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The story of Courage and Conviction of Golden Girl Gomathi Marimuthu: Guide to Entrepreneurship

The story of Courage and Conviction of Golden Girl Gomathi Marimuthu: Guide to Entrepreneurship

Written by: Dr. Amit Mishra

Have you ever dreamt big enough? What’s that stop you from achieving your goals?

If one wants to see courage and conviction of spirit behind a slender appearance in a person, the best way is to meet Gomathi Marimuthu, an epitome of a perfect player. The 30-year-old ‘Queen of Doha track’ (born in the year 1989), who recently created history by winning India’s first gold medal in the 800-meter final race in the 23rd Asian Athletics Championships held at the Khalifa Stadium in Doha, Qatar, because of her outstanding performance which dominated the field. The golden girl of India is the perfect example of hard work, and perseverance in today’s tough, competitive world.

Her real story affirms the idea that nothing is impossible in this world for anyone, including Young Entrepreneurs, if you have the willpower and the willingness to work hard.

Gomathi, who works in Bangalore as an employee of the Income Tax Department says, “My next goal is to perform the best in the World Athletics Championship to be held in Doha in September later this year, and I am aiming for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics,” The Indian Athlete hails from a village called Mudikandam near Tiruchi or Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, India. She was interested in sports from childhood days only, but it was the inspirational words of her friend Shruthi which made her decision to take the passion as the profession.

In order to become a successful entrepreneur, similar to a runner, it requires an exceptional level of commitment to your dream which means ready to sacrifice both time and money to materialize. Young entrepreneurs need to have a “growth mindset” who always believe they can improve themselves to have better outcomes in their business.

According to one view, you are what you think. Your beliefs develop from your thoughts. You become what you believe. However, what’s fascinating is the fact that our mind is manageable by us and so you can achieve your life’s goal by managing your mind.

Gomathi clocked a personal best time of 2 minutes 02.70 seconds in the event and became a star overnight. Entrepreneurs are very similar to long-distance runners. In fact, running a Start-up is very similar to running a marathon. It develops fortitude, enhances your potential, and bestows you with the right attitude.

She lost her father, who was a farm labourer, to colon cancer in September 2016 and had to struggle hard with health issues for two years. She lost her coach at the national camp to a heart attack in early 2017. Rasathi, her mother, worked day and night for the earnings. In spite of all her struggles, she remained optimistic and finally came up as rockstar.

She always laid her focus on her strengths. Her elementary school studies were completed in a local government school and her graduation in Economics from Holy Cross College in Trichy. She was the 7th rank holder in the Asian Athletic Championship held at Pune in the year 2013 and was placed 4th in Asian Athletic Championship in Wuhan (China). Her achievement at Federation cup was one of her best performances with a time of 2 minutes 03:21 seconds at Patiala.

Entrepreneurial skills are honing and refining over time by putting them into practice. Do what makes you happy. Happiness is the ultimate key to success. The feeling of happiness comes once your mind fills with positive thoughts. So start doing things which you love and soon you will found yourself in the success court. It will remove the negative energy that makes you unhappy and you will be able to focus on your goals and achieve success.

Just as a runner gain self-assurance or will power skilfully by practicing which helps in improving their brain function, similarly young entrepreneurs by formal entrepreneurial confidence, an appropriate level of courage, conviction derived from execution styles, out of box thinking and leadership qualities can make the huge transformation to their business world.


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