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The Success Story of Anupam Mittal: Early Life, Businesses, Investment, and Net Worth…

The Success Story of Anupam Mittal

Early Life, Businesses, Investment, and Net Worth…

By Puja Bhardwaj

Anupam Mittal, the renowned entrepreneur and business leader, is the man behind one of the most popular online matrimonial platforms, Besides being a prominent leader in the startup ecosystem, he is the judge on the Indian business reality show Shark Tank India, telecasted on Sony TV.

The Success Story of Anupam Mittal
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He came up with online matchmaking business ideas when the international market was not so strong in India. Anupam had to go through numerous obstacles along the way, but he never gave up. In this article, we will explore the inspirational story of Anupam Mittal, his overall journey, his challenges, achievements, and the impacts he is creating with his experiences.

Early Days and Family Background

Anupam Mittal was born in December 1971 in Bombay (now Mumbai). His father’s name is Gopal Krishna Mittal, and his mother’s name is Bhagvati Mittal. He has two sisters. In 2013, Anupam got married to his long-term girlfriend, Anchal Kumar. Anchal is a famous model and Bollywood actor. They are blessed with a girl, Alyssa Mittal.

Education and Career Journey

Since childhood, Anupam has had exceptional talent and a keen interest in technology. His passion for technology pushed him to pursue a degree in computer science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

After graduation, Anupam worked for various tech firms in the US named Micro Strategy. During this job, Anupam learned a lot about software and its applications. He wishes to launch his site, but it is not clear what kind of site he should come up with. Anupam worked with this company for four years.

Entrepreneurial Journey: The Path Toward Success

In 2000, .com was busted, and the internet industry went through a crisis. Anupam then moved back to India, as his company also faced huge losses.

Anupam’s journey in entrepreneurship began with the establishment of People Interactive, a company offering tech solutions to businesses. However, due to the limited resources and uncertain market, the company faced huge losses.  Anupam dealt with these hurdles smartly and shifted the company’s focus towards the online material industry.

Anupam worked with Matchmaker; during his interaction, he learned a lot. While working with them, he realized that many NRIs were settled in the USA, UK, Canada, Germany, France, and other nations, but for marriage, they wished to find their partners in their homeland. He thought of coming up with something that could connect the matching partners.

And finally, in 1996, he launched, which was later changed to Since then, this platform has helped over three million people find their life partners. The company serves worldwide, with its core markets being India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

Presently, has more than 5 million subscribers from across the world. After the incredible success of, he founded People Group in 2001 and made it the parent company of and his other ventures.

Anupam’s entrepreneurial spirit for innovation encouraged him to explore new business eras. He launched a mobile app named This was a messaging app that used to offer video.

In 2007, he decided to venture into real estate with It provides a platform for buyers and sellers to meet their needs at an affordable price. He entered the travel industry with XOXO Tours. It is a digital platform that helps travelers connect with other individuals and build connections.

Anupam is also the co-founder of IMAI ( Internet and Mobile Association of India). He invested approximately 1 crore in Ola and holds a 2% stake. In 2018, he established H2 India and is an active member of LetsVenture Online and Zepo.

Over the years, Anupam has invested in over 200 startup ventures, including Cafe Zoe, Ketto, Druva, Pretty Secrets, TaxSpanner, Peel Works, FarEye, and Prop Tiger, to name a few.

Awards and Achievements

Anupam Mittal has been honoured with numerous awards and accolades, including the renowned Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. He is one of the top 50 business-influential people in India, according to Business Week.

Anupam Mittal’s Net Worth

The total net worth of Anupam Mittal in 2024 was estimated to be 185 crore. Overall, Anupam Mittal’s journey from a young, inspiring entrepreneur to a renowned business tycoon is amazing.

He has given a new shape to the online matrimonial and real estate industries with his hard work, dedication, strong business ethics, and market understanding. As we wrap up this story, we hope that our readers have got lessons and inspiration from it. Often visit our site to read such insightful and interesting stories.

Anupam Mittal in Shark Tank India

Anupam Mittal showcased his entrepreneurial acumen as a “Shark” on the reality show Shark Tank India, participating in Seasons 1, 2, & 3. During Season 1, he invested ₹54,000,000 (US$680,000) across twenty-five (25) businesses. In Season 2, he continued his support by investing a similar amount across 25 businesses. Season 3 saw Mittal taking his investments to the next level, contributing close to ₹80,500,000 (US$1.0 million) to various companies.

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