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Top Business Magazines in India for Entrepreneurs

Top Business Magazines in India for Entrepreneurs

India is developing rapidly and becoming a hub for new businesses. To increase “the ease of doing business” in India, numerous measures have been adopted. The most recent budget significantly increased funding for agriculture, health care, and infrastructure. For anyone interested in taking advantage of this expansion opportunity, reading a good business magazine can be extremely helpful.

These Business Magazines are a crucial source of information or updates about businesses, startups, entrepreneurs, and everything in between. In particular for business owners and potential entrepreneurs. Many people read business magazines to learn new information, and develop a greater understanding of the relevant industries. Business leaders must read these top 10 periodicals to stay updated on India’s changing business environment.

If you are an entrepreneur, this list of business magazines in India for Entrepreneur may guide you what to look for on your journey of entrepreneurship. 

  1. Inc. India
  2. Outlook Money Magazine
  3. Fortune
  4. Capital Market Magazine
  5. Forbes India
  6. Business Connect magazine
  7. The Economist
  8. Business Today
  9. Entrepreneur
  10. Bloomberg Business Work
  11. The Franchising World
  12. Business India
  13. Innovative zone Magazine
  14. Zintego

Elevate Your Business Success With-Top 10 Business Magazines in India in 2024 by Business Connect on Scribd

We present here business world best magazine in India with prices to help you get on the right track in your quest to achieve what an entrepreneur or businessman could want.

01. Inc. India

Top Business Magazines in India for Entrepreneurs.jpg

Price: Rs. 224 per copy Yearly subscription: Rs. 2,688

Inc. India is included in the top 10 business magazines due to the variety of issues it covers regarding the business world. It offers thorough information about business and development. The magazine aids in the development of entrepreneurs by empowering them with knowledge about the most recent business trends.

It provides answers to the typical issues that business owners and entrepreneurs may have. For a very long time, it has been contributing to the development of all types of entrepreneurs. It offers articles with profiles of burgeoning businesses as well as various strategies to improve public speaking abilities, self-improvement articles on confidence building etc. In addition, it analyses contemporary business trends.

02. Outlook Business Magazine

Outlook Business Magazine Top Business Magazines in India for Entrepreneurs.jpg

Price: Rs. 50 per copy Yearly subscription: Rs. 600

Outlook Business Magazine was launched in July 1995. The Magazine, a reputable name in the sector with solid management, offers important insights into the business ecosystem. It addresses all of the crucial business topics, including the financial system, and the tax system. Outlook Business Magazine, which is also a recipient of an international award, has served as an inspiration for several data destinations around the world.

A reader can obtain a thorough understanding of business dynamics, choices, and movements by reading about the many firms and endeavours covered in the article. It offers a thorough examination of the stock prices, market trends, stock financing, cash, funds, and marketing plans of various commercial endeavours. Due to its coverage of the experiences and viewpoints of all the top businesspeople and institutions, it is one of the most sought-after business journals in India.

03. Fortune India

Fortune India : Top Business Magazines in India for Entrepreneurs.jpg

Price: Rs. 250 per copy Yearly subscription: Rs. 3,000

One of the top 5 business magazines in India, Fortune India magazine dominates the debate about business. They report and disclose the stories that matter today—and will matter even more tomorrow—with a global perspective, the guiding wisdom of history, and an unwavering eye to the future. Fortune’s trusted power to assemble and challenge people affecting industry, commerce, and society around the world illuminates the route for global leaders—and provides them with the tools to make business better.

Fortune Magazine is headquartered in Noida. This magazine has been published since 2010 in India in a licenced partnership between ABP group & publications and Time Inc. Fortune India publishes business and corporate news. It is one of the most popular and well-read business magazines in the world. Every year, the magazine releases ranked lists, including the Fortune 500, which is a list of companies by revenue.

Fortune India follows India’s economic and financial development. The work of this business journalism pioneer is read by top decision makers. Among their franchises are the 40-under-40 Club and the Most Powerful Women in Business. By providing readers with unmatched access and world-class storytelling, Fortune is a worldwide media organisation committed to assisting them in becoming successful entrepreneurs.

04. Capital Market Magazine

Capital Market Magazine: Top Business Magazines in India for Entrepreneurs.jpg

Price: Rs 100 per copy. Yearly subscription: Rs. 2,600

Capital Market Magazine, which has been published since 1985, is the oldest scientific investing publication in India. It has now become India’s most prestigious and widely read fortnightly financial and investment journal. Additionally, it provided the first Corporate Scoreboard of over 2000 Indian companies, which is updated every two weeks and has 25 fields of information for each company.

Capital Market has grown into a thorough financial and investing journal that covers all aspects of the stock market. The Cover Story provides a thorough analysis of current issues, political decisions, SEBI rules, and market trends. Among the other components are CEO and market participant interviews. It includes all facets of finance, investments, and trade.

It offers comprehensive information about the capital market, the companies operating there, and the goods and services each is offering. It is aware of market trends and how the economy will expand in the future. The Capital Market magazine also provides financial and commercial insights that help experts understand and analyse trends. This article helps the readers to recognise the broad themes behind the financial market’s ongoing oscillations.

05. Forbes India

Forbes India: Top Business Magazines in India for Entrepreneurs.jpg

Price: Rs. 250 per copy Yearly subscription: Rs. 3,000

A leading business publication, Forbes India is an edition of Forbes published in India and is run by Network 18. It is one of the greatest business publications in India which provides the most recent business and financial news and commentary. The current editor-in-chief is R. Jagannathan. The personal finance, lifestyle, technology, business, and stock market are all topics covered by Forbes India Magazine.

The American business magazine, which is published biweekly, publishes articles on a range of business-related subjects, including marketing, business, and investing. According to Jew Jersey, an organisation based in India, the industry’s perspectives have been greatly enriched by it. The franchise’s affiliate in India, Forbes, focuses on a range of industries, presenting everyone from small businesses to international conglomerates.

06. Business Connect

Business Connect : business magazine famous business magazines in India.jpg

Business Connect magazine has identified the complexities and breadth of knowledge needed for successfully managing a company. The publication is quickly becoming one of the most beneficial business periodicals for independent professionals, start-ups, and budding businesses. Numerous carefully sourced articles that present to you the latest news and information about business, entrepreneurship, startups, C-level executives, and fresh ideas have attested to its value.

It has brought success tales of both established and rising market players to people all around the world in a short period of time. top 10 best magazine in delhi. It has made headway with a sizable readership thanks to its consistent monthly releases. The modus operandi of certain enterprises have been made known to the readers.

07. The Economist

The Economist: The best business magazines in India.jpg

Price: Rs.190 per copy Yearly subscription: Rs. 2,280

The Economist was started in 1843, which is at least 178 years ago. This journal is well-known for its humorous economic wisdom, and as a result, it is read and adored all over the world. It is renowned for its in-depth coverage of and reporting on issues relating to startups, entrepreneurship, and business. The magazine contains all statistics and information pertaining to economics.

It is well known for providing comprehensive coverage of all businesses, entrepreneurs, and startup-related information worldwide. The economist is a newspaper that is printed in a magazine format and contains all the information on numerous economic themes. The Economist Magazine Print provides key themes from the week’s business and entrepreneurs and is more than just a news source.

08. Business Today

Business Today: Top Business Magazines in India for Entrepreneurs.jpg

Price: Rs 100 per copy. Yearly subscription: Rs. 1,200

The largest readership among business fortnightly publications in India belongs to Business Today Magazine, one of the top business journals in the nation. Readers can better prepare for life’s unforeseen issues by subscribing to Business Today magazine, which provides in-depth coverage of business, the market, and society on a global level.

Business Today India Magazine now has the highest sales and readership among all business journals in India. Established in 1992, Business Today India has long dominated the business world. India, a liberalised nation, is recognised for publishing the most recent studies on corporate typography. The publication provides information about commerce, culture, and the economy.

It is famous for its trustworthy, accurate, and unbiased comments and reviews of the goods and services on the market. It is a requirement for customers who want to stay informed about the products on the market. A Business Today monthly membership offers in-depth study of business, the economy, and society in every country, motivating readers to advance their abilities in anticipation of unforeseen challenges.

09. Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur: Entrepreneur business magazine IN INDIA 2024.jpg

Price: Rs 150 per copy Yearly subscription: Rs. 1,800

Entrepreneur is one of the most well-known American business publications and websites. Since the beginning of its publishing in 1977, this magazine has featured and carried news items on entrepreneurship and business. The greatest business magazine is distributed worldwide, including India, Mexico, Russia, Hungary, the Philippines, South Africa, and other nations. It releases ten editions a year.

For experienced and aspiring businesspeople throughout the world, they have been giving the necessary insights, counsel, profiles, and how-to manuals. Entrepreneur India has made a point of encouraging and assisting small-scale business owners by offering sage and useful advice and ideas.

It emphasises the problem that startups and small enterprises face. This business publication has already contributed to the growth and success of countless startups and business owners.

10. Bloomberg Business Work

Bloomberg Business Work : best business magazine.jpg

Price: Rs. 200 per copy Yearly subscription: Rs. 2,400

The most-read magazine in the world, Bloomberg is one of the Leading Business Magazines in India. Due to the fact that it provides information on the most prosperous startups worldwide, the magazine is most suitable for entrepreneurs establishing enterprises.

The context it provides sheds light on how these well-known companies think and operate. This magazine is published by Bloomberg LP in New York but is also offered in India.

Being the most widely read publication on earth, Bloomberg Businessweek offers a comprehensive look at startups, entrepreneurship, business, and growing ambitions that have the potential to spark a revolution. In September 1929, Bloomberg Businessweek released its inaugural issue.

11. The Franchising World

Top Business Magazines in India for Entrepreneurs.jpg

Price: Rs 130 per copy. Yearly subscription: Rs. 900

The Franchising World, a publication of Franchise India, examines, compiles, and presents the numerous franchising opportunities that are accessible in the domestic and international market. The reader is provided with a complete picture of advancements in the franchise business to fully benefit from as it covers a variety of markets and platforms.

The magazine also includes helpful viewpoints and insights from experts on the fundamentals of running a business as a supplement to this material. It is one of the few periodicals that provides a forum for businesses interested in partnerships and was a pioneer in the Indian franchising industry.

12. Business India

Top Business Magazines in India for Entrepreneurs.jpg

Price: Rs 100 per copy. Yearly subscription: Rs. 1,200

One of the best magazines for business in India is Business India Magazine- a leading fortnightly business periodical. Among Indian business publications, the publication is recognised as a pioneer. The pages of the journal include information on a wide range of subjects, including markets, news, trade, riches, politics, technology, and finance.

This business fortnightly, which debuted in February 1978, contributed to the development of the Indian business journalism sector. Business India has always held the top rank as India’s most reliable and trusted business journal despite the entry of new rivals.

Business magazine News India is now regarded for its authority, credibility, propensity for foresight, in-depth research, and wide-ranging coverage. It should be read by corporate leaders, government decision-makers, scholars, and representatives of other organisations. The journal was first released in English, but it is now widely accessible in several Indian languages.

13. Innovative Zone Magazine 

Top Business Magazines in India for Entrepreneurs

Innovative Zone Magazine aspires to offer the greatest platform for well-known businesses, supporting in continuous advancement, while also giving readers the most recent information about any and all industries and fulfilling the promise of brand awareness. The goal of the publication is to serve as a complete resource for all kinds of business issues.

It is one of the top platforms since it offers high-quality, current content on all aspects of business. The goal of Innovative Zone Magazine is to establish a forum where top executives and leaders can discuss and exchange their experiences, viewpoints, and success mantras with one another so that the following generation of young and energetic professionals can pick up knowledge and meet business demands. 


1) Business Connect Magazine: Who’s Driving Digital Transformation?

Ans- Business Connect Magazine is a pioneer in the field of business magazines, helping industry leaders and innovators in staying up to date with the ever changing industry trends with an expert insight.

2) What Makes Business Connect Magazine Essential for Entrepreneurs?

Ans- Business Connect Magazine gives entrepreneurs an insight about the industry they are part of. It’s an approach to gain advice from industry leaders, latest trends, and will help entrepreneurs in their journey. Join today, to get your edition!.

3) Where to Find the Latest Business Insights?

Ans- To find the latest insights on business trends, industry insider, broad expert analysis, and some practical advice on how to grow into your niche, subscribe to Business Connect Magazine.

4) Why Business Connect Magazine is a Must-Read for Industry Leaders

Ans- Business Connect Magazine is the choice among the industry pioneers. Business Connect is a certified Magazine by the government of India. Has more than 1.05 crore viewers (both in print and digital)  across 81 countries. It provides expert insights, advice, and knowledgeable articles on the latest trends in the market.

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