Resource Management System (HRMS), is an automated software that amalgamates all the information about employees in a single database and manages organizational resources, HR processes, administration, employee performances, and the benefits too.

The traditional way of HR-tech is going through vital changes in this rapidly evolving era. The transformation was already in motion, the factors that accelerated it are hybrid work culture, and enhanced employee expectations.

As a result of it all, HR is witnessing a digital revolution worldwide. Organizations all around the globe are seeking automation, integrations, and an end-to-end solution to stay ahead in the competition market. This transformation is changing the entire business landscape and not just the working environment of employees. From recruitment and onboarding to performance and retention strategies, everything is upgrading for the good.

The HR-Tech Revolution

With predictions being made that the HCM (Human Capital Management) market will reach $22 billion in the oncoming year, the rise of automated HRMS has become a topic of global interest.

Every corporate function from training, goal management, and performance management to recruitment, onboarding, and payroll, etc., are being looked at by automated solutions.

Automated HRMS tools handle the entire employee lifecycle. From managing employee documents to running payroll. To boost the business’s growth, these solutions help by saving valuable time and encouraging people to focus on more productive tasks.

HRMS tools handle the entire data networks of internal management of an organization. Managing employee data, defining workflows, setting permissions and giving access according to roles, are to name a few. Businesses are seeking HRMS that can directly integrate with all their existing data and systems to make everything else seamless and smooth for them.

A modern day AI-driven automated and well-structured process takes the guesswork out of all human resources activities. For example, at Zimyo, everything from job posting, onboarding, and goal management to performance tracking, marking time and attendance, and managing benefits, etc., is done by a single software – Zimyo.

Even payroll through Zimyo software is processed in minutes, making pay-day a success every month. Similarly, every other function, like managing employees, tracking trips, storing documents in the cloud, raising requests, applying for leaves, etc., is done automatically.

Traditional tasks involving manual labor are being automated, and organizations worldwide are striving for seamless integration with a reliable and robust HRMS.

The elimination of paperwork became practical for managers and employees alike and the post pandemic era emphasized that too. In this tech-driven world, Human Resources is developing a culture that aligns more responsively and adaptively with digitalization.

By making use of solutions like HRMS integrated with functions like Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), HCM systems, Payroll, Performance Management, Time and Attendance, and a lot more, managers can embed technology within the daily operations and develop a dynamic workflow.

An organization no matter big or small goes through infinite changes throughout its lifetime and with digitalization being a part its growth and transformation rate surges too. A digital transformation encourages any business to revamp its strategies and amalgamate and customize all the resources at every level, from operational to strategic.

People need to switch their mindset to if they want to experience the real meaning of digitalization and meet the actual needs of HR – not just go digital for the sake of technology and other people doing so.

The HRMS Software also ensures an efficient administration of the employee benefits too. Protecting the rights and benefits of the entire workforce by skillfully managing their bonuses, arrears, overtime, workspace safety, insurance reimbursements, etc., to name a few.

Top Features of an HRMS Solution

Furthermore, the four basic features that every Human Resource Management System should include are;

  • Payroll: An automated payroll system fetches all employee data, from hours worked to leaves taken and accordingly makes calculations. With everything being accounted for, payroll can then be processed in just a click.
  • Attendance: Attendance tracking and management allow businesses to keep track of all employees, their working hours, clocking in and out time, leaves taken, etc.
  • Employee Self-service: When employees are given their own responsibility, they are also accountable for their actions. This empowers employee morale as well as helps them perform better.
  • Onboarding: Automated employee onboarding and offboarding processes allows new hires to work independently, which saves precious time which can be directed to more productive tasks.

Wrapping Up

The responsibilities of the HR department can’t be neglected, even if the employee count is ten or hundred. If the tasks are mismanaged, every function can spiral in the blink of an eye, taking up precious time and resources on the way.

With automation being practiced in your organization too, eliminate all the extra piles of paperwork and digitize all the crucial employee related data. Encourage enhanced employee engagement with communication platforms and seal all the cracks of miscommunication within your organization. Boost your organizational growth by eliminating all manual work and put the focus on more productive tasks.

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