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What to Do When You Cannot Figure life out

What to Do When You Cannot Figure life out

“Life is like a multiple-choice question, sometimes the choices confuse you, not the question itself.” So, what you prefer most “choice” or “question” to figure life out. The choice might confuse you, but what if you don’t have a choice. Let’s take an example, suppose that you are doing a job somewhere or in a career. But you are not satisfied with it and you need to make changes. Here is one problem, you don’t know what you are about to do next. One like does, what they enjoy. But being a clueless and empty mind person cannot let you figure out what is best for you.

Now the question is, what is the way to figure out what kind of job/ work should you pursue? How to find out what things can bring you joy in your life in what you do every day? As per experts’ opinions, it isn’t a lot of process of figure it out as a process of being in touch with and really listening to ourselves (it might be the first time). If you really want to “figure life out”, then you need a mental and logical approach. Maybe this is the reason the majority of people like us end up in jobs we don’t like.

To figure something out in life, you need a different approach, here you might say what kinds of approach, do I know rocket science or something. Of course not, neither needs a therapist. You can start from basic, who we are, what we like and of course dislike as well, what thing really excites you most. Bruce Lee once said, “As you think, so shall you become.”

A lot of successful entrepreneurs have been gone through this situation becoming before one. Having no clue, you might feel pearlized. I know that every human is different so this may not resonate with anyone. But what really helps you a lot is to get out of your head and be with yourself that helps you to uncover opportunity and you start enjoying your life. As mentioned before find thing what really excites you most, well, connecting with yourself will find you one and give you more clarity to what you are looking.

Identify all those what you really should

I know a lot of people have a question that how can get in touch with ourselves, well, if you really want then first you have to focus on those things which run through your head. What kinds of thoughts roll in your mind when you star wording about your job and next career? At the time, what kinds of recommendations you give to your mind, you should be or do? this kinds of sentence, you may have heard before, and think it is bullshit idea, but believe me, it helps you a lot, it clarify your thought, what do you need to do, what do you have to, what should you do, and most important what your really want to do.

You think that rolling thought in your head, you really want to do, but if you go deep down then you see that you feel you should do this and that. You get convinced by job or some other stuff since it looks good on paper, you think I want to do it. Overall, I would say do not get caught by “should” thing until you feel that you really want to do it.

Following all those thoughts which roll in your mind can make us lose touch with ourselves.

Our society and family have taught us to be a certain way and most important to strive for particular things, and this is what we do. So now I want to ask you question that, are you doing this job because of this society tradition. It means you have shoved away most of your own wishes.

Sara Young Wang (Entrepreneur, career coach) said on Forbes, shoving away your desire for years, push aside what you really wish to in an effort to do what you have thought that you should do. being that kind of person, you may lose touch with your real inner wish. Eventually, you don’t like to speak up at all. Over time, you get realized that you haven’t chosen the right track when someone asks you what you want to do, you come up, I don’t what should do next. Keep in touch with ourselves we know what is best for us.

A person who is bulldozed by traditional thought. They aren’t able to connect from themselves and lose thier wished which they used to dream about. In such kind of situation, you don’t know that what are you doing, is that you actually want to do. Not able to figure out the solution, people start pretending that everything is all right and keep doing what they are doing.

For your information, pretending could be pretty risky, it is like building a life as a house of cards that collapse drastically anyhow. Implosion comes when you get a measurable low, in such kinds of situation develop chronic illness. Here, I want to say that think deeply when someone suggests you what should you do.

Drop all those thoughts that aren’t in alignment with and offer your happiness.

Dozens of thoughts come in our minds which consist of ideas, options, and expectations. Some of the thoughts might be genuine like you think, I should be treated equally as others. Thought keep coming in your mind and most of the thoughts will be, you should, or shouldn’t. at the time if you ask yourself why should you do that; you won’t have an answer.

Most of the thoughts don’t align because you are reacting to what you have seen last time. you think that you should do that. this is why I am saying that try to go deeper and identify what is this actually, once you figure out, you have to let got them without wasting any second. Now we are able to generate the space for real and true desires to come to the surface.

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