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The Best Methods to Transfer Funds from Europe to India

The Best Methods to Transfer Funds from Europe to India

International transactions aren’t straightforward and seamless in 100% of cases. If you want to ensure your transfer won’t be a waste of time and effort, it is better to take care of this issue and avoid any risks in advance. By evaluating the pros and cons of popular payment methods, interested parties can get the desired degree of flexibility and send any sum of money they require. Let’s roll straight into the topic!


When it comes to finding the right solution to transfer money from Europe to India, it has to be multifunctional and secure. If you don’t trust niche solutions, it is the right moment to change your perspective:

  • With Profee, it won’t be challenging to make a money transfer in whatever currency you require. The system will automatically exchange the sum at the best rate possible.
  • This company helps you help your relatives or acquaintances in India and replenish their accounts in a matter of seconds. The payment will arrive instantly.
  • Since the number of intermediaries is reduced, you won’t have to provide dozens of documents to authorize your transaction. It won’t be a problem whether you send money digitally from Malta, Netherlands, Germany, or the UK to India.


Without a doubt, this service is familiar to anyone searching for a reliable international money transfer provider. Those who have already encountered and used it in practice appreciate its easy-to-use interface. This system can drastically reduce the inconvenience associated with foreign payments.

It offers quick service delivery and transparent performance and support policies. Its only crucial drawback is the cost of its assistance. If you want to send large sums of cash to an Indian account, you will be entitled to use slightly lower fees. Otherwise, you should consider this spending in your money transfer budget.


Another UK-based service is commonly compared with Wise. While both help interested parties succeed in sending global transactions reliably and qualitatively, each comes with its own set of characteristics. When it relates to Revolute and its support in transferring money from Europe to India, here are some aspects to pay attention to:

  • It is a pretty secure platform, but FSCS doesn’t cover its performance. From this perspective, it is great to use Revolut as an additional storage place for your assets rather than the only solution.
  • With no live customer support assistance, troubleshooting on time might become a problem.
  • Nevertheless, its notification system is great. The same goes for its real-time exchange rates for a huge selection of currencies, including rupees.

Wrap It Up

At the end of the day, it is vital to put in some preliminary work and market research if you require a good payment platform to send money internationally. Thanks to modern cross-border services like Profee, it won’t be a challenge to ensure the target account in India will be replenished on time. Stay connected with your loved ones or cover the cost of products and tools in rupees without difficulty.

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