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Written by:- Geetanjali


In a world where working without looking at a screen seems like a mirage. We live in a world dominated by screens and constant connectivity. Stepping back from our digital devices can offer remarkable benefits for our well being. It’s crucial to take a break from the online world, that provides a chance to reset and recharge our mind and bodies.

Constant use of screens can disturb our sleep cycles, cause fatigue, depression, anxiety, bad eyesight, other health complications, time management issues etc. Digital detox means a period of time in which one deliberately avoids using digital devices like computer, tablet, mobile phone and television.

Today, let’s explore top 10 reasons why a digital detox is necessary to maintain a healthy balance.

# Increased productivity

Mindless scrolling, and consuming unnecessary information pulls our attention away from the present movement. Consuming our precious time, leading to a sense of disconnection from ourselves and the surrounding environment. A digital detox will help develop mindful usage of screen time, less screen time will spare your energy which can be invested in more important tasks.

# Improved Self-Image

By disconnecting from digital devices, digital detox can help improve body image towards self by reducing social comparisons, boosting self-confidence, promoting authenticity and maintaining mental well-being. Experts suggest breaking free from the cycle of comparison on social media leads to a healthier relationship with their bodies and increased self-confidence. Digital detox provides a space for self-reflection, allowing individuals to clarify their values and priorities, leading to personal growth and a more positive self image.

# Better Sleep

Digital screens emit blue light(wavelength) that tells our brain to ‘stay awake’, this blue light can disrupt the body’s natural sleep cycle making it difficult to stay asleep and fall asleep naturally. Try not to use phones after 7pm and implement a strict no phone policy in bedroom, for improved quality of sleep.

# Improved health

Health implications of excess screen usage is a well talked topic. Ever noticed how we bend forward and lean over the desk to work, continuously working more than 8-9 hours a day over screens that give us headache and eye pain.Nobody wants a hunched back , throbbing neck and eye pain. A digital detox will help get out of habits that are causing these problem and gives your body some break to recover.

# Better interpersonal relationships

Nobody likes to talk to someone who’s always scrolling through their phone while having a conversation, which in turn sours their relationship. Digital detox helps to regain control over our digital usage. It doesn’t mean to eliminate technology completely from our lives, instead develop a better relationship with it. Learning how to be less dependent on devices like, smartphones, computers, television and learn to use them for learning instead of binge watching something that won’t add any value to our lives. Which will leave more time to spend with friends and family.

# Reduced stress and anxiety level.

The fear of missing out(FOMO) and the need to be up to date with every notification we get whether it be mail, tweets, or social media, causes tech overload. Which is a major factor in increased stress, anxiety and is not healthy for your overall mental health. Chances are, digital stress load is going to get worse each passing day. So,  digital detox will allow your mind to unwind and rest.

# Increased attention span

According to experts, excess screen time reduces retention capacity of the human brain. With today’s culture of multitasking, the attention span required for a specific task has reduced comparatively. Increased attention span is one of the benefits of detox, having a no tech policy while eating, reading, and taking a walk. Whatever it is, try doing one thing at a time instead of trying to finish everything at once. This will make one more productive in the same amount of time.

# More time for self-care.

Self-care is a hot topic among gen-z ( Generation Zoomers), that is people born in between 1997-2010. They are taking care of themselves and millennials ( born between 1981-1996) need to learn how to take care of themselves even more. During a digital detox one can use this excess time for self-care and even taking up old or new hobbies like cooking, gardening, painting, reading, writing, knitting or anything that one likes to do and can be done without using any digital devices.

# Increased creativity.

Digital detox creates an environment that is good for creativity by reducing overstimulation, creating a space for innovation, and encourages exploration of new ideas. By cutting off from digital devices, individuals can tap into their imagination, working on new ideas and utilising their full potential.

#  Feel happier

Knowingly or unknowingly we have been comparing our lives with strangers over the internet especially social media and whining over what we don’t have, which reduces our happiness level. Digital detox will cut people off from comparing themselves to others over social media and spending more time in the real world will make people more content about their own lives.

In a nutshell, a digital detox offers a set of benefits for both mental and physical health. By taking a temporary break from digital devices, one can experience increased productivity, improved self image, better sleep cycle, reduced stress and ancestry and stronger relationships are among some positive outcomes. Including regular digital detox in one’s routine can offer a better lifestyle that is balanced and fulfilling in today’s world.

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