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The current digital era has sparked a revolution in healthcare and fitness. The Indian digital healthcare market, worth INR 116.61 Bn in 2018, is anticipated to grow to INR 485.43 Bn by 2024. When the healthcare industry is growing rapidly, numerous brands and businesses are looking to tap into the developing Indian market. With a vision to transform the Health & Nutrition space for the Indian Audience, ToneOp-Health & Nutrition App was launched to keep you healthy through a comprehensive range of nutritious diet plans, result-oriented workout and yoga plans and recipes.

In addition, it is India’s first app to provide Region Based Diet Plans to the consumer.  There is an excellent team of nutritionists and diet experts who work relentlessly to help you reach your health objectives with specially created meal plans that are simple to follow in your daily life. Parth Bansal, who laid the foundation stone of TONEOP, said, “When the pandemic struck, everyone was forced to question their lifestyle choices, and health became the priority.

The biggest challenge that every individual faced was access to health assistance. I realised a dire need for a good health management application and decided to incorporate ToneOp-Health & Nutrition App.’’ Soon, TONEOP positioned itself strongly in the market as a user-friendly mobile application that collects users’ data and calculates their nutritional requirements.

The experts create diet plans based on the desired health goal of the user. For any assessment, the user can also connect with specialists. They have concentrated on integrating a region-based diet in the plans for the convenience of the customers.


By using cutting-edge technology, specialists from many fields who are aware of what it takes to get in shape compute the calorie surplus and deficit! TONEOP is your one-stop health solution to keep you fit and healthy that provides- 

  • Slimming Plan
  • Muscle Gain Fitness Plan
  • Diabetes + Fitness + Naturopathy
  • Thyroid + Fitness + Naturopathy
  • Hypertension + Fitness + Naturopathy
  • PCOD/PCOS + Fitness + Naturopathy 
  • Makeover
  • Detox Plan
  • Region-Based Diet Plans 
  • Ease Of Swapping Elements To Match Your Nutritional Requirements 
  • Ease Of Tracking Calories, BMI, & Water Intake 
  • Ease Of Connecting With Nutrition Experts 
  • Monitor Improvements 
  • 70,000+ Delicious & Nutritious Recipes


The word “health and fitness” is wide and has numerous important components. In addition, every person’s demands are influenced by various variables, including the social and economic environment, the physical environment, and the person’s unique traits and behaviours.

ToneOp considers all these factors to help you reach your long-term and short-term health goals. After conducting in-depth market research and carefully examining the requirements, the organisation has developed superior market products that set them apart.

First Indian Health App To Provide Region-Based Diet Plans: Indian cuisine is unique. When people are forced to give up their favourite foods and regional tastes, dieting can become difficult. Diet regimens made by ToneOp include the regional foods and flavours that each person likes. So, regardless of where you are from—South India or Gujrat—you won’t be compelled to subsist on salads and juices. 

Unlimited Free Consultation With Diet Experts: ToneOp eliminates the inconvenience of scheduling appointments with dietitians and making actual visits to them for every query. Every user who downloads the app receives a free consultation with a health specialist, and all subscribers receive limitless free consultations at any time. 

Lungs & Liver Detox Plans: With the prevalence of health issues brought on by unhealthy lifestyles and environmental causes, it is crucial to address the increasing lungs and liver diseases. To counteract the negative effects of unhealthy food, heavy smoking, and alcohol consumption on lungs and liver, ToneOp offers tailored detoxification programmes.

Naturopathy Treatments: ToneOp believes that nature is the best healer and that natural solutions should be used wherever possible to treat and manage health issues. In order to attain specific health objectives, they offer naturopathic treatments under the direction of a qualified naturopath.


In addition to having an averagely malnourished population, India also has a highly underdeveloped and underserved health and nutrition sector. The notion was conceived when the world was going through COVID-19. Given the pandemic and the limited resources available in remote towns like Bhopal, challenges have been exceptionally acute. Nevertheless, they have moved through the early stage of assembling a fundamental team and technological foundation and are now a reliable team of more than 100 individuals serving roughly 1000 customers.


Starting a business in a tier 2 city took time. Creating 12 different departments to meet all requirements was challenging. They needed a skilled team of IT professionals to select the appropriate technology and create a mobile application. It took a long time to fix bugs and develop the stable interface. 


The company’s primary goal is to satisfy customer needs by offering the guidance they require. Today, keeping health in check and preventing the onset of lifestyle diseases is no longer a choice but a requirement due to the increased health risks at a very young age.

TONEOP is a health management software that considers clients’ convenience by giving them access to nutrition and fitness advice and a user-friendly interface to gather, manage, and monitor their health.


Health and nutrition solutions need expertise that can understand the anatomy of the human body and health needs. A team of health specialists from ToneOp, including expert dietitians, naturopaths, fitness experts, and yoga experts, devote themselves fully to creating plans that are unique to the consumer and work to their best advantage. In addition, ToneOp offers customers unlimited free one-on-one consultations, which makes it simple to speak with professionals directly to exchange experiences and discuss problems and improvements. 


Research plays a preeminent role and helps take calculative risks baked by robust data. Here, the customers are the center of research and development from whom they take genuine feedback and try to implement the same into the service.

They get an idea of areas of improvisation and work on the suggestions to maximise customer convenience. They are committed to innovation in health and fitness that will ultimately make a meaningful difference in people’s lives all over the world


Under Parth Bansal’s able stewardship, ToneOp-Health & Nutrition App is bound to reach new milestones since its launch. The ToneOp-Health & Nutrition App has flourished and established itself as a renowned name, having achieved 15000+ downloads and 1500+ happily transformed customers to help them reach their health goals naturally and sustainably in minimum time.

Their future goal is to be the topmost nutrition & fitness application in the health tech world, a platform where users can find end-to-end solutions for their desired goals. Within minutes, people can fill in their details and start their journey. They seek to eliminate any difficulties a user might encounter throughout this process and satisfy all fitness requirements, including meals, gym gear, clothing, supplements, and many other things.

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