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The sudden downfall of Bitcoin and the surge of Regulated crypto (PNP Coin) 

The sudden downfall of Bitcoin and the surge of Regulated crypto(PNP Coin) 

Earlier this week the value of bitcoin dropped about 20%, well I should start by saying we all saw it coming anyway. The statement launched by the US officials earlier this month had a direct impact on all the Non-regulated cryptos since there were issues such as money laundering etc, as a countermeasure US has decided to take strict action on all these forms of illegal transactions that corrupts the nation.

With this happening at one end, the people seem to be gathering interests in other safe investment solutions and that’s when the talks about Regulated crypto finally came out. Until now Regulated crypto was underrated and underestimated cause not people realized its true potential. With the downfall of Bitcoin people seem to show quite a huge interest in a coin that is soon to launched known as the PNP coin.

The PNP coin is backed by the Helios Groups, Hong Kong, a highly reputed wealth management company. The ICO starts on the 1st of May and the company has opened a presales option for its initially interested investors 3 days before the ICO as a token of gratitude for its investors with a 100% bonus benefit. The crypto works to support a venture funding platform hence it’s safe to say it on for the long haul. The coin aims to form a community over the first year, and the coin is made available for transactions at the beginning of the second year.

The regulated crypto is the safest of all kinds and there are various cryptos that are soon to be launched as well, but at the time being there seems to be a sudden swarming of people over PNP alone as it is well established then other regulated ones, well if you put forth a question like “couldn’t this be a coincidence where the bitcoin fall and the PNP surge are just happening at the same time and they aren’t the cause and effect, well you may be right maybe not but still PNP is seeming to be positively astonishing and a safe investment option for crypto investors who are looking for a new idea to invest upon and also for beginners who are yet to learn about cryptos.

For people who are interested in the regulated cryptocurrency platform, have a look at, and if interested buy, during the presale to avail of the pre-investor bonus of 100%.

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