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The Top 5 Furniture Trends to Watch in 2024

The Top 5 Furniture Trends to Watch in 2024

If you’re looking for the right time to spruce up your home with new furniture, you won’t go wrong with doing it this coming new year. And to ensure you get the most out of your shopping spree and have a fantastic home this 2024, you should know the right furniture to get.

For 2024, the furniture trends are varied and interesting. From fascinating geometric shapes and eye-catching colors to vintage designs and a focus on sustainability, you’ll have a fantastic array of options to choose from when you refresh your home.

And even if you can’t find the on-trend furnishings you’re interested in, you can invest in custom-made furniture in the UAE to ensure you get ones made exactly for your home.

2024’s Top Furniture Trends

Below are the top 5 five furniture trends worth jumping on this 2024 to give your home a new look:

01. Japandi Style

One interior design trend you will see plenty of next year is the Japandi style, the incredible blend of Japanese and Scandinavian minimalist design.

Japandi style highlights four key design elements:

  • Minimalism
  • Neutral colors
  • Natural light
  • Sustainability

The Japandi design shows an appreciation for nature, neutral hues and uncluttered spaces. Its natural textures and tones add warmth to your living and dining room and bedroom, even if it is not full of furnishings and decorations.

Additionally, this interior style can make you feel calm since it promotes an uncluttered ambiance.

An easy way to incorporate this interior style is to highlight contrasting colors in your spaces. This can be as simple as adding throw pillows with hues different from your living room sofa and chairs.

Since the Japandi interior style features various materials, textures and hues, you can also mix up your living room by placing different kinds of furniture together or adding a coffee table in an accent color.

02. Geometric Shapes

Furniture with geometrical shapes convey dynamism that infuses a new kind of energy and charm in the interior. This furniture design, which is characterized by touches of nostalgia and craftsmanship, also complements the refinement of interior designs.

Curves can soften your interior style since they draw the eye away from hard lines. They are also perfect for smaller rooms as sweeping curves can help elongate spaces.

In 2024, expect to see sofas, coffee tables and other furnishings showcasing scalloped shapes and curvy silhouettes. The rigid modern lines that defined the past years will eventually fade.

Furniture pieces with curved silhouettes are perfect if you want your living and dining spaces to convey a playful and artful vibe. These furniture designs are also ideal for a warm environment and provide a softer landing where you can relax and curl up at the end of the day.

03. Nature-Inspired Color Palettes

Natural color palettes are expected to be big in 2024. As such, you have to choose furniture and fixtures that come in these hues. Below are some nature-inspired colors you can consider for your new furniture:

  • Brown

Hues of brown, including autumn-inspired ones, add warmth and a sense of coziness to a room. Some of your best options include burnt orange, terracotta, spiced pumpkin and soft clay.

You can mix these colors with whites and dark grays to create an impressive living room.

  • Refreshing green

Green is a color that does not lose relevance. For 2024, emerald and ultramarine are perfect for your new furniture upholstery.

  • Samba red

Slightly muted ripe cherry red will be popular options for textiles and furniture finishing. Combine this color with neutral tones to give your interior a sophisticated look.

04. Sustainability

Going green will continue to be a popular interior décor concept and practice in 2024 and beyond. You can apply this concept to your home next year by choosing furniture pieces made of natural, eco-friendly materials.

Furniture pieces featuring natural materials are classic and universally appealing. Additionally, they work in all types of spaces and give them a calm, warm and casual vibe.

You won’t go wrong with living room furniture with natural wood finishes. Rattan is also an incredible option due to its connection to nature and earthy tones.

Moreover, rattan is a great material if you don’t like bulky furniture. Lastly, rattan comes in various styles, including chairs, tables, bookcases, and baskets which means you have plenty of pieces to choose from when you furnish your home.

Aside from rattan, you can go for wicker and grass cloth for other eco-friendly furniture materials.

05. Custom Furniture

When you can’t find furnishings that embody these trends or you want to combine them in one or more furniture pieces, you can have them custom-made to ensure they meet your style and functional requirements.

You can have furniture made to fit in smaller rooms or provide more than one function. You can even choose the materials to be used, which include eco-friendly wood and fabrics.

With custom-designed furniture, you don’t have to settle for the options offered by the shop. You can have your furnishings highlight various materials and patterns that reflect your style and meet your requirements.

Additionally, you can be sure custom-made furniture pieces are always of good quality since they are created by trained expert tradesmen using only the materials you require.

This 2024, spruce up your home and jump on the bandwagon by choosing furniture pieces embodying these trends.


Eloisa Mangilinan is a full-time Content Writer at SEO Sherpa, a multi-awarded search engine optimization company in the UAE. She produces content for different niches for guest post sites, blogs and client websites. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Saint Louis University.

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