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Top 10 Health Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle In India

Top 10 Health Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle In India

By Jaya Pathak

A healthy lifestyle is basically a conscious and holistic approach to living that prioritizesphysical, mental and emotional well-being. It can be called as something which lasts long till your life. It involves arounds the habits and choices that promotes overall health. There are numerous factors contributing to a healthy life-style, including balanced diet, physical activity, mental, social and emotional development, a restful sleep and many more. Let us look at some of the key elements of a healthy lifestyle and how it can lead to a happier and more fulfilling life.

Here presenting the top 10 health tips for a healthy lifestyle:

01. Eat a balanced diet

Eat nuts and seeds as they are rich in protein, fibres and numerous minerals. Try to avoid ultra-processed foods(like chips, frozen meals, fast foods etc) because they lack essential nutrients and are loaded with extra sugar and salt. Therefore, a balanced diet is needed as it contains the essential vitamins, minerals, protein, fibre, calcium and many more.A balanced diet not only provide the energy but also strengthen the immune system. You can also maintain a healthy weight by consuming nutritious food items and reducing the calorie intake. Add fresh and healthy fruits, veggies, protein, whole grains and healthy fats in your mealwhich leads to a healthy lifestyle.

02. Stay hydrated

Hydration does not only keep you energetic but also regulates body temperature. Drinking water in ample amount results in less fatigue and weight loss. Since it removes toxins, hydration brings you the glow that everyone desires.As the human body is made up of 60% of water therefore the importance of water in our body should be taken into account.Fix your goal to drink 6-8 ounce of water daily.Hydration also reduces the risk of kidney stone. Increased water intake boosts the metabolism as well as improves concentration.

03. Do exercise

Exercise plays a pivotal role in keeping you healthy. Regular exercise helps in reducing calories thus results in reducing the body weight as well. Exercise is beneficial for heart health as it improves blood circulation. Exercise improves the muscular strength as well as bone density. Interestingly, exercise helps in reducing the mental stress as well. It will also enhance your immunity. Through rigorous exercise, body releases “Endorphines” which helps in reducing stress levels. Additionally, a good physique will lead you to feel confident. You will start to belive in yourself. Therefore, exercise is considered to be a prominent factor that leads to a healthy lifestyle.

04. Try to avoid smoking and liquors in a large amount

Smoking and alcohol consumption may lead to severe issues. Smoking causes various respiratory diseases such as Lung Cancer, Mouth Cancer, Throat Cancer, Bladder Cancer, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease etc. Excessive alcohol consumption leads to the liver issues such as fatty liver, alcoholic hepatitis, cirrhosis. It affects the immune system badly. One may get addicted to all these sorts of activities. Therefore, it is advised to avoid cigarettes and alcohol as long as you can do. Otherwise, you can take them in moderate levels but it is advisable to not get prone to it as it can cause severe health issues as bizarre as cancer.

05. Take a restful sleep

Sleeping plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy life style. During sleep, the tissues get repaired and immune system is strengthened. Sleeping is the time of “rest and recovery” for the human body. Sleep is not only essential for physical health, but it effects the mental health as well. Lack of proper restless sleep can make a person irritable. He/she might get furious over small happenings. The person may also losses the creativity and learning.

A quality sleep can help in reducing the stressing levels whereas, on the contrary; an inadequate sleep leads to mood swings, anxiety, increased irritability,loss of interest in everything and even depression. Hence, to be energetic and focused, a good sleep is mandatory. It is generally advised to take at least6-8 hours of sleep daily. With a fresh mind and perspective, you can explore a lot of things with a different mindset. You’ll not be irrated by the workloads, but rather with a peaceful mind, you will be able to complete it within the limited time frame. Therefore, sleeping is necessary for a healthy, energetic and peaceful lifestyle.

06. Give time to your family and friends. It will help in reducing stress

Family & friends give you the emotional support in the hour of your need. They know you, understands you and are always there to help and support you in all your ups and downs. They even motivate you to accomplish various things that might hesitate you to do that. But with their advice (whether its about a healthy diet, exercise or work load),you somehow get the power to do so.

Thus, you begin to trust on yourself. Therefore, your closed ones are very important for your mental health. You even can share your feelings or even the daily experiences with your near and dear ones. Thus, the social as well as emotional connection helps in reducing the stress factor from your life thus leading to a healthy life style.

07. Reduce your screen time

It is rightly said that science is a boon as well curse to the mankind. In the name of scientific advancement in so called “Modern World”, various gadgets have been introduced. No doubt they’re very useful for the individual and society as well. But somehow, we’re misusing it. We stick ourselves with phones, laptops or tablets thus degrading the social, physical, mental, emotional and cognitive development. Instead of finding happiness in a box like smartphone, just go and enjoy the serenity and tranquillity of mother nature.

Spending excessive time on screen leads to a complete hollowness of your physical health. Play outdoor games and form bonds with people around you. You will not be physically fit only, but your mental and emotional health will also improve. Try not to use your smart phone and lappies half an hour before sleep. You may also set a daily screen timei.e how much time you are longing to spend in a particular app or your device in general.

08. Practice a good hygiene

Hygiene plays a crucial role in living and maintaining a healthy life style. A good hygiene practice can prevent the spread of diseases by reducing the risk of transmission of pathogens. It also reduces the risk of infections, dental problems and odorthat comes from the body. An individual who practices a good hygienefeels self-confident as he/she looks presentable. Hygiene is not limited to the human body only but also the places in which they reside such as rooms, kitchen, washroom, school, offices, colleges etc.

A good hygiene at all the places can prevent diseases and allergies contributing to a better and healthy life style. Some of the hygiene practices include washing hands before having your meal, keeping your room and stuffs clean, cleaning your body, brushing twice a day, trimming your nails, prepare food, using dustbins, cooking meals thoroughly etc.

09. Pay attention to your mental health

Try to cultivate and maintain a healthy and pleasant time with your near and dear ones.It will help you to tackle stress and anxiety, thus provide you indeed a wonderful experience. With a healthy mental health, you can not only focus on your work but additionally will be able to form acquaintance.

Your mental health primarily depends upon your perspective- how you encounter a particular situation and how you deal with it. Therefore, it is also important to stay positive in your life and never loose your hope because problems are our best teachers. We should always possess the courage to fight against all our lows and never surrender. Thus, try to seek positivity in everything and maintain a good mental health.

10. Don’t forget to go forregular check-ups

Regular check-upsallow to identify and address a particular health issue before they become serious. It helps to detect a disease at a very early stage through test and screening. Accordingly, adjustment can be made to keep oneself under control. In some cases, the medicine earlier prescribed gets changed specially in the disease such as Thyroid etc.

Thus, through the regular check-ups, professionals prescribe as per the necessity. Additionally, you can get health care education by the professionalssuch as stress management, nutrition, exercise etc. Regular check-ups should be scheduled in accordance with your age, gender, medical history, and any risk factors you may have. It’s important to follow your healthcare provider’s recommendations and be proactive in addressing any health concerns or changes you notice between appointments. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not just about treating illness but also about preventing it, and regular check-ups are a crucial part of that prevention.

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