Top 10 Most Traffic-Congested Cities in the World

By Anurag Tiwari

Let’s face it everyone thinks their town is the worst traffic in the universe but the truth is that this terrible situation happens in all parts of the world here as an example of the most traffic-congested cities in the world know before you go

#10 Beijing Beijing’s

Beijing’s traffic problem got worse by a full 8 percent in the last year drive time is so bad that whether its residents are travelling on highways or residential roads they can expect an extra 40 percent extra drive time

#9 Taiwan

Taiwan though it’s only about 14,000 square miles compared to the United States 3.7 square miles Taiwan is still home to more than 23 million people as a result traffic waking sucks in Taiwan residents incur nearly 46 percent extra travel time on average.

#8 Rio de Janeiro 

if you’re ever visiting Brazil’s liveliest town don’t expect to get anywhere fast at best drivers can hope to encounter a mere 37 percent extra drive time when they’re on the highways at non-peak hours.

#7 Chengdu

Chengdu for real something needs to be done about China’s traffic problem because Chengdu still isn’t the country’s largest entry on the list driver spends an average of 176 hours more than necessary stuck in traffic 6 it’s done bull his done bull is the most populous and popular city in the country which means that at certain times of day drivers can spend as much as 91 percent extra travel time in the car

#5.  Bucharest

Bucharest, Romania is capital city in at a clean 50 percent average extra travel time for each of its citizens although the city has less than two million people the morning and evening commutes are a real trial during peak hours drivers spend as much as 90% extra drive time in the car.

#4. Chongqing

Chongqing made a point of ruining its citizen’s commute in 2016 the Chinese city’s traffic problem increased by 40% in 12 months a metric that is way higher than any other city on this list.

#3. Jakarta

Jakarta, Indonesia is capital city is home to nearly ten million people and more than 26,000 miles of road unfortunately it takes nearly twice as long as it should to get from one place to another in the city thanks to the average 48 miles of extra travel time citizens injure every dent.

#2. Bangkok

The traffic in Bangkok is so bad that people trying to get home or go out in the evenings can expect to face a drive time that’s more than 100 18 percent longer than necessary number.

#1 Mexico City

Mexico drivers now must ensure an average 66 percent travel time no matter what time of day they’re on the road and if you have to head into traffic during rush hour your best bet is to say a prayer and leave early does your city have similar traffic issues comment below

Most Traffic-Congested Cities in the World 2023-2024

  1. İstanbul



2. Los Angeles


3. Bogotá


4. New York


5. Bucharest


6. Bengaluru


7. London


8. Rio de Janeiro


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