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Women’s have to work much harder to make their worth in this world. It really riled the feminine society that women don’t get the same opportunities as men do, or money for that matter. Money gives men the power to run the business, it also gives men the power to define their values and what’s feminine.

At the end of the day, what matters most is the equal rights, it’s about how we think. One has to reshape their own perception of how to view equality in themselves. Hence, the Founder and name behind women entrepreneur Mrs. Charitha Kailas of The Studio Verve evince that she is prodigious “Arduous” of this feminine world.

Being born into a business family, holding an MBA degree and having an obsession for the appearance of living spaces makes her the stupendous and phenomenal Businesswoman in the interior designing world.

She commenced her dreams at the age of 44, and persevered studying the course of her choice, which was being an Interior designer. Afterward, she used to be a homemaker for some time, but after her kids were old enough to take care of themselves, she decided that it was her time to follow the passion. She believes that every woman should be self-sufficient and independent with their own identity and for themselves.

Hereby, she takes it upon herself to make the multifunctional and multitasking furniture and elite thematic furniture. Shepreneurship gives a woman true independence and identity to work with an embellishment mind-set, which is conditioned by the present scenario.

The Alter and Adjustment to Market Inclination

They have a specialized team, by whom she is always connected and have educated them on the principles of interior designing. She tries and motivated the team to value the customers and serve the needs of society. Their team at The Studio Verve consists of a full management team, which has a group of carpenters, plumbers, electricians and CADD designers. They also do the false ceiling, painting, wall paneling, tile laying, electrical work, and most importantly carpentry.

The current scenario of the industry calls for designers, who are talented in creating innovative designs and solving storage problems. The deforming market tendency also needs to keep in mind that the aesthetics of the living spaces. The key official thinks that a good designer should understand the client and the clientele requirements before designing a living space as living spaces convey the personality traits and style of the owner. The Studio Verve caters to all the above.

 A Fray to Toil the Goals

The real struggle for her was with herself only. As mentioned earlier she became a homemaker immediately after completing her studies. The Gap of study is nearly 15 years again, and she went on to graduate for the career, which she was always passionate and dreamed for. That does not matter for her to graduate in interior designing at the age of 44 after her kids were well grown. She found this phase very challenging to become a student again and had tried very hard not to let her thoughts wander on the whereabouts of the family and things. For doing the things right and done before the family comes to home at the end of the day, she feels completely connected with both work and home positively. Mrs. Charitha owes it all to her family for encouraging her to become the best women entrepreneur. She trusted that she wouldn’t have accomplished all this as much as she can now if her family has not played the role of her backbone support. Her family always believed in her talent for creating aesthetic living spaces.

Mrs. Charitha’s first project was her parents’ house. That first work made her gain a positive experience in the profession and she gained practical knowledge apart from theoretical knowledge. Thus she gained confidence and was enthusiastic in selecting a team of members to start her entrepreneurial journey, which led to the commencement of The Studio Verve.

The Admittance into the Entrepreneurial World

She looks for inspiration everywhere around and updates herself with the latest technologies available in the market place regularly. She has an eye for details in everything that inspires her like art and design. She also finds for inspiration from books and magazines and looks up to the successful designers, who have made their niche in the industry. Charitha values the feedback and criticism so that she can work on bettering their services.

In her time she never feels discrimination in the gender by the industry as we are all equal. Although the only differentiations, she assumes in the industry is that the men and women design interior living spaces differently.

But she supports strongly women entrepreneurship and empowerment as everyone has a talent, which is rarer to put to the workforce because of their family responsibilities. Thereafter, she believes it is important to find a balance in this as one should be successful in pursuing their passion.

The R&D and its impotence

She believes Research and Development are essential for the growth of their company as being a service-oriented company she values the client first. It is always open doors to know what problems people are facing from challenging space restrictions in their living space.

Color phycology plays an important part in people and the emotions as she feels it sets the mood and comfort of the living space.

She believes in adding value to the services she provides to the client so, she designs something unique which they can proudly say that only they possess and functional too.

The real power backup of The Studio Verve – Employees

Whenever the clients appreciate them for their work, she gave full credit to the employees. By doing so she turns instills and self-confidence in them which motivates them to work extra hours to reach the deadlines and standards of the work. Founder of The Studio Verve has changed her mission “because of me only” attitude to “because of them” attitude. She loved expressing and appreciation with a gesture of monetary benefits as she truly believes that a happy employee can make the customers happy.

A person who is appreciated will do more than what is expected. She values the team as the difference of options and their perspectives and gives them the opportunity to share their views.


Climacteric Turning Points and Attainments

I am going to make everything around me beautiful, which will be my life. ~Elsie de Wolfe

She had mastered the designing challenge and tries to constraint living spaces through her innovative and creative designing. Charitha is hoping her next stage will be commercial spaces. For example, theme-based restaurants and elite showrooms.

She accomplishes two awards and two listings in popular magazines. Apart from that, they have been awarded as Upcoming interior designing firm from Chennai for 2018 at the architecture and interior designing excellence awards of India.

Afterward, as the most promising interior designing firm from Tamil Nadu for 2019, at the architecture and interior designing excellence awards of India.

Besides, she has been listed one among 29 other women entrepreneurs in Silicon India magazine 2018, for the most promising women entrepreneurs of India for 2018.

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