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Tragic Accident on Iskcon Flyover: 9 Lives Lost and 11 Injured in Gujarat’s Ahmedabad

Tragic Accident on Iskcon Flyover: 9 Lives Lost and 11 Injured in Gujarat’s Ahmedabad

Written by Sanjay Kumar

According to reports, a tragic incident occurred in Ahmedabad city, Gujarat, where a speeding car crashed into a crowd gathered at an accident site on a bridge. As a result, nine people lost their lives, and ten others were injured during the incident, which took place on the Sarkhej-Gandhinagar highway in the Satellite area.

Among the deceased were a constable and a Home Guard jawan who had arrived at the scene after an initial collision involving two vehicles. The news agency PTI reported on this tragic incident.

The accident happened around 1 am at the ISKCON bridge when a Jaguar car, moving at an extremely high speed, collided with the crowd that had gathered there. Inspector K Y Vyas from the Satellite police station revealed that the initial accident involved a Thar SUV and a truck. Traffic police and a Home Guard jawan had arrived to manage the situation, attracting curiosity from several bystanders who also gathered at the spot.

Tragically, the speeding Jaguar car struck the crowd on the bridge, resulting in five immediate fatalities, while four others succumbed to their injuries during treatment.

The driver of the cab, Tathya Patel, was also injured in the incident and admitted to a private hospital. Angry bystanders reportedly attacked the car driver, and a video of the incident was captured by a person below the bridge.

Deputy Commissioner of Police, Neeta Desai, confirmed that FIR had been registered in connection with the incident. She stated that the primary investigation indicated the Jaguar car was speeding but not related to drunk driving. However, the driver, Tathya Patel, is currently under treatment, and once he is fit, the police will proceed with his arrest.

Sources revealed that most of the deceased and injured were young individuals from other cities who were residing in Ahmedabad as paying guests. After hearing about the initial accident, they went to the bridge out of curiosity, only to be met with the tragic incident moments later when the speeding car plowed into the crowd.

The parents and family members of the deceased arrived at the Sola Civil Hospital and demanded severe punishment for the car driver. The ISKCON bridge crossroads is a popular nighttime hangout spot for youngsters who gather there for tea and snacks. It is also a common meeting point for people traveling to other towns and cities, catching buses or private vehicles.

In response to the tragedy, Gujarat Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel announced compensation for the families of the deceased and injured in the accident. Each family of the deceased will receive ₹4 lakhs, and ₹50,000 will be given to the injured individuals to aid in their recovery. The incident has left the entire city in mourning, and the authorities are determined to ensure justice for the victims and their families.

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